Goodbye 2020

Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. Over at the Stylesencillo headquarters AKA my house, lol! We are doing good. My kids are doing well and the hubby is staying safe, but back at work. I’m just trying to keep sane by the repetitive lifestyle we all live now. I’m trying to focus on the kids and add a little self care once a week for myself.

This year has been tough, I pray for the ones that have lost loved ones, lost jobs and having hardships. I pray next year will be brighter for all. Which is why I want to say goodbye to 2020!

I can honestly say this year has had ups and downs. I think we all can say we have grown. I know I have, I’ve come to appreciate everything I have. I learned to be happy with what I have and be thankful. No more wishing to have someone else’s life or wishing I did something different, or wishing to be somewhere else. I always say if you wish you did something different you might not have the loved ones you have now. Spending all this time at home reminded me that as long as I have my loved ones I’m happy. We made a lot of memories this year with us 4. We will always remember 2020.

It’s funny because I really thought 2020 was going to be my year for my blog. I wanted to grow and just step outside of my comfort zone. I think we all had high expectations for 2020. I’m really hoping 2021 will be brighter for everyone. It will take some time for some to get back to a place of comfort ,but I know it will happen.

As 2021 approaches I wish everyone nothing but the best. I hope for everyone to appreciate everything they have and to continue to slow down and appreciate family and the time with family. That one thing we all need to bring with us to 2021. Life is short and we need to make happy memories, we need to be present with our lives. No more wishing for what they should have done and wish for something you can do. Move forward not back.

Before I say goodbye to 2020 I want to say a goodbye to my beautiful friend Salena who we lost this year. Your bright smile and beautiful laugh will always be in my mind. I thank you for coming into my life and being such a great friend. I’m so happy to have had time with you. I will forever think of you as the clock strikes 11:11. Love you Sal.

Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday, stay safe and remember to be present. Till next post!

XO Lisa

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