Spring clean with me

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I had to take last week off, wasn’t feeling emotionally well. I talked about it brief on Instagram. But my monthly visit has been a little hard emotionally. I’ll post about that soon. I have had a lot of changes since turning 40 now almost 42. And I’ll share it all on a blog post.

Today I wanted to give some simple tips on spring cleaning!! I seriously can’t believe spring is about to approach us. And I always get a head start on the spring cleaning. The difference this year is I have a full house. Normally I have time when the boys are at school and I get stuff done. So yes this year is different. But not crazy to achieve.

Before Christmas I actually already did a toy clean out! I do that every year since I know they get new stuff. Obviously the little one mostly. But I’ll do that in November. So that to me is the start of spring cleaning. I’ll make sure everything has a spot to be put away. That is key! If things can’t be put away where they can’t be seen , then we have to much stuff. I don’t like things out. I live a very minimalist life at home. And my boys are really good with putting stuff back. So makes cleaning easier for me.

Then comes closet cleaning. I do my closet about 3-4 times a year. The boys maybe twice. Depends on how much they grow. My oldest is pretty much the same size so with him I will just ask him what he wants to donate or keep. He’s pretty good about this, he likes a very minimal wardrobe he’s actually better than I am. My youngest grows faster so we go by that. Myself I have a system, I get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in less than a year or more. I also look at how much I’ve actually worn it. Like example if it’s something I only wore once for a photo or one time and a year has gone by I’ll sell it on poshmark. If it’s something I’ve worn enough and just don’t feel joy from it anymore I donate. Same with shoes. I also sell my youngest clothes on poshmark because he’s been growing so fast he doesn’t get enough use. Especially with us staying home more. But seriously cleaning out your closet can be so fulfilling. I love it.

So spring cleaning I think it sets the mood for the summer. Summer is typically so hot we tend to not want to do any organizing! So I really get the house organized before and comfortable enough to enjoy the summer!! It really does set the mood and gives us an easier time when kids are home more!! Well you know before covid. But seriously being organized making sure everything has a place to live, I promise your house should stay clean. Also my love for baskets is real! The hubby says I’m obsessed lol!

Just a few tips to get you going for spring cleaning! Oh I also clean out my makeup and skin care cabinets! That brings me so much joy! Till next post! Happy cleaning!

XO Lisa

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