Amazon what?! My random finds.

Happy Wednesday and Inauguration Day! Hope you all are well! Hope you all are staying safe and I really hope your mind is staying positive! I can’t stress how important staying positive is. Too much negativity in the world.

Ok so today I thought it would be fun to share all my random Amazon finds! I mean some aren’t random but I’d say my Amazon favorites list is pretty random! I think everyone can agree they’ve been online ordering a lot more these last 10 months! I mean it makes me happy. And not to mention I really need this stuff, wink! I’ll be sharing my favorites list below so you can shop my list! Thought that would be easier then tagging everything. I only listed my absolute favorites. Because not all my Amazon purchases have been a hit!

On my list you will find some kids school stuff that have helped us with school at home so if you are a parent with kids home schooling you’ll find some fun stuff there. One of my favorites I posted are the sea grass baskets that come in a set of 3 different sizes. I use those to store my boys Xbox! It hold the counsel, done games and cords in all 3! Seriously my favorite purchase. Another one of my absolute favorites was my steamer purchase. I was skeptical but it works great! With covid I like to steam my floors once a week! It also has attachments that you can steam the grout on your floors(it works!) and I use it to steam my clothes. All in all great steamer. Another great find was my water kettle. I have tee every morning and night so this is so so convenient! Great purchase. Everything else I love as well! Check my list out random but a little bit of everything!

Well that’s the end of my random Amazon purchases! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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