My spring Zara wish list

Hello friends! I think everyone is ready for Spring, some sunny cool weather just gets me! I love it so much! Brightens people’s moods. Well I’m all for my outfits brightening my mood! Things are finally looking up and looks like we might just be able to get dressed up and go places, safely! Well I thought why not share my Zara wish list, or in other words what’s in my cart, but I need to play it safe and order within my budget. I’m really good with my clothes budget! Funny story I always have a zara cart going and I’ll come back to it a few days later and decide what still sparks joy for me. I’m telling you it works to keep in a budget and not order on a whim.

Ok so pretty much everything I look at for spring is almost always something I can wear early summer too! I tend to get a few floral pieces but not too many. I like some good solids and neutrals as well. I think a fun pop of shoe is cool, but try to get something that’s timeless. So you can possibly bring out for a few spring/summers after. Always a cute flat sandal that can go with pretty much everything! When I think of spring style I think of fun and flirty! I’m very much into dresses right now! Another thing I wanted to say I tend to stick with Zara because I feel it’s age appropriate for me and the prices and styles are perfect! But so many other places have some cute spring style!

I’ll tag my pics below! Trying to get better and making my post easier to shop if you’d like! All I can say is I’m ready for spring! And I think this year it just seems more special with the year we’ve had! So treat yourselves to something fun and flirty! Till next post!

XO Lisa



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