My July favorites!

My July favorites!

Hello ladies! So am I seeing this right, We are walking into the third week of July?! I mean this summer is going so fast. I have a feeling it’s going super fast for me because I’m so nervous about Breaker starting kindergarten. I almost don’t want summer to end. I feel more nervous the second time around, I think because with David I worked so it was normal for me to be away from him during the day. Breaker’s been my ride or die since birth. I’m accepting applications for day time friends, LOL!

Ok so since we are into the middle of July and the middle of summer, I thought it would be fun to share some of my July obsessions. Some I’ve shared already and some are new!


First lets get into my latest beauty obsessions! We all love skincare and makeup right?! So during the summer I focus more on my skin care. I need to take care of it, wash it good and moisturize. We should always take care of our skin but I really focus on it during summer. Not only because we sweat more but I don’t really like wearing makeup when it’s hot. So it’s important to keep that skin looking fresh. Another tip for summer makeup is I only use a tinted moisturizer during the day, If I’m even wearing makeup.I try to stay away from heavy foundation during summer. I’ll conceal my more troubled areas with concealer but I’m very light with it. I think lashes could really help with that summer look. If you have extensions great, If not These are my latest obsession I find the trio Ardell lashes so much easier to work with than strips. At least for me. Bronzer is a must and I know it’s pricy but my favorite summer bronzer is Chanel, Linked here. My other obsession is Dose of colors gloss in that’s cool. I’ve been wearing it since I got it and wearing it in this photo. Like I said less makeup is best in summer. If you want to spice it up put on a bright lip! As long as you look dewy and bronzed you are set!


Ok if you all don’t know that Zara is my favorite store yet, Then that just means you need to read my blog more, LOL! So lately I’ve been living in these basic crew T-shirts from Zara. I love them, I wear them a lot! They keep me cool and they are easy to style! Not to mention they are under $8, Do I need to say anymore. I just got these colors and I have double in black and white, You can never have enough basic colors. Great summer Tee!


My last obsession is my Mango smoothie! I’ve been making this everyday after my workout. I needed a change from my others. I’ve talked about my favorite protein Powder here and my workout I do everyday. Check it out. But today I’m sharing the recipe, So easy and yummy! This one doesn’t have greens so what I do is make myself a side spinach salad for dinner, Just to get my greens in for the day! If not add that in your smoothie, it will just be a green one.

1 cup of almond milk

handful of frozen mango no sugar added one

1 TBS of flax seed

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

you can add extra ice for thicker consistency


Hope you liked my post, So what’s your latest obsession? Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Easy homemade Ice cream sandwiches

Easy homemade Ice cream sandwiches

Hi my beauties! Loving the summer life right now. I’m not a huge fan of the heat, but hey I’m not complaining. Ok so do you all know that July is the month of Ice cream, Oh yes it’s a thing. Even Smorgasburg If you live in LA, I’m sure you know what this is. If you don’t I have a post on it here! They have a day that they dedicate to Ice cream. So check it out. I believe it’s in a few weeks. Well today I’m sharing these cute ice cream sandwiches that are super easy and fun to do with the kiddos.


First you need to make the cookies, I have my favorite recipe here. But if you have your own favorite you can do that too! So basically any kind of cookie you like, Just remember when placing on the cookie sheet you will make them a little larger than you would a cookie. I actually did 2 scoops of my cookie scooper and I kind of pressed them down a little to mold it better because my cookies come out really raised. You want your cookies to be more flat. It just works better. Make cookies ahead of time because you want them cooled down.


For the ice cream I just bought a regular gallon of vanilla. I let it get a little soft and I scooped the ice cream out onto a square dish about an inch or 2 high. I placed wax paper and put the ice cream on top. I made sure it was even all over. Placed tray in freezer for about an hour.

Once your ice cream is pretty hard, you’re going to want to make circle cut outs about the same size as your cookie. I used a lid from a mason jar it worked perfect because I was able to pop it out really good. Once you have the circles of ice cream cut out place that in between the 2 cookies. Mine were a perfect size. Once this is done You can eat that ice cream up! You can even add some sprinkles on the side or mini chocolate chips. If you are not eating them right away, I strongly recommend just keeping the ice cream in the freezer. You can pre-cut all your circles too and leave them on the wax paper. Leave your cookies out because I did freeze them with the cookie and my son said they were a little hard to eat, Too Frozen. But he said it was still good. I had one like I mentioned and the cookie was so soft with the nice frozen ice cream in between, Perfect! Great for a small summer gathering because you can have everything ready before hand. A cute idea for a party is to have a few side sprinkle choices so your guest can choose!

Hope you liked this post, Enjoy!

XO  Lisa

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog

Hello my friends! How are you all doing? I hope you all are great. I seriously can’t complain. We’ve had a nice first month of summer break. The kids are so good. Besides me being in the kitchen a lot more, I think we all have a system. We’ve also been doing family night walks around the neighborhood which is great. I’m seriously in shock that we are in July already. July is special over here on the blog. I posted my very post on July 3rd. And today is my second year blog anniversary. I’m seriously so proud. I’m going to walk you down some of my blogging thoughts from the past 2 years.

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My first post I was nervous, excited and a little scared. But I was super confident I wanted to do this so that’s why I clicked post! I had so much to share, I was missing the fashion in my life and I was missing that outside contact. I had been a stay at home for 3 years when I decided to take the plunge. I talk more about why I started my Blog here.

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So fast forwarding to my one year. Now you would think I wasn’t nervous or scared, and you would think my confidence had gotten stronger. Oh no it was opposite. My confidence had dropped a little. Not with myself oh no, that I found and I won’t let that go ever! I didn’t have the confidence in the blogging world. I hadn’t seen much growth and I wasn’t enjoying it that much. I felt it was a chore rather than what I felt when I started. I hated the way I was feeling about my blog. But with the confidence I had in myself I kept on. And decided to take a different approach and just be a little more raw and share a little more of who I was. Rather than the latest outfits and what to wear. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s what I love to share but I decided to add more family and more of who I am everyday.


And now fast forward to today I’m at my 2nd year of blogging and I’ve honestly changed my entire approach on this world of blogging. I decided to not care so much about the numbers. Because I still haven’t reached the growth I’d like. One of my vision board goals  last year was to get my first sponsored post. That hasn’t happened for me. I’ve reached out to companies and I either get a no because my follower count isn’t high enough or I just don’t get answered. But that’s ok, I tried. I don’ t let the No’s get me down. I started the blog to feel a void in my life I had missed. And it has done that for me, I’ve also got to meet some nice ladies that I would have never come in contact with if I hadn’t started the Blog. So for that I’m thankful and happy. I will continue to share from my heart and I know my time will come. Your girl has a dream to collab with a shoe company and have the Stylesencillo shoe! I mean I have goals, LOL! Again I want to thank all of you who take the time to read my post and follow my road of blogging. Even if I have only influenced one person, I can go on another year happy! Cheers to another 365 days of Stylesencillo.

Till next post!

XO  Lisa

DIY S’mores fire pit

DIY S’mores fire pit

Hello Friends! It’s officially summer and we are all excited for some fun in the sun! I need to even out these tan lines and get to the beach. Fall is my favorite season but summer is the most memorable one. As kids and now as an adult. I love having my kids home and one of my favorites during summer are summer nights. When you know we don’t need to go to bed early for school and we can plan something fun during the week. Those are the best! But most work and parents still need sleep. So This is going to be something you can do at home and make it cozy just outside your door.

Besides hitting the pools and beaches, getting those tans and going on a fun vacay. I love me some S’mores over a camp fire or a bonfire. I mean who doesn’t. This is an easy DIY you can do for those nights at home. When you want some fun family time but don’t want to leave the house. Heres all you need:


First Head over to a home depot or Lowes. You will need a terra-cotta pot I used a 24 inch long pot. You can use a round one too. The fun part is you can pick out whatever you want.


Next you will need  some spray paint. You don’t need to do this but I thought it added to the pot. I purchased this at Michaels craft store and just gave it a good spray. I thought the stone look was fun! Let it dry really good before the next step.


While you are at Home depot or Lowes. Pick up some black polished pebbles to add inside your terra-cotta pot. Get enough to fill up the pot you have chosen. Once your pot is dried add these all the way to the top with a little room so not overflowing.


Next Hit up your local smart and final or party city and grab some of these burners. place on top of the rocks secure it so you know they won’t tip over. Light them up and grab your goodies from your local target to make some yummy S’mores. I love that target has the square marshmallows. So much easier to make your S’more, and enjoy! This is great for your patio or you can even set up a fun S’more bar for a summer party. You can also add recess peanut cups, dark chocolate or anything you like for a fun S’more bar.

Hope you liked this post and I hope you enjoy your summer! If you end up making one tag me on Instagram @stylesencillo . Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Target run!

Target run!

Hello Friends! How are you all doing?! I’m doing good. I can’t complain over here. My kids have been so good. Besides me feeling like they want food all day, I’ve actually enjoyed having them home with me. I’m just soaking it all in. I know once school starts I’ll miss them like crazy. And having them home stops me from going to target and buying unnecessary items, LOL! Because it’s too much trouble to get all of us out for a target run and these boys are homebodies.

So speaking of Target I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I buy about twice a month. They last about a good 2 weeks and I like them all. They are totally random items they don’t even go together, LOL. But that’s what makes this post fun. It’s random but real life shit!

The first set of random items actually go together, I’m obsessed with tone it up protein powder. Like I’ve tried a few and this one is the best. I stick to vanilla because it just goes better with what I like in my smoothie, But I’ve tried the chocolate one and it’s bomb. They have other flavors as well. My go to protein bars are these from tone it up as well. They are actually really good and I love to have these in my pantry for those busy mornings. I just tried the protein bites for the first time and I really like to have these to, They are good for busy days or just wanting something sweet and trying to be good. Tone it up try them!

Ok so these are like random ass items. I for the longest used lady razors and I could never find one I liked. Until the one day I ran out and used the hubby’s razors, about 8 years later I’m still using them. Hand soap I mean we all use it and need it. I’m all about saving a buck and then Target came out with these I fell in love with this scent. Perfect hand soap for the kitchen. Last random item is this fresh gel toilet freshener. Um Hello I live in a house with all boys and a little one that’s still learning how to pee perfectly. So this is much needed, smells good and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh.

Lastly, we can’t forget the Mom juice, This Rose is good and pretty to look at. And you can’t forget your Starbucks to go! Hope you all liked this random post. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Packing mistakes

Packing mistakes

Hello my lovely friends! So I’m 2 Days into summer Break with my boys and I’m already being told by Breaker that I’m making him starve, LOL! I’m like really kid. I know the first week is getting a routine. I feel like he ask for food out of boredom, So I’m making a schedule and hopefully LA cools down a little so we can get out and do some outside play.

Today I wanted to share something I’ve talked about before I went on my trip last year and I did exactly what I didn’t want to do. I over packed! This year I’m not going away away on a big trip but we are heading to Vegas for 4 days in august with the fam, so I definitely don’t want to overpack.

I went to Dominican republic last year and I didn’t wear half the stuff I packed. So I wanted to share more functional clothes you can pack and possibly wear it a different way so basically versatile outfits. I plan on doing this when we go to Vegas, The only thing with Vegas I feel like we change twice a day, LOL! but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimal.

Something that I love is a basic swimsuit like this one. You can put some jean shorts over it during the day before the pool or beach time and you will look put together for breakfast or walking around. Ok so I was little in the 80’s and I remember my sisters and I had those jelly shoes. I can’t believe they have them again, I thought these were super cute. I love me some anklets I used to wear them all the time, Glad they are being seeing more and more again. A cute summer bag is always a must when vacationing.

For outfits I love a simple basic comfy pair of shorts. These you can dress up or down with a tank, or a crop top. You can style them in so many different ways take them from day to night. I would add a headband with some cute earrings and the shoe will make it day or night. These shoes I think will be the perfect trio for a vacay, The flat slides could even be your travel shoe and a not so casual shoe with a little platform is fun. I think everyone needs a clear heel like this, These will go with every outfit and make that day outfit to night real fast.

I hope this was helpful if you plan on vacationing this summer, Even if it’s a weekend we over pack! Don’t forget your sunscreen and hat! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Vision board update!

Vision board update!

Hello ladies! We are half way through the year and Wow does time fly. I can’t believe we are approaching summer break, seriously it’s crazy. At the beginning of the year I posted my vision board goals. If you didn’t read that, here it is!

Well now that we are half way there I thought I would just talk about what I’ve accomplished and What I still need to work on. One of the main things was more family time. Like really get out and do more. Even if it’s just trying a new restaurant or visit a local museum. And we have done that. My oldest has been pretty busy with school and practice. So we will definitely get some more family time this summer. I really cherish family time. My kids are growing so fast.

Another big goal was to keep a healthy life style and that I’m still working on. I’ve done pretty good. I finally have a good at home workout routine. I’m learning more and more on what foods are just not ok with me. Getting older I’m more aware of what foods just don’t make me feel good. I’m really getting better at saying no to those bad foods. I do indulge because life is too short. But overall I’m at a really good balance with my healthy lifestyle. I feel great and thats what I wanted.

Making more time for loved ones and friends was also one. I have made more time for myself and that was important. I know when I need a break and I don’t hold back to tell the hubby. Him and I are still working on balancing that alone time with each other. It’s hard because we are so cozy at home. I think the thought of getting out sometimes seems like so much work. But I know we need it. I think we have a date night planned this month, LOL! I mean seriously we love being home. It’s a work in progress.

I have much more goals for my blog and myself working. I’m just a little lost on what to do. I need to put my kids first right now, so starting a new job is scary because I need to be available to them. My blog needs more attention and creativity and I pray I can get that done. Another work in progress.

Thank you for still following along and the support every week! Till next post!

XO  Lisa