My 2022 vision board

Hi Friends! What two post already, I’m gonna go give myself a hug! Hope you read my last blog post, I give an explanation on why I had been away from blogging. But I’m Here and glad to be back. I don’t know if i find these cheesy or cool! But I do them to set my mind in the right path, I’m talking about vision boards.

I honestly think they help and they can be super fun to create. I also believe in writing a list of things you would like to accomplish for the year. I do both, and I promise they really give you a good head space to start the year.

I wanted to share my Vision Board. A little fun fact, My 2019 vision board had a breast reduction on there and I ended up getting one in 2020. I manifested that and placed it on my vision board and it happened. This year I have more family focus visions. This year is special and also a little emotional. My oldest first off turns 18 next month and graduates from high school. Will be starting college in the fall, TBA where when we find out! Planning on blogging a lot on being a mom senior year. So on my board I plan to devote a lot to him, I want to be 1000% present for him. Planning to guide him on his first year of being an official adult. Crazy! But its my main focus. Also Planning a family vacay. In honor of his achievements, thinking Cabo! So that’s definitely on the board. Others are for me, because without nourishing my mind, body and soul, I’m no good to my sons. I plan to eat more fresh and natural foods. All of us, I told Breaker his lunches will be a rainbow for school, limiting packaged foods. I can honestly say I’ve been a year in with consistent workouts. It has been so great for me. So this year I Plan to challenge myself with a new workout, TBD. With the Pandemic its been the four of us a lot. I mean no alone time with the hubby. So that is one on my board. Hoping to get a romantic getaway with him. I love my vision board to be do-able. I have my dream list that I don’t share. It’s a good feeling. I really recommend doing one.

XO Lisa

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