Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

Hello friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve just been not in the mood. And I mean that in a nice way, because I love blogging and knowing I have my small community of readers. But I’m sure like most it’s hard to get out of this funk! And I had it bad this past month. Like really bad, I used to suffer from anxiety, but I learned to control it. But this past month has been a little hard. I’m still doing things I know help me out, but sometimes it just gets the best of me. I feel it’s the stress on the kids starting school. I know once we get into a routine my anxiety should subside. But for now I’m trying to exercise, take daily walks and just eat better. That truly helps me.

So the kids are starting school?! Well not like the normal back to school where all us moms are ready to get school days started. This time is beyond different. Most will be virtual learning! Before writing my post I just had an hour long zoom meeting with my youngest school. I felt so overwhelmed. I just have to keep positive and know will all get the hang of it!

I have 2 kids and one will be starting his junior year in high school and my youngest first grade. Totally different worlds for us! But we are all in this together! I found some cool things to organize my oldest because he loves organization! And I think when you have an organized space you just learn and feel better. I purchased this cart from amazon, I just checked and it’s completely sold out. But found one similar here!  This cart will keep his books and life in order. Without having a messy desk or looking for stuff when he should be listening to class. I also thought it would be cool in case he wants to take his class outside or in the living room he can just roll it out! I mean genius! With teenagers it is different I mean if you are a mom to a teen you know what I mean. We are annoying to them and they hate to hear us. I gave my son a big speech ,I just want him to know I’m 100% behind him and just want the best for his education, so I might get annoying but I just don’t want him to lose focus.

My youngest, so he will definitely need me 24/7 I purchased this little carrying organizer(pictured above by cart) from target dollar section, with him he needs his supplies like pencils, crayons, markers etc. they have very little books. Which I did designate a basket for that. But I thought this little carrying organizer was perfect for him, when school time starts he will pull it out and bring it with him to his designated learning space. Again easy to take outside or another room just to change it up. Also purchased this calendar so he knows what day it is and how many days school is before the weekend. Sadly the one I purchased is sold out but found this one! These little ones will be harder to control but I think if you have a nice structured space they will begin to get used to it and it will become a daily normal task. One thing I thought was a great idea for little ones that his principal recommended was get them dressed every morning. So they know once out of pajamas it’s time for learning. We have uniforms for school so she suggested they put on their uniform shirt so they are in the learning mood and know it’s school time. I thought that was a great idea. I also plan on putting his lunch in his box just so he gets used to eating on his own and he doesn’t forget independent eating. I think it will also let him know it’s still school time so no iPad while eating and standing up etc. I’m really trying to make it structured so once school starts again it won’t be so foreign to him.

I really hope this helped we are all in this together! Oh and moms don’t forget to enjoy happy hour on Fridays, lol I plan on getting some of my mom friends together on zoom just to talk and maybe see what advice or just funny stories we can share! I think this will help!
XO Lisa

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