Staying positive

Hello my friends! I’ve missed writing on the blog! I decided to hold off on post until I felt compelled to write. And I felt like writing! I hope you all are hanging in there!No matter what your situation is, We are all feeling this.

Today I wanted to talk to the moms at home. Only because that’s my situation. This week is the 7th week of the kids being home from school and us moms having to take on yet another roll. I say that because we already have a full load. We keep the house clean, we cook for the family, we do laundry for the family, we have to do the crazy shopping right now, btw is a chore these days. And now we must make sure the kids are getting their education. I’m so so in Awe of what our teachers do for our kids. Being home having to make sure they are doing their work hasn’t been easy. I’m not about sugar coating this situation acting like I have it all together. Because truthfully I don’t. I’m not forcing more on my kids besides what they have to do. I’m not even trying to get them to do a full day of studies. Honestly I’m lucky my little one who’s in kindergarten last an hour. Thankfully I think his teacher realizes this and assigns the perfect amount. My high schooler I feel he should work on his is own. Besides me sounding like a broken record asking him did you log on yet?! I told him if he chooses not to log on he’s only hurting himself! I thankfully have a good kid and so far is doing what he needs to. Screen time yes I let it go on for way too long ,but to be honest all of us adults are probably on ours more too. I just make sure they are learning something descent on those iPads and lap tops!

And for me I sometimes get angry and say when do I have time! I find myself in a bad mood because I can’t get that workout in earlier because I have to help with school work or I can’t sit and watch a show on my own because the house is full! All the things I was enjoying when everyone was at school and work. But I really try to stop myself from getting upset and say they are all feeling it in their own way. My oldest misses his friends so much and going to school, my little one cried saying he misses kindergarten and playing in the classroom, the hubby feels he has to be working 24/7 he misses being able to shut down at 6! So they all are feeling it. I just tell myself stay positive and just enjoy them being home.

So stay strong, stay home and stay safe! Till next post with lots of prayers and hugs!

XO Lisa

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