Self care during COVID

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing great! I’m sure at this point we are all feeling some type of way. The news this week really got to me. From the closures again, to the schools not opening this fall, it’s all too much. We usually sign off on the news over the weekend because it’s just overwhelming. I can’t even come up with words on how I feel about the kids not being able to start school normal. I feel so bad for my oldest. It’s his junior year and he has so much to look forward to. My little one I feel so bad that he’s not getting his experience as he should for his first years. But that’s another blog post.

Today it’s all about self-care and how I feel it’s so important ,even more so right now. I’ve always been big on self-care! From my workouts, to going to my Zumba classes, getting my nails done, giving myself a day to pamper my face with face mask and just relax. Well ya a lot has changed since early March and self-care is a lot different, but a must!

Self-care Covid style! I’m still getting my workouts in, it heals my mind and body! Luckily my Zumba coach does live workouts online, who I’m Forever great full for. I love Zumba! I give myself a day to pamper my face! I take a very long shower, give myself a nice exfoliating face scrub, and just nourish my face. I love summer Friday’s products a lot for my self-care days! They have everything you need! I also don’t feel bad for relaxing. In the beginning I felt like I had to be doing something all day! Now if I’m done with things around the house, I sit down and enjoy a show.


Around the house! I’ve made my home more cozy, being home it gave me the opportunity to spruce it up! I finally have plants in my house, this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And plus they aren’t dying. I make sure I do a deep house cleaning every Monday! So that the week doesn’t seem crazy. It helps doing this Monday so the rest of the week I just pick up the normal day stuff. It helps me a lot. I leave weekends to do family stuff around the house. I don’t like heavy cleaning on weekends. I also started my garden finally! I’ve been talking about it for a bit. I’m starting slow and will work our way up. This has been so therapeutic to me. It also gives us family time outside while we water and just admire what’s growing! Being home is not ideal 24/7 but it’s safe. Finding what works for you helps! Keep a positive flow around the house and it doesn’t feel so bad. Taking care of yourself is so important at this time. Keeping positive is so important.

Sending everyone some positive vibes! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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