Spring nail INSPO

Hello friends!! Happy March! So March again, really my mind is blown. That we’ve officially been in this pandemic for a year. I’ll never forget all the news coverage around this time and going to target and being like, WTF?! Nothing on shelves. Kids will be officially on zoom school for a year and it’s wild to think. Oh March just be nice to us.

March to me has always been a happy month it’s the beginning of spring and I love spring colors and I’m a spring baby. Allergies can suck it though, it’s the one thing I don’t like. So colors and the beautiful florals. And who doesn’t love a cute manicure. I’ve been getting my nails done since I was 13 and let me tell you I’m not stopping. I love that cute manicures are popping up all over IG and Pinterest. I can look up nail art all day, LOL! I get my manicures once a month and I’m already planning my next design literally the day after I get my new manicure.

So why not share some of my Pinterest INSPO photos I’m loving right now! I won’t share my next manicure idea because you’ll just have to follow my IG to see what I get next! Trying to get better at my nail photos! And really just loving nail art right now! A nice Mani always makes me happy! What’s cute is my granny is 88 and still gets her cute nails. I guess you can say I get it from my granny! I’ll tag my Pinterest folder below so you can follow my “cute nails” pins!
Here are a few I love!

spring nail INSPO


Hope you find some INSPO for your next Mani! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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