Aquarium of the pacific:After Covid-19 policies

Hello my friends! Happy official summer to you all! Congrats mamas! We did it we survived one of the most abnormal school years ever! So now that summer is officially here, the kids I’m sure are restless being we’ve been home for the past 3 months. I’m super aware of what’s going, I’ve been pretty strict these 3 months especially when it comes to the boys. I’m still not that comfortable with venturing out. We even keep seeing family to a limit. It’s just what I feel is right for us and the people I care about.

I feel like now that everything is starting to open we feel a little torn on what is right. All I can say is what I feel is right for me and my family. I don’t judge others on what they decide to do or not. I just think as long as you’re  practicing safe measures. Wearing a mask is so important and keeping that 6 feet distance! And wash your hands!!

So with that said I wanted to plan an outing just to feel a little normal and get my boys out of the house. I decided on Aquarium of the pacific. Breaker loves animals, fish and he had never been. David hadn’t been since he was 5. The hubby had never been. I read all their rules and I felt comfortable. You buy tickets online and reserve the day and time! That’s what I liked! We picked a Monday being it would be less crowded. We did 11am time slot perfect for us! We did the entire exhibit in about an hour. We had to wear mask and they had stickers on the floor to show guest how far they should be! I was surprised and happy  that everyone was sticking to the rules.

We had a great time, the boys enjoyed it so much and so did we. It was such a calming environment and just let us escape for a bit. Breakers favorite were the sea lions! He even picked a stuffed one to take home and named it  sealy pronounced “silly” he thought of that name and I’m here for it. David liked the jelly fish! My favorite were the penguins! Oh they were so cute! They all had colored beads and a chart so you knew the names! Our favorite was Whatever, yes that was the penguins name! Overall just a fun hour away from home! I know it’s scary to venture out right now. But I felt comfortable and we just practiced safe distance and wore mask! The good part is we didn’t have to touch anything! You enjoy with your eyes!

till next post!

P.S we found Dori! By far our family favorite fish!

XO Lisa

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