Virtual learning tips

Hello friends!! Welcome back to my Blog! It’s been a little slow over here but I’m happy to be back this week with a new post! Hope everyone is staying healthy!

So as we know out World is so different Right now, it’s been one thing after another these past 7 months! One of the biggest changes was school this year. That has been mind blowing that our kids have to be basically home schooled. But we make the best out of this situation we have been given and we get it done! It’s been 5 weeks since we started virtual learning, I have a post on all the supplies I purchased that are actually working well for us till this day! Check it out!

But for the real post after 5 weeks what tips, tricks and don’ts do I have! So if you are a parent of a teenager, just be on top of the daily work. Those big kids need that push, and just be supportive as much as you can. I check in with my oldest morning and afternoon to make sure he doesn’t need help. I think letting them know they have your support is key! Also maybe recommend them to have zoom calls with their friends if they need that extra help. My son will do assignments on a group chat with his buddies that have the same class, they laugh they get work done. Highly recommend that! Don’t think just because it’s high school they don’t need to be asked daily if they did their work! I made that mistake thinking he was on top of it and the second week he was overwhelmed!

Ok so parents with little ones!!! Yes those pesky little creatures we call little kids, just kidding! Ok so first I need to come out here and say we don’t have extra room in my house to set up a whole desk situation for my little one. And even if I did I don’t think it would even work out for him. He moves a lot like a lot! He can’t ever stay still! The first week I had him set up on the dining room table and ya he fell off the chair from moving and he just wouldn’t focus 100%. So I decided to sit him on the carpet on the floor, I mean most of preschoolers and kindergarteners spend time learning on carpet time! He’s first grade so he’s still used to that. It’s been 4 weeks that he’s been set up on the floor and yes it might not be the best on his posture but he’s not on the floor for more than an hour and a half with 2 breaks. Believe me he’s not in any pain. I do have the iPad on this great stand so his neck isn’t slouching down. Purchased on amazon! And this great surf desk for when he does writing assignments, which is pictured above, again Amazon find! Honestly he’s so much more focused and it makes it easier on me when he’s focused! So my advice find the best spot for them I don’t think it needs to be a perfect desk, but definitely not a bed,Lol! I hear his teacher saying ok get out of your bed it’s not sleeping time. So ya no bed learning!

Lastly especially the parents with little ones!! To give a helping hand for our teachers! Make sure they go pee before zoom starts, I swear I hear kids ask the teacher if they can go pee like 10 minutes into zoom, I’m like shouldn’t they go before, they aren’t on that long! And make sure your kids are prepared! I leave the supplies out and paper for impromptu drawing times or notes! So many kids say hold on teacher I’m finding a pencil or paper. I think those 2 things will help a teacher out! It’s not easy for anyone!

I hope you found this helpful! And best of luck to all! We got this! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

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