What to expect in your 40’s!

Hello friends! Hope you all are staying healthy. Today is special it’s my BIRTH day. It’s special to me because every year I’m given, I celebrate and feel blessed that I’ve been given another healthy happy year of life. Last year opened my eyes so much of the importance of living and waking up everyday healthy. Last year has taught me to really appreciate life and really take advantage of having another day to breathe, another day to run, another day to hug my family and another day to thank my body for being strong.

But today I celebrate me and my 42 years of life. And I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned along these past few years in my 40’s and with the help of some beautiful women in my life I’m going to share some of the things they learned in their 40’s! I had a fun group conversation with my older sister and some of my cousins! It was fun to hear what they had to say. And nice to know I’m not alone to some of these feelings and changes.

I can honestly say I love my 40’s so far, I think I’ve learn to appreciate myself way more. Appreciate my body for how far it’s gotten me and for what it’s given me, my boys! I don’t hate on my body anymore. I love every roll, I love every imperfection I have. She’s strong and beautiful just the way she is. I’ve welcomed my changes with open arms and I listen to my body. I take my health very serious. Ladies please remember to make your mammogram appointments, I can’t stress this enough! Keep up with your yearly appts.

The humor of being in my 40’s, I say humor because if you don’t laugh at some of these then they will bother you! And these are from most of my group convo with my ladies!!

1. Definitely pick some reading glasses out

2. Be prepared for thinner hair

3. Expect more body aches

4. definitely need vitamins

5. Bloating and water retention

6. Way more visits to the salon (grey hair)

7. holding your pee is out of the question

And most importantly just enjoy the changes! Be prepared and don’t feel sad about it. It’s the way of life! Enjoy everyday and one of the most important things, understand your worth, don’t allow toxic people in your life, believe me in your 40’s you know this and you really live up to it. I don’t care what people say about me as long as I’m happy that’s all that matters! You don’t have time for people’s bullshit! And if you’re in your 30’s and you feel that way good for you!

live everyday like it’s your last Day! Don’t be so sad or mad! Shout out to my sis Nicole, cousins Lulu ,Angelica , Gaby, Vanessa and Vern for giving me some of their 40’s advice! Love you all!

XO Lisa

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