Welcome 2022

Hello friends!!! It’s been way too long. Oh how I’ve missed writing here. My last post was in May and to be honest it was forced, I felt like I had to write. Last year in the beginning I was so ready to conquer it all. But having the kids home schooling was not getting easier! Even if it had been almost a year of it. I slowly started to feel less and less myself. I wasn’t happy with the way I felt inside and out. I had gained the quarantine pounds. In April of 2021 it was my birthday and I knew I had to make some changes. For my health. So from my last post in May I started to focus on me. That meant to stop blogging until I found myself again. The last thing I want to do is be phony.

So I made changes in my eating, workouts and my mind. April 7, 2022 will be exactly a year that I gave up red meat. I still eat meat just not beef. This has helped so much with my digestive system. After many many years of constipation and bloating, I feel so good since I’ve made this change. something so small has made such a difference. I went back to Zumba thankfully after so long because of the pandemic. This class has brought me so much joy. I really feel great. My mind is a work in progress, but I’ve learned to cut away the negativity. I have really opened up my heart and mind, I don’t compare myself to anyone nor do I let my mind feel like someone is better than me. I love my life and I love the path I’m on.

My family has been #1 this past year. And they will continue to be #1. But I’m making myself very much #1 1/2 I say that because I’m a mom first, but I’m also Lisa. And Lisa is ready to play. I say this with so much love, I am ready to Blog and hopefully inspire others. I will share what’s true to me. I will share my love for fashion, I will share my experiences with you. Might be once a week, might be once a month, I’m just going to keep it real AF!

XO Lisa

Happiest New year to you all, stay safe.

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