Trends I’m loving

Hello friends! I’m back, honestly my days are getting shorter so that means I have less time to do my creative stuff for myself! I also just get into moods where I’m just overwhelmed with home stuff. But I’m back this week and I’m excited to share some trends I’m loving for those summer plans. Last year we were all stuck at home. This year looks like we are going to have a somewhat normal summer. And I’m ready.

Last year I didn’t really shop much, this year I was excited to add some new items to my closet! I always see what the trends are but I don’t necessarily buy too much on trend items. I keep it basic and timeless. Or I get inexpensive trendy stuff. If you read my blogs you know I have a thing for Zara and let me tell you why! I’m 42 and I feel like they have great age appropriate items but always stay within the fashion trends without breaking the bank. So I tend to gravitate towards Zara. I will order from small boutiques online once in a while. Recently I bought a cute matching set that was great quality and those are one of the trends I’m loving, matching sets! Seriously you can’t go wrong with them and they just look so cute on, check out sabo skirt! I’ll link below!


One of my favorite trends at the moment are Dresses with sneakers, I love it so much. It looks cute and I can still keep up with my boys. I think a feminine dress along with some good old school converse just makes it fun! I love the platform converse just adds a little feminine touch to your look! Here are some INSPO’s!

Here are some matching sets I think look cute for a day out! I linked Sabo skirt above they have some cute matching sets and Zara has some cute ones as well! You also can’t go wrong with a cute romper! You are one and done! They are comfy and versatile can take it day to night!

Also another trend I’m loving are those cute colorful rings along with a fun manicure! I’m loving having fun with my nails right now. It makes me happy and those cute rings are just so cute!! I’ve purchased some at Shein that are inexpensive. Check them out!

I think what I’m most excited about this fashion season is color! Adding some color is just what I’m gonna do. It doesn’t have to be your entire outfit. It can be a cute hat, your nails, accessories or some fun sunglasses. Either way I’m looking forward to a colorful summer!

I really hope you found some INSPO from this post! This is pretty much my Pinterest boards! If you ever need some INSPO head over to Pinterest! Happy shopping and thank you for reading!

XO Lisa

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