My new skin routine

My new skin routine

Hello friends! I’m so happy to be back this week! With my kids coming to the end of school year I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m thinking by summer time I’ll have more time to focus on the blog and content! But I’m happy that I have one today! As you know if you read my blogs I turned 42 a month ago. And about 2 months prior I started to notice my skin not reacting well to my skin care products. I did add a new vitamin C serum so I immediately stopped using that. I was getting the most dry skin and blockage. I mean I never have texture on my skin and I had a lot. To where I did wrong I started using a wash with scrub and I was really going harsh on my skin. I finally got to see an aesthetician to fix me up!

She pretty much said I was being harsh on my skin and I was very dry. She was great I’d been to her before. She’s very knowledgeable. She even helped me understand the products I was using and what I should be looking for. She also told me with mature skin it’s not wise to try new products, if my OG’s are working fine. Exactly a month now I’ve been using her products, and I’m going to say she never recommended her products to me so I know it wasn’t her trying for sell me anything. My sister has been using her products for some time and loves them. She actually gave me the products for my bday. And a month in my skin is doing so much better. I wish I would have taken before and after. But trust me my skin looks almost 80% better. I really feel as I get older my body inside and out is changing rapidly. My skin too. I just want my skin to stay healthy. I don’t mistreat my skin. Also most important be consistent with your skin, don’t skip a wash. And drink lots of water. I’ll be listing the products I use and I wanted to also share some beauty products I’m loving right now. I’m not into much makeup at the moment. But these products have been my go to! Check them out and hope you find something you like!

My new face wash and face cream
My beauty favs!

Beauty products

Spring nail INSPO

Spring nail INSPO

Hello friends!! Happy March! So March again, really my mind is blown. That we’ve officially been in this pandemic for a year. I’ll never forget all the news coverage around this time and going to target and being like, WTF?! Nothing on shelves. Kids will be officially on zoom school for a year and it’s wild to think. Oh March just be nice to us.

March to me has always been a happy month it’s the beginning of spring and I love spring colors and I’m a spring baby. Allergies can suck it though, it’s the one thing I don’t like. So colors and the beautiful florals. And who doesn’t love a cute manicure. I’ve been getting my nails done since I was 13 and let me tell you I’m not stopping. I love that cute manicures are popping up all over IG and Pinterest. I can look up nail art all day, LOL! I get my manicures once a month and I’m already planning my next design literally the day after I get my new manicure.

So why not share some of my Pinterest INSPO photos I’m loving right now! I won’t share my next manicure idea because you’ll just have to follow my IG to see what I get next! Trying to get better at my nail photos! And really just loving nail art right now! A nice Mani always makes me happy! What’s cute is my granny is 88 and still gets her cute nails. I guess you can say I get it from my granny! I’ll tag my Pinterest folder below so you can follow my “cute nails” pins!
Here are a few I love!

spring nail INSPO

Hope you find some INSPO for your next Mani! Till next post!

XO Lisa

My Daily mind, body and beauty routine

My Daily mind, body and beauty routine

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! As we come to the end of the first month of 2021, which I can’t believe. I wanted to share my daily routine, beauty edition. With the boys home more and me not having much alone time, I really try to take some time during the day for myself. And to be honest with us not leaving the house much, I love a good beauty routine. It’s like my home spa.

My first thing is clearing my mind when I wake up. I get up I don’t look at my phone. Meaning I don’t open social media. I always pick up my house the night before so I wake up with a somewhat put together home. That helps my mind. After getting the boys situated for home school I get my workout done. This helps my mind and body. I know it’s not easy for all especially working moms, but I promise just 10-15 minutes of a quick workout can really set your mind and body for the day. I workout 5 days a week. Following Sweat App and some cardio dancing, I follow Fitness Marshal on YouTube. I get my workout in and my water intake all by 10am. I always drink a cup of tea after workout.

Next is my morning skin regimen. I obviously do this after my workout. Shower and a good face wash. I’ve been using Summer Fridays daily face wash, I’ll then use a toner along with vitamin C serum, eye cream and the new summer Fridays cloud dew, which I’m loving. That doesn’t have spf so I do use super goop unseen spf over. Pretty much my day face routine.

My night time routine is pretty much after dinner which is super early always by 6pm we are done eating kitchen is clean and closed. I usually give myself an hour to look on Pinterest, which I love. I’ll play a game on my phone or look at Instagram. Once I’m done with that we watch something as a family normally me and the hubby. This just helps to set the night mood very relaxing. At 8pm I’ll wash my face for the night which I use dermologica cleansing wash since it’s a little more aggressive and being through out the day I always feel like more dirt gets in our skin. I’ll tone again very lightly and always at night I use a hyloranic serum, along with eye cream and my nighttime cream, which I’m using the cloud dew at night right now as well I actually like it. I had a night cream that was causing me to get texture on my skin so I think it was too thick for my skin. Once I’m done with my face I drink my collagen tea. This is new to my routine because I wanted to add collagen to my day and I found this tea from vital proteins. I’m really liking it. And I’ll link all below.

Having this routine for myself has been really good. And this is just my time. Because in between all this I’m doing about a million things for my family and home. But I promised I would not ignore my mind and body this year. So I’m making sure to make time for the things good for me.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Hello Hello!! I’m finally writing on the blog! I really really miss it so much. But I’m gonna be honest, I just haven’t had the creative bug or the drive to write or create. I really don’t like feeling this way, but this year has just been super hard. And I know everyone knows this. It’s also just not a priority with my boys home they are keeping me extremely busy. And they are and will always be my priority.

But I’m here writing because I’ve recently posted on my eyebrow lamination and lash lift and I’ve received questions and interest on how it works and how I like it. So first eyebrow lamination, I got it done first in February of this year and absolutely loved it. I don’t have much eyebrows and my hair hardly grows. So this really gave my eyebrows that lift and fuller look. So the actual treatment is about an hour long, and last from 6-8 weeks. Price range varies but mostly between $80-140. Obviously do the research on where you go. You want someone who has experience and knows what they are doing. I’d say totally worth it.

before eyebrow lamination and lash lift/ After

Lash lift, ok so for about 2 years I had been getting lash extensions and I loved them, I loved how they looked. They made my simple makeup look so beautiful. Well pandemic hits and we can’t get anything done. I was a bald panda on my lashes once the extensions all came off. Well I had lashes but they weren’t long or full. I felt naked, lol! So being we had a lot of time on our hands I started using a lash serum and it worked wonders for my lashes and didn’t irritate me at all, I used babe lash, you can find them online. I used that for months and when things started to reopen I decided to try a lash lift, I absolutely loved it so much. My lashes are naturally straight and I’m not big on mascara so the lash lift just gave them that beautiful natural look. So the lift is a treatment that takes an hour, it’s pretty much perming your lashes. Should last 6-8 weeks, price range $80-$140! I’d say worth it!

So pros and cons for extensions and lash lift on my experiences!

Extensions are great they look beautiful, they just glam up any makeup look. But you will lose some of your natural lashes, it is an expensive upkeep if you go every 2 weeks. You won’t be able to rub your eyes good because you will loosen them. Pretty much my thoughts on extensions!

Lash lift is great if you like a more natural look and have those pesky straight lashes. Also great if you are like me where most mascaras irritate the eyes. Also less upkeep since treatment last 6-8 weeks. But again like any kind of treatments I’m sure you can lose some lashes. I’ve yet to discover this but I’m sure it can happen. I wouldn’t say I have found any cons with lash lift I’ve had it done twice and I absolutely love it.

check out @browsbylizette on Instagram if you are in the LA area, she great!

till next post, keep safe everyone and I hope to be back soon!

XO Lisa

Random stuff I like

Random stuff I like

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! And sending big hugs to all my Mamas out there holding it down with the virtual learning! And to all the teachers who are dealing with so much! I’ve just been trying to stay organized around the house to make our days easier and less chaotic. But Today I wanted to share some random things I like! I say random because it’s not one specific category. But most are things I use everyday, things I just discovered and I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without it! So here goes.


First I wanted to share beauty because I know everyone loves a good beauty find. And this is only because it’s a must for me, because lately I haven’t even worn makeup unless I need to shoot that day or we have errands. These 2 items I just recently discovered and being we all have to wear mask right now, my eyebrows are a must. Right before the pandemic I had my brows laminated and when places got the ok to re-open I had made an appointment to get it done again, Well that didn’t happen with the second closure. So I was desperate to find something that would make my brows look good. I ordered this brow wax was Patrick Ta. The clear wax was completely sold out so I knew it was probably good. They did have a tinted one and I read reviews that it didn’t really give color so I figured let me try. I love this stuff it works great gives your brows that more fluffed up look without them dropping. I honestly didn’t think I would like it that much. I recently also just started using this microfilling pen from benefit. This is really cool gives me realistic hair like strokes and is easy to use. This combo is a life saver for my brows especially with us wearing mask my brows and lashes have to pop! 

Next is Something I mentioned above, MASK! We all need them to get in stores, etc. I recently purchased some from Baublebar. And I’m going to state this I don’t think they are medical grade but they are pretty and comfortable. Normally I wear some with a filter inserted for extra protection, Those are Honest company! But if you want some pretty ones that you can maybe match with an outfit, if you will be dining outside or going to be somewhere outdoors, I recommend the Baublebar ones. 

If you all read my Blogs, You know I recently had a Breast reduction. Well I’m glad I have the choice to go braless these days, But I still want to keep it PG so nipple covers are a must! I ordered these from SKIMS, and I love them. They have good colors and they don’t hurt when you pull them off. They also do the job! Check them out. 

I had been wanting to try self tanning at home. But I don’t like the orange look and I don’t like a fuss. I finally took the plunge and ordered from LUX UNFILTERED, a brand started by a Blogger I really like. And let me tell you I love it. It’s easy to apply and gives me such a nice subtle color. I recently went to Palm springs and got a great real tan, So now I’m just keeping it up with this very hydrating tanning cream Check it out! you won’t be disappointed. 

Next one I never really believed in these type of sweat trainers or waist trainers. But this one I love. We go on daily walks in the evening and it has been a must to wear. I love to see all that sweat after I take it off, I swear I’ve noticed a difference since wearing it. Like I said totally random stuff I’m loving, LOL! 

I swear I’m almost done! Plants don’t let me get started! I’m loving plants so much they are just so calming to have and I love taking care of them. My friend recently started her little plant business. If I can have a whole wall of her plants she sells I would. If you are in the LA area check her out and order a baby plant. Seriously my newest obsession.

Ok lastly!!! My love for skinny margaritas is big! I order them everywhere I go and I love them. But making them with fresh lime juice can be annoying. I recently discovered this and let me tell you they are the perfect margaritas! Buy this and thank me later. All you need is your favorite tequila, add some of this perfect lime mix to a cup of ice in a salted rimmed glass and a splash of Topo Chico! You got yourself one good skinny marg! Cheers!  

Well that’s it My very random favorites list right now! But you know what Life is pretty random right now so Hey I’m just going with the flow! Till next post! 

XO Lisa 

Product love

Product love

Hello friends! Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We actually asked the boys what they wanted and they picked shake shack, and that was perfect! I love that place. So our valentines was a family night out. This month I wanted to stick to things I love! So to continue with that I wanted to share the products and items I’m loving right now. Most I’ve been using for a long time.


First is for sure skin care favorites! I finally have a skin regimen that I see my skin loves. I also think washing your face every night and using an spf is important. I’ve talked about summer Fridays before and I’m talking about them now! They just came out with a gel cleanser. I’ve always been more sensitive to face washes. So when I heard they were coming out with a gel cleanser,I had to have it. I’ve only been using it for a little over a week now. And my first impression is it’s not drying. The worst is when you use a face wash and your face feels instantly dry. Not this one, it cleanses really well and so far so good. My absolute favorite is the pumpkin over time mask. This I use about 2 times a week. I’ve been using the cc me serum as well and I like it, haven’t seen much of a difference in my dark spots beside them not getting darker. I have noticed my pores are less noticeable which is a plus! I do love the jet lag mask, it became my night cream and under eye cream and it’s great! If you have all of these I promise your skin will love you.

Accessories! I love some Accessories, at the moment I’m all about a gold loop. And I actually love the packs from H&M,they are so fun and they don’t hurt my ears. I’m also loving headbands right now, but I don’t like when they are tight and uncomfortable, the ones from HM are so cute, inexpensive and they don’t hurt. Check them out!

Vitamins!! I’m about to turn 41 soon and I started taking a multi vitamin. I’m loving these and the hubby even takes the one for men! Check them out!

Lastly would be my favorite nail polish that I take every time I get a pedicure. I normally just get white on my toes, I know kinda boring but it just looks good with everything! This one is my absolute favorite and last a long time. During winter I can get away with a pedi once a month. Try it!

So that’s it, my product love post! Let me know if you’ve tried any. Hope you liked this post, till next time!

XO Lisa

My skin care routine at 40

My skin care routine at 40

Hello my friends! Hope you all are doing well! We are doing great besides a crazy stomach bug Breaker caught. He’s so tough my little guy! He always has such good spirits even when he’s puking. He’s better today and now we can get ready for his birthday celebrations. He turns 6 on Monday! I seriously can’t believe it. I’ll share some more next week.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite skin care products. I’ve done a post before but I have changed it up being that I turned 40 this year. And I noticed I needed to add a bit more to my skin care needs. I’ll link my old post here! I still love the ones I posted but I feel it’s good to change it up during the year as seasons change or add something more when needed.

So first is my daily face wash. I was using cerave which I still love but I did feel like I needed something a little more aggressive but still not harming to my skin. I do have sensitive skin. So I started using Dermalogica daily microfoliant. I used one similar before but it was the age defying one and it was too aggressive I think this one is just perfect. I’ll use this at night mostly since through out the day we get more dirt on our face. Normally in the morning I just get a wash cloth rinse with warm water and lightly wipe my face, I try not to wash with a wash in the morning since I wash at night. I do use a toner after the warm cloth wipe just to remove any dirt from sleeping. I’ve noticed this method has worked and my face has not been dry even in this dry weather.

Ok so now for the secret gems! First always use an SPF during the day I still use the Cerave daily face moisturizer with SPF. I do want to try the Super goop one soon! So after my morning face wipe and toner, I add the newest addition to my skin care routine, Summer Friday’s CC me serum! It’s fantastic I’ve used it now for a month and I love it. I’ve noticed my pores are less noticeable and my hyper pigmentation on my upper lip has gotten much lighter. That is the one that bothered me the most. I do have age spots and I still don’t see much difference but I’m ok with that because I don’t see them any darker either. So once I add my CC serum I will add on my SPF moisturizer! That’s my morning routine. Night routine after using My face wash I’ll add a tiny bit of the CC serum above my upper lip and my age spots, difference from morning is I put it all over. After that I will use Summer Friday’s jet lag mask as a night cream this has been my holy grail for over a year now. My under eye area is so good because of this! I did recently start using this tea spray from teami blends I do love it but realized it has oils so I am very carful when using because of my eye lash extensions. But it smells amazing! Last but definitely not least is Summer Friday’s overtime mask this has been a game changer! My skin feels so great after using this. I use it about 3 times a week it’s just the best exfoliating mask ever. I feel like this routine has been the best for my skin so far! And now for my secret. I had been feeling extremely self conscious with my skin. I mean I have good skin thankfully my Mom taught me young to take care of it and not to wear so much makeup! Because I’ll always need it. Glad she told me that.
Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

But I’m 40 and I mean naturally we get older and things change. Well I was not wanting to wear foundation because I thought it made my forehead wrinkles more visible especially that annoying 11! Well I decided to start my journey with Botox! I say journey because I will continue to get it every 6 months as advised by my Dr! I received 25 units on my 11 area. And I couldn’t be more happier! It’s given me more confidence especially the fact that I take photos for my blog! I don’t have to edit much. I’m so happy with my decision. And highly recommend anyone thinking about it to please do your research before getting it done! Side note doesn’t hurt at all and the myths of Botox headache is not true! It actually took my headaches away!

So why is this something I’m thankful for? Because my mom taught me to take care of my skin that I’ll have forever. And thankful for my Botox,Lol!

So that’s my beauty secrets,Lol! Hope you liked this post, till next post!

XO Lisa

My new foundation

My new foundation

Hello everyone! So I wanted to post about the fairly new Dose of colors foundation. I’m sure most are familiar with this brand. They are pretty popular and I’ve been happy with everything I’ve ever ordered from them.


So when I heard they were releasing a foundation I was pretty excited. I’m not big on foundation and I’ve never had a go to. I of course watched the YouTube videos on the foundation before I purchased. I mean it’s still risky ordering a foundation online and not to mention one that just came out. I took the risk and ordered the best color I  felt matched with my skin color!

I was also I little skeptical since it was said to be a matte foundation. At my age 40 sometimes matte foundations can make the wrinkles stand out more. And I’m super self-conscious about my forehead wrinkles. Which I plan on botoxing soon. I’ll write a post on that once I do.

Ok so I get my foundation in the mail and I use it  for the first time just while I run errands. Ok I like it. First impression I love that you can keep it light or add on for more coverage. Like I said previously I don’t care for foundation. I like the look of my fresh skin. And the fact that I didn’t feel cakey with the foundation was great. Another thing I liked right away is that after wearing it all day when I was ready to wash off it still looked good. No shiny nose.

The real test was Vegas, can it hold up in Vegas weather and long lasting you know from morning to night! And yes I was so happy and I didn’t even have to touch up with powder even after a little sweat from the Vegas heat. I’ve been using the foundation for a month now and I really like it!

Tips with foundation is use a hydrating primer before at least, I felt like it kept it from feeling too matte. Which it honestly doesn’t even feel terribly matte. Also I normally use NARS matte concealer but since the foundation is matte I used my creamy concealer from NARS and it’s perfect. I also don’t have to set my face with powder, just under my eye area a very tiny tiny bit.

If you are looking for a new matte foundation or even something that looks like fresh flawless skin I’d say give this a try! I’m usually a Mac NC30 and I used dose of colors 117 and it’s a perfect match for my skin. Of course right now I’m a little more tanned so I just add some bronzer and it looks perfect!

Hope this was helpful! Till next post!

XO Lisa

My July favorites!

My July favorites!

Hello ladies! So am I seeing this right, We are walking into the third week of July?! I mean this summer is going so fast. I have a feeling it’s going super fast for me because I’m so nervous about Breaker starting kindergarten. I almost don’t want summer to end. I feel more nervous the second time around, I think because with David I worked so it was normal for me to be away from him during the day. Breaker’s been my ride or die since birth. I’m accepting applications for day time friends, LOL!

Ok so since we are into the middle of July and the middle of summer, I thought it would be fun to share some of my July obsessions. Some I’ve shared already and some are new!


First lets get into my latest beauty obsessions! We all love skincare and makeup right?! So during the summer I focus more on my skin care. I need to take care of it, wash it good and moisturize. We should always take care of our skin but I really focus on it during summer. Not only because we sweat more but I don’t really like wearing makeup when it’s hot. So it’s important to keep that skin looking fresh. Another tip for summer makeup is I only use a tinted moisturizer during the day, If I’m even wearing makeup.I try to stay away from heavy foundation during summer. I’ll conceal my more troubled areas with concealer but I’m very light with it. I think lashes could really help with that summer look. If you have extensions great, If not These are my latest obsession I find the trio Ardell lashes so much easier to work with than strips. At least for me. Bronzer is a must and I know it’s pricy but my favorite summer bronzer is Chanel, Linked here. My other obsession is Dose of colors gloss in that’s cool. I’ve been wearing it since I got it and wearing it in this photo. Like I said less makeup is best in summer. If you want to spice it up put on a bright lip! As long as you look dewy and bronzed you are set!


Ok if you all don’t know that Zara is my favorite store yet, Then that just means you need to read my blog more, LOL! So lately I’ve been living in these basic crew T-shirts from Zara. I love them, I wear them a lot! They keep me cool and they are easy to style! Not to mention they are under $8, Do I need to say anymore. I just got these colors and I have double in black and white, You can never have enough basic colors. Great summer Tee!


My last obsession is my Mango smoothie! I’ve been making this everyday after my workout. I needed a change from my others. I’ve talked about my favorite protein Powder here and my workout I do everyday. Check it out. But today I’m sharing the recipe, So easy and yummy! This one doesn’t have greens so what I do is make myself a side spinach salad for dinner, Just to get my greens in for the day! If not add that in your smoothie, it will just be a green one.

1 cup of almond milk

handful of frozen mango no sugar added one

1 TBS of flax seed

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

you can add extra ice for thicker consistency


Hope you liked my post, So what’s your latest obsession? Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Glossier cloud paint

Glossier cloud paint

Hello Beauties! How are you all doing? I hope well! I’m doing good, Keeping busy. I mean mom life is always busy. I’ve been a little busier with appointments. I’m leaving on my trip in a few weeks and I made certain appointments to get ready for it. I like to get these done while Breaker is at school, so it doesn’t leave me too much time. But I’m getting it all done in the next few weeks. I’m super excited. It’s tough being a girl, LOL! We need to get so much done before trips, events etc. I’ve had Laser hair removal appts, eyelash extensions, hair appts. and the last will be manicure and pedicure, GEEZ! I’ll be doing a post on my trip once I’m back. Hopefully with some fun stuff and helpful tips.

Today I wanted to share my new blushes I bought this past weekend. One of the things I wanted for my trip was a new blush. I love blush and honestly with eyelash extensions some blush, a pretty lip color with some tinted moisturizer and I’m set. So of course I asked my Bestie if she knew of any cool blushes. She mentioned Glossier cloud paint. I’ve heard good things about this blush and I’ve used Glossier highlight sticks before.


One of the cool things about being in LA is that they just opened up a Glossier store. When I first purchased from Glossier it was only online. But Yes they opened up the cutest store in West Hollywood. I didn’t get a pic of how cute the store was but I did take this cool pic. They have a room you can go in for some fun photos. The entire store is Instagram perfect. It’s located here!

Ok so on to the makeup! Something I’ve come to love lately and especially at my older age now, 39 if you guys don’t know. I’m loving less and less powder products and more cream products. I think they just make my skin look more youthful. I don’t get Botox or fillers. So I’m all natural. I have been blessed with nice skin, But of course we can’t run away from natural aging. So these blushes from Glossier are perfect! They call them Cloud paint! I went with Dusk and Beam. Dusk is such a pretty soft brown and Beam is a soft peach. They go on so smooth and so easy just with your fingertips. I did try to get the best swatches for you all, I love the way they look on my skin, so natural. I’d say if you are on the hunt for some new blush definitely take a trip to Glossier and check these out. Not to mention it’s walking distance from the famous Alfred tea room! Added a pic of my drink! Would I recommend these if buying online, Most definitely!



Hope you ladies liked this quick review on Glossier store and cloud paint. Till next post.

XO  Lisa