My hair routine

My hair routine

Hello my beautiful ladies! And just like that February is over, Geez! I’ve never realized how many holidays we have back to back. I feel like every month it’s another. Easter is going to be early this year. You go to target and it’s like, Really another aisle of Holiday stuff. I’m a sucker for it not gonna lie. I live to put easter baskets together for my kids. Have I told you ladies how excited I am for spring. I think so but I’ll say it again I can’t wait. It’s my favorite , I think because I’m a spring baby. Fall and Spring are my favorite fashion seasons. I will be bringing you some fun spring post. So stay tuned!


Today’s post I wanted to share my hair routine. what I use to wash my hair and what I use after shower before styling. I don’t have a lengthy hair routine, It’s pretty basic. But my hair is pretty healthy and shiny. So I feel like I’m doing something right, LOL!


First I wash my hair about twice a week. Some might be like Eww gross, But believe me it’s all you need. Washing your hair too much will dry it out. I have been using the same shampoo and conditioner for about a year now. I know it’s good to change every now and then. But my hair loves this duo and I don’t want to change something that is working for me. It’s bed head recovery. Perfect for Dry damaged hair. About 2 years ago I decided to go light although I was having fun with the color. It really dried out my hair and broke my hair. I decided to go back to my OG color dark brown. With this duo I started to see such a big difference. My hair didn’t look broken or dry. I do get trims about every 5-6 weeks, and I do recommend that to everyone even if you are trying to grow it out. I love short hair so getting trims is a must for me. Since I keep my hair close to my natural color and I’m pretty lucky at almost 39 I don’t grow much grey. I color it about every 3-4 months. Also depending on how I feel or if I have an event.


Second since I wash my hair only twice a week you can get build up on your scalp. I also have dry scalp when the weather is a little more dry and cold. I have been using this treatment from Paul Mitchell for about a year as well. I absolutely love it, I see it like this. We exfoliate our faces right?! This is pretty much like an exfoliate for your scalp. It feels so good. I will wash my hair with shampoo first and put this treatment on after. I’ll leave it on for about 5 minutes while I’m doing my other shower stuff. I rinse it off and put my conditioner on. I’ve also noticed more hair growth with this treatment. I highly recommend.


Third item I use of course on my washing hair days only. Is this awesome leave in treatment. It’s a 10 is honestly the best leave in treatment I have ever tried. And I’ve tried a lot in my years. I’ve been using this one for about 8 years or more. I really notice a difference if I run out and have to style my hair without it. So lets just say I have reserves of this item. If you are in the market for a leave in treatment, I highly highly recommend this one. After I spray this in my damp hair I will comb out my hair and style as I do. Love this stuff.

Well that’s it ladies my hair routine. Not a crazy amount of products but they work for me. I hope this was helpful and let me know if you use any of these products already. Have a wonderful week! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Hello Beauties! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you ladies have some fun plans today. I’ll be up North visiting my Mom. Leaving the hubby behind along with my oldest. I hate leaving them behind, but they have work and school. So my trusty sidekick(Breaker) will be with me. Every chance I get I try to go see my mom. I’ve mentioned this before that she moved up North 5 years ago because of her job. Can’t wait for the day she comes back to LA. So that’s my plan for the next couple days. Hope you all took a look at my Valentine’s Day look! If you have a fun date planned and still don’t have an outfit, Check it out. 

Before I start with Today’s post I wanted to wish my much older wiser sister a Happy 40th Birthday. I love that you turn 40 first, LOL! Love you!

Today I wanted to talk about my eyelash extensions. I wanted to give a good review so I waited to have them on for a while. I’ve had mine on for 5 months now. This isn’t the first time I’ve had them. I got them back in 2011 and I hated them. I was unexperienced with what to ask or even expect. I got them done way to long and they just didn’t fit my eye shape. Not to mention I remember going in to get a fill and I can feel the lady pulling them off. Well after that I let them fall off and ended up with no eyelashes of my own. I had to get Latisse , just so I didn’t look crazy with no lashes. So of course after that experience, I was like never again. So when thinking about doing eyelash extensions, do research first!

So fast forward to 6 months ago. I was just starting my blog and taking more pics. I used sunglasses in the beginning because I felt I looked tired. Which I get that a lot that I looked tired, LOL. It’s just the eye shape I have. So after seeing my Best friends eyelash extensions I was like I need them! I know it’s easier to just put false lashes, not to mention less expensive. But this Mama never has time! I’m lucky if I have 20 minutes to put makeup on.

IMG_6281IMG_6284Processed With Darkroom

I went to the place my friend got hers done. I can’t say enough on how happy I am with their service.  I had them done by Zoe at Sumi beauty. I love the way she does my lashes. They look perfect for my eye shape, not too long, and not to mention they just add life to my face. I love that I can just wear a pretty lip color and literally look like I did so much more. I had to get used to them for sure. But now they don’t bother me. I can still see that I have my real lashes in tact. I go get fills every 3-4 weeks. Every 4 months they will remove them and put a new set. Which was great they really did a great job on that. So carefully and sanitary. Would I recommend them to you? Yes for sure, I think they are fun and easy for busy moms that love to look glam! Below I’ll leave the price menu on what they offer and the business card. Hope this helped out if you were thinking about eyelash extensions! Hope you ladies have a great Valentine’s Day and rest of the week. Till next post.

XO Lisa


My everyday products

My everyday products

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a great week. So how’s 2018 treating you all so far? This year I’m so pumped to do more family activities. My boys will be my priority, as always. Sometimes Mom life gets the best of all of us. Just remember no mom is alone and we are all going through something different with our kids. Stay strong and don’t hold back to tell a friend. I love my friends that I can reach out to when I’m feeling a little lost as a Mom.  Love you gals!

For this weeks post I’m sharing some of my everyday products with you. I think all mom’s can relate Shower time can be the only alone time we get. So I just love shower time. I guess you can say these products are my Holy grails.

Processed With Darkroom

First item is my body cream from Nivea. This is a must right after shower. I’ve used so many different lotions and this one is just by far my favorite. I’m not a fan of scented creams and this lotion smells so fresh and clean. I have really dry skin so this lotion has been a life saver for my skin. Not to mention, if you are going out showing some leg this lotion leaves you such a beautiful glow.

Processed With Darkroom

Second item is my face cream. My day cream after shower is CeraVe because of the SPF in it. I’ve been using this cream for about a year now and I love it. Also recommended by most skin cancer Dr’s. It does not leave my face feeling greasy and does well under my makeup. My night cream would be Tatcha water cream. Check out my blog post on my review for the ever so popular cream.

Processed With Darkroom

Third item is my leave in conditioner for my hair, by It’s a 10. I can’t say enough about this spray. I have been using this product for well over 6 years. I can’t go without this spray on hair washing days. I spray a little all over damp hair. I have noticed a big difference in my hair if I don’t use it. Highly recommended!

Processed With Darkroom

Fourth item I added these 2 I have to put chap stick on every morning and night. It’s a must. I’ve tried many different ones and I’ve been so pleased with the formula of the Burts Bees medicated chap stick. I also included this cream I received from my Allure monthly Beauty box, Highly recommend this box. I’ve been so pleased with the products. I’ve been using this cream for a month from Tula advanced neck cream. So far so good. I will most likely purchase a bottle after this is empty.

Processed With Darkroom

Fifth item would be my face spray, by Mario Badescu. This is my favorite for hydration on my face. After my hair is done and I’ve completed all other steps I spray this amazing rose-water spray on my face. It feels like my face is getting a drink of water before bed and before makeup application. Highly highly recommend.

Hope you ladies enjoyed reading this post of my HOLY GRAIL products. Have a wonderful rest of the week beauties. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Easy Holiday makeup look

Easy Holiday makeup look

Hello Ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did, My mom lives up in Sacramento so we drove up there for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was really nice and we escaped the heat here in LA. It’s always nice to see my mom. She’s been living there for 5 years so it hasn’t been easy having her away from us. Praying she comes back to LA soon.

So who is done with their Christmas shopping?! I’m not, I haven’t even put a dent in my list. But I’ll get there. I have a few fun post in the next couple weeks to get us Holiday ready! So keep a look out and subscribe to my Blog if you haven’t already! And thank you to those who already have and keep coming back every Wednesday! Big hugs to you all!

Ok so I’m going to walk you through this really easy holiday look. I’m no makeup artist and I just recently got more comfortable with eyeshadow. So this is pretty simple. Hope you ladies enjoy and recreate this look! Let’s get started!

Processed With DarkroomIMG_4360Processed With DarkroomIMG_4358IMG_4359

First I start with a clean and moisturized face. I always prime my face as well especially if I want my makeup to last. With this look I wanted a really fresh skin look. I used my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, I really like this product. very light weight on my skin.

Second I concealed my under eye area. I’m more of a concealer person over foundation. So my concealer has to be full coverage. I’ve been using NARS matte concealer. I love the finish and the way it wears all day. I do set the areas I conceal very lightly because I do like a luminous look. Setting powder I normally use is Ben Nye banana powder.

Third I start my eyeshadow. For this look I did use the Mario Palette from Anastasia Beverly hills I know this palette is no longer available. So pretty much any neutral palette will work. For my crease I used LULA very lightly and I blended really good. I also took a little more of LULA and darkened the outer corner. For my Lid I used this Elf Cosmetics liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold. It was my first time using this and I really liked the way it looked. I took the same brush with LULA on it and cleaned up any harsh lines on the lid and crease. That’s it so simple.

fourth was bronzer I like this one from The balm for a more natural bronzer look. I didn’t even contour for this look. just a little bronzer.

Fifth was blush My go to Blush is from colourPop cosmetics. For the price it’s my favorite blush for an everyday look. It’s the color Between the sheets.

sixth you can’t complete a holiday look without some highlight. my go to highlight is Becca Cosmetics Opal. My favorite.

Last to finish this look off. A little setting spray and topped my lips with Mac cosmetics lip liner in Cherry and ColourPop Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Arriba! I do have eyelash extensions. So I don’t wear mascara. If you don’t have extensions I would top it off with some mascara and some very natural false eyelashes.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this easy makeup look! Till next post! Have a great rest of the week and Weekend!

XO Lisa

*Since The palette I used is no longer available here is a good neatral palette to have. 


Tatcha water cream review

Tatcha water cream review

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Can we just take a moment to breathe before we have to start wrapping Christmas gifts ,LOL! Wow I can’t believe it. I walked into Target yesterday morning and they don’t mess around. The Halloween stuff was cleared out or 70% off. And the lovely target workers were all busy putting out all the Christmas stuff . And yes I was that crazy lady in the aisles trying to get first dibs on some stuff! Can’t wait to share with you all. So this week has been pretty mellow. I mean besides my usual mommy load. Next week I’m pretty excited It’s almost time for My baby Breaker’s birthday. On the blog next week I’ll be sharing my not so easy pregnancy story with you all. So stay tuned!


Today’s Post is finally my Tatcha the water cream review. If you are all up on the beauty community like I am. You will know this cream. So at first I was very hesitant to purchase this cream. First the price and the fact that I’ve never used Tatcha products. I know most high-end creams can be pretty expensive. This one is $68. So pretty much average price for this type of brand.

I’ve been using this cream for a little over a month now. So I feel pretty confident to give you a good review. First of all I didn’t read before I purchased that it stated, Normal to oily skin. I’m usually Normal to dry skin. With that I thought oh great. But I had already used it about 3 times before I noticed. At first I started using it for night-time. The consistency is very light and when you put the cream on your face, it seriously feels like you just gave your face a drink of water. Totally, not even lying. I don’t rub it in crazy, I dab it on very lightly all over and go to bed. In the morning my skin feels so soft and looks so hydrated. After about 2 weeks I started using it before applying makeup for the day. It does not have SPF so make sure if you do this you also add an SPF. I absolutely love how it feels under makeup. I’m in my late 30’s so any kind of hydration I can give my skin I do.


Improvements on what I’ve noticed since using this cream. My pores have really reduced. I mean this is one of the things I have noticed more in my aging skin. And it really reduced the appearance of larger pores. I’m going to say I have never had bad skin, You can say it’s hereditary. My 84-year-old grandma has gorgeous skin and my 60-year-old mom does too. So I was blessed with better skin. But like everyone else as we age so does our skin. I’ve also noticed my skin looking more plumped and hydrated. My skin can get dry patches depending on weather. So far I haven’t had any.

So with this all said, I would very much recommend this cream! I think it’s worth the money and I’m very happy with the way my skin looks. Hope this helps out if you were interested or curious about this cream! They also have a lot of other nice products. I will need to try some more soon! Hope you lovely ladies have a fantastic rest of the week and a fabulous weekend! Till next post.

XO Lisa

I’ve added a few other Tatcha products that I would love to try to my ShopStyle favorites If you want to take a look.

The water cream at Sephora

My 10-minute makeup routine

My 10-minute makeup routine


Hello Ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was very nice spent with family. Today I wanted to share my go to no-makeup look, Lol! This is my go to when I’m running errands during the week and I have about 10 minutes to look like a human. I’m no makeup professional, So for me skin care is most important. I probably wear makeup 2-3 times a week so having nice skin helps. That’s why I really maintain a healthy skin regimen. I’ll walk you all through what I do to get a healthy looking no-makeup look. This look I use no foundation!


1st: I wash my face and moisturize with face lotion that has an SPF.

2nd: I spray my face with my favorite Mario Badescu rose-water spray and add some Mac essential oil this may not be for everyone so it’s just an extra step since my face is more dry.

3rd: Add some primer to give your skin a smooth finish. I use smash box hydrating primer, I love it!

4th: fill in my thin eyebrows, I talked about my favorite eyebrow pencil in my favorites under $20 post.

5th: Conceal these Mama bags and any redness I may have, which is mostly around my nose. I’m loving Nars soft matte complete concealer I use medium 1 custard. It’s my favorite at the moment. I do set any areas I conceal.

6th: I’m a little extra for these next steps I’ll do a light nose contour, I like the Anastasia Beverly hills stick foundation in Fawn. I also add a little liquid highlight on my cheekbones and tip of my nose!

7th: I use a little bronzer and blush for this look I like to use NARS laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. I’ll also brush a little blush on my nose to look sun-kissed.

8th: Add a little mascara, My favorite is benefits roller lash.

9th: Add your favorite lip gloss or lip stick. I normally top my lips with a clear gloss or Jeffrey star liquid lip in Celebrity skin.

10th: Grab your bag and run your errands!

Hope you lovely ladies have a great week!

XO Lisa


Favorite Drug store nail polish

Favorite Drug store nail polish

Happy Friday Hermosas! WOW, this was a tough week. David’s back at school, preparing Breaker for his first day next week. This mama is exhausted. Trying to find my balance with house work, workouts, cooking, family time and blogging. I’ll find it eventually! But Oh how I look forward to writing my Blog post. And please feel free to comment if you want me to talk or review about something! So let’s get on with this post. Today I wanted to talk about nail polish. I love getting my nails done. Since being a stay at home mom I’m always in-house clothes. So my nails being done make me happy! I’m super picky with nail polish so I always bring my own color with me , unless I’m doing gel from the salon. These polishes have been my favorite this year! From the price being so good, the quality of the nail polish is amazing. They have so many colors to choose from. I can’t wait to pick up some fall colors. You can find these lovely polishes at Rite Aid the brand is LA Girl.



These colors have been on my spring and summer rotation. I love me a good nude polish and a pale pink. This bright orange was so fun I picked that one up just last week for my last summer nail color before fall! For me I love a white polish on my toes it’s so fresh and so chic. This white is by far my favorite white. And let me tell you I’ve tried so many from high-end to middle to low. It’s the perfect white nail polish. Let just say these nail polishes last my daily dish washing and my toes don’t chip at all until next pedi time! Do I need to say more, LOL! Oh and one of the perks of me picking out some new polishes it gives me an excuse to grab some good old thrifty ice cream! You ladies have a great weekend!

XO Lisa

Pink color- Illusion

nude color-sensual

white color-striking

bright orange-Impulse

*you can find these at your local rite aid or online at LA girl.

Laser Hair removal experience

Laser Hair removal experience

Happy Monday Ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Another week to start fresh! I wanted to do a short post on my Laser hair removal experience. It’s funny because back in high school when I first heard of laser hair removal it seemed so scary. I’m talking 20 years ago to be exact! I also heard so many things that turned me away from laser hair removal. Some being, you can’t shave in between sessions, it’s so painful, it’s so expensive. Well not sure if those were true back in the day, but today no! At least not from my opinion. And let me disclose that this is all from my experience, I’m not talking for everyone.

One of my biggest problem areas to shave were my underarms. I was extremely sensitive and not to mention, I felt like my hairs grew overnight. I was probably shaving everyday so that was really irritating the area. I was also self-conscious about wearing tank tops because with shaving you get the dark shadow. I absolutely hated that, it looked gross and dirty. So I finally started Laser hair removal in October 2016. Life changing Lol, ok dramatic, but seriously love it! My favorite part of laser is the dark shadow gone and saving money on razors. Again telling you from my experience. I go once a month it’s affordable, it’s fast, it’s tolerable and I do not shave at all. Hair hardly grows. Something people don’t know is it’s reducing the growth, not completely stopping the growth. But if your good with your appointments and commit to your once a month, let me tell you most likely you won’t have to shave at all.

I also started my upper lip back in December 2016. So the reason I decided to laser my upper lip is I felt waxing every 2 weeks was getting expensive not to mention as we age our skin becomes thinner. So I didn’t like the pulling of the wax in that area so often. I’m not going to lie this is a little more uncomfortable than underarm area. I won’t say painful just uncomfortable because it’s so close to your nose. But overall the procedure is so fast, it’s totally tolerable. I’ll link the place I go to and they also have Instagram. They do a lot of other procedures you might find awesome. I do plan to start my legs and bikini area after summer. Reason you have to limit your sun bathing before and after treatment. I hope you ladies found this helpful!

XO Lisa

P.S I’m not at all sponsored by them, But if you pay them a visit put down that Lisa Aguirre sent you! XO

Flawless laser center – burbank,Ca.

Favorite beauty products under $20

Favorite beauty products under $20

Hello Hermosas! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We did, I love weekends where we have no set plans. I did do a little shopping!! Can’t wait to share some of the cute items I found. Stay tuned to that on the blog soon! Today I wanted to share my TOP 10 beauty products under $20. I use almost every time, when I actually do my makeup. I’ll attach the link where you can purchase and a little about why I love the product!




  1. Mario Badescu -facial spray with rose-water. I use this after I wash my face and moisturize, before priming and foundation.
  2. real techniques miracle sponge– I really like this more affordable makeup sponge, just damp it and apply your foundation.
  3. Loreal infallible pro-glow-this affordable foundation is by far my favorite, its medium coverage with a light weight feel. Creates a dewy glow finish, Love it!
  4. Benefits POREfessional face primer -this primer you apply after moisturizer, before foundation. I usually purchase the mini size, last pretty long.
  5. Benefits goof proof brow pencil-I’ve tried a few different eyebrow pencils and this one has been my go to. This one also comes in mini.
  6. Loreal voluminous mascara-this is my favorite drug store mascara.
  7. NYX dewy finish makeup spray– I really like this setting spray, affordable and works great.
  8. Garner Micellar cleansing water– At the moment this is my go to makeup remover. I apply to a makeup pad and works really well to remove makeup with no irritation.
  9. Sephora radiance Luminizing drops– I love this product. You can mix a drop into your foundation or use it as liquid highlight, either way it’s amazing!
  10. RCMA no color powder– This powder is great for setting your under eye area or T-zone. A more affordable translucent powder.


Well Ladies these are my Top 10 under $20. I’m not a professional ,lol! But I’m always trying to keep up with new products and not to mention affordable.



LADIES! I wanted to do a fun giveaway with some of the items I listed in my top 10! All you have to do is Follow my blog and go give me a follow on Instagram, Tag 2 friends on my Instagram post from this blog post. I will be doing these kind of giveaways often so don’t miss out! I really want to build my blogging family. And show you how much I appreciate your time to read my post! Sorry ladies US only. Giveaway will end next Monday on July 24 and I’ll be announcing the winner on my Blog on Fridays post July 28!! Can’t wait! GOOD LUCK! 

P.S I’m also adding 2 surprises that I’ve mentioned in some of my other post and something I post a lot about on Instagram. Any guesses?! lol 

XO Lisa