Breaker’s heart cookie recipe

Hello friends! I just want to start off by thanking all of you who come to by blog and take the time to read my post. It means so much to me. With everything I have going on at home with my boys and just taking care of daily things, blogging sometimes takes that extra time I have to relax. But I love creating post so I choose to be creative with my free time! So hugs to you all!

Today is short and sweet, and I don’t want to take credit for this recipe, I actually found it on Pinterest. So I’ll be tagging the link below to give the proper person some traffic to their blog! But I’ve made this recipe before for breakers preschool class about 2 years ago! It was a hit with his class for his bday. I decided to make it in heart shape for a Valentine’s Day treat! My boys love chocolate chip cookies so thought this would be more fun!

Breaker was my little sous chef! He was so excited to make this heart! In the recipe they make it with a round pan kind of like a cheesecake pan to make removing it easier, but I just purchased this heart pan from target and used pam baking spray with flour, it worked perfect!

But here’s a little funny story, and I really wish I caught it on photo! So as I was pulling the cookie cake out of the oven my dumb oven mitts are so big the cookie cake flipped over and literally we had a broken heart on the floor! My sous Chef AKA Breaker ran in crying hysterically, at the time I was just trying to pick it up to salvage what I can and calming down breaker. My oldest runs in laughing saying mom take a photo this is funny! I’m like really get out of here. It was comical! Nonetheless I saved some managed to take a photo for my post and the boys are enjoying the little broken heart! Lol

Well I hope you enjoyed that! Try to make it, it’s super easy just be careful pulling it out of the oven! And shout out to bloggers that put up recipes ,you are the real MVP! Breakers apron is from target dollar section! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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