My Breast reduction journey:Part 3

Hello friends! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. I pray everyday that this virus goes away and a cure is made. This virus has been such a black cloud. I miss being able to be with family freely. It’s been so hard. Please stay safe.

As you know from my post this is the third part of my Breast reduction journey. If you haven’t read part one and two please do! It’s now been 5 weeks since my surgery. Last week I had my 4 week check up with my Doc. All is looking good and I’m on the right path to recovery. The past 5 weeks have been good. The first 2 weeks were harder since I can barely move my arms. But after that everyday I woke up better and better. By the 3rd week I was doing more of my normal stuff around the house. By the 4th week I was pretty much feeling way better with doing my big time cleaning around my house. This week I am able to start with moderation my workouts. With my doctors approval. He said not to push it though. So far I’m keeping it light. I work out for my mental health more than physical. So this was important.

Now that you’re all caught up on how I feel physically, I’m going to share how I feel mentally about my decision. I for a really long time wasn’t happy with my chest. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I didn’t like summer time because I knew my boobs never fit in summer clothes properly. I would look in the mirror and just always think like why does my body have to be so un-proportioned. I know this seems so vain but I promise I wasn’t. Being uncomfortable with my chest for such a long time even kept me from certain things. Like I said this might sound vain to others but it was something I had struggled with since the 5th grade.

Now I’m so happy. I feel like a load has lifted off my shoulders, no literally it was a load literally weighing down my shoulders, lol! I can breathe better, I just overall feel healthier. My big boobs sat on my chest so heavy that I would feel like I couldn’t breathe right. They were just so heavy. My Doctor is my angel, he was very honest with me and kept me informed the entire time. I love my results so much, I wanted to be small like really small! But my doctor explained to me that it was all up to how my tissue was in the inside and my body frame. He can only take so much for it to be safe. Well I’m happy so happy! They are so perfect for my body frame. Funny story I showed my grandma my new chest and her words in Spanish “ Te ves mas normal” I was like gee thanks grandma, lol! But it was the truth! I’m still recovering my scars are still healing but my heart is happy! I’m so happy with my decision.

Thank you for following along!! Till next post.

XO Lisa

2 thoughts on “My Breast reduction journey:Part 3

  1. You brave girl! I’m glad you are doing much better. You look good. What size were you before and what are you now?


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