My Daily mind, body and beauty routine

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! As we come to the end of the first month of 2021, which I can’t believe. I wanted to share my daily routine, beauty edition. With the boys home more and me not having much alone time, I really try to take some time during the day for myself. And to be honest with us not leaving the house much, I love a good beauty routine. It’s like my home spa.

My first thing is clearing my mind when I wake up. I get up I don’t look at my phone. Meaning I don’t open social media. I always pick up my house the night before so I wake up with a somewhat put together home. That helps my mind. After getting the boys situated for home school I get my workout done. This helps my mind and body. I know it’s not easy for all especially working moms, but I promise just 10-15 minutes of a quick workout can really set your mind and body for the day. I workout 5 days a week. Following Sweat App and some cardio dancing, I follow Fitness Marshal on YouTube. I get my workout in and my water intake all by 10am. I always drink a cup of tea after workout.

Next is my morning skin regimen. I obviously do this after my workout. Shower and a good face wash. I’ve been using Summer Fridays daily face wash, I’ll then use a toner along with vitamin C serum, eye cream and the new summer Fridays cloud dew, which I’m loving. That doesn’t have spf so I do use super goop unseen spf over. Pretty much my day face routine.

My night time routine is pretty much after dinner which is super early always by 6pm we are done eating kitchen is clean and closed. I usually give myself an hour to look on Pinterest, which I love. I’ll play a game on my phone or look at Instagram. Once I’m done with that we watch something as a family normally me and the hubby. This just helps to set the night mood very relaxing. At 8pm I’ll wash my face for the night which I use dermologica cleansing wash since it’s a little more aggressive and being through out the day I always feel like more dirt gets in our skin. I’ll tone again very lightly and always at night I use a hyloranic serum, along with eye cream and my nighttime cream, which I’m using the cloud dew at night right now as well I actually like it. I had a night cream that was causing me to get texture on my skin so I think it was too thick for my skin. Once I’m done with my face I drink my collagen tea. This is new to my routine because I wanted to add collagen to my day and I found this tea from vital proteins. I’m really liking it. And I’ll link all below.

Having this routine for myself has been really good. And this is just my time. Because in between all this I’m doing about a million things for my family and home. But I promised I would not ignore my mind and body this year. So I’m making sure to make time for the things good for me.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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