Tips on visiting Disneyland

Hello Friends! Hope you all are well! So I’m going to keep this short with a few tips. As you all know Places are starting to open up now. Things are slowly getting back to business! The downfall places are opening up a lot different then we know. We got to attend Disneyland California adventure on Sunday for an event , Touch of Disney. It was so nice to be back on Disney grounds. The event was nice, but certain things I noted to help some of you that will be going once opened.

The obvious mask wearing. You all know public places require mask wearing. I’d say if you have a mask that you feel is the most comfortable wear that one. I also packed a second one for all of us. Just in case one gets dirty or hey with kids they might drop them. So definitely carry a spare mask. Hand wipes, tissue and sanitizer is a must, but I’m sure you all carry that already.

Ok so for the things I wish I knew before. I’m not sure if Disney reopening will be similar to the event we attended. But if it is these are the things I wish I knew. First and foremost take a portable charger!!! You use the Disney App so much for mobile ordering now!! My phone died before we even left. And certain food places will not take your food order unless it’s mobile order. So you will need a full charged phone and portable charger. Also make sure more than one person in your party has the App. Just in case your phone is slow. Now this , I’m not sure but if you can bring your own water bottles or the ones you fill up at the water stations do so. The waters are so expensive and with the mask wearing you get way more dehydrated. Also with social distancing finding places to sit may be harder. So if you have a few people with you, have one save a table before you get your food. As for lockers not sure if they will have those available but I would plan accordingly. So find out before going so you don’t carry so much with you. The tram from parking lot, not sure how that will be once it opens , but for the event it wasn’t available, so be prepared to walk about a mile from the lot to the entrance. And to be honest expect big changes and go with an open mind and patience. It’s not going to be the way you remember, but it’s a good feeling to be back and visit Disneyland seriously just enjoy!

XO Lisa

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