Mommy and Mini LA winter style

Mommy and Mini LA winter style

Hello Beauties! How are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I’m doing good. I got back on Sunday from visiting my Mom in Sacramento. It’s always a great time just always too short. I went up with my older sister, niece,Breaker and my sister’s 2 dogs. The drive can seem like forever but once we arrive it’s great. We tried a few new places that I hadn’t been. My mom has been up there for 5 years so every time we go up we try to do something new. If you are ever up North in Sacramento, She lives in Gold River so you have an idea of where. You need to go to historic Folsom it’s such a cute place. All the buildings are Victorian. We ate at Chicago fire, It’s so good. Another place we ate at that I highly recommend is Tower Cafe. It’s in Midtown, Such a cute and delicious restaurant. If you’ve never been and are planning to visit I recommend you also try Dutch Bros. Coffee. Let’s just say Breaker was obsessed. He got the kids chocolate shake and I recommend the Chai tea latte, Don’t forget to ask for the party on top, LOL! It’s a thing so ask. Just a little recommendations in case you visit.

For today’s post I felt like I hadn’t done a mommy and mini style in a while. I love having Breaker match me occasionally. I mean my oldest won’t, LOL! I think it’s fun and he’s my mini me. Living in LA we don’t get winter like other places. And I start to get tired of the dark colors. By this time I start to crave spring colors. Even picking my nail colors around this time gets challenging. I know it’s not time for the bright colors but I start to gravitate towards those spring colors.


This look I thought it was fitting for my mood right now. It’s still appropriate for LA winter, But this beautiful yellow moto jacket just gives me all the spring feels. My sister bought this gorgeous jacket for me for christmas. It’s from Zara, I will try to find it and link below. If not I’ll find one similar. I matched it with a simple tank and my favorite jeans. I just threw on some simple nude sandals.


Breaker’s look was pretty simple. My mom bought him the overalls for Christmas. I’m a little sad because they were a little tight, So he just wore them once. I’m glad I have these photos since he couldn’t wear them more. I just matched it up with a white tee and his pop of yellow to match mommy was on his Vans. He’s such a little Ham in front of the Camera so I always love these shoots.

I love putting these together ,so us Mom’s of boys can see we can too match with our boys. It’s fun and they grow so fast so we don’t get to do this very long. Hope you ladies liked this post. Wishing you all a great rest of the week and fabulous weekend. Till next post.

XO Lisa

yellow motorcycle jacket-similar 

Breaker’s overalls- baby gap

Valentine’s Day look

Valentine’s Day look

Hi ladies! How’s February treating you? This weather is not so Winter in LA. I’m looking forward to spring. I’m really into floral looks. I can’t wait to buy some more for spring.  My son turned 14 on February 2nd. I can’t believe it. He’s becoming a young man. Such a good boy, Love you Dave.

So who goes all out for Valentine’s day? I myself love it. I look forward to buying little valentine cards for my kids class. This year it’s Breaker’s Turn. His first Valentine school celebration. He’s having a pizza party! Of course I’m making my easy pizza for the class! Check out the recipe if you haven’t already.

Today I’m sharing a very simple romantic look that would be perfect for a valentine date.    I know red is a popular color for valentine’s day. But for some reason when I think of the day, I see pink! I went with a pop of pink. But you can totally wear this with a pop of red!


I ordered this dress online from Zara when the big sale was going on. I scored this dress for less than $25. The shoes I also got on sale for under $50 online from Nordstrom. They are Top Shop brand. My earrings were a gift from my sis. She got them at Target my favorite brand Baublebar by sugar fix. They have so many cute styles that will make any spring/summer outfit perfect! You can use any black clutch or if you have a cute pink or red purse, you can always wear black shoes and use a bag for a pop of color. Hope you ladies like the look! I’ll link everything below.

A little blog update! If you are new to my blog, I update every month. I’m going to do this until I hit my one year. It’s for myself to document the feelings I had throughout my first year of blogging. It’s not easy at times. I’m a full-time stay at home mom. I was a working mom with my first son and I can honestly say it was easier to go to work. And this is from my experience. Not speaking for anyone. I think every mom rocks! And no mom has it easier. Blogging has helped me feel alive as a women. Getting more into it, I’m truly enjoying blogging. I have my days still that I doubt myself. The hubby says I’m too hard on myself. I still need to learn to not compare myself to others and just be true to who I am. It’s a work in progress. I live for when people say they like my blog. Even if it’s just one person. It makes me so happy! I love to share with you all! So thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram. I’m going to start posting more outfit looks! I want to start including more daily easy looks. I mean let’s get real I don’t look put together almost 80% of the time, LOL! Till next post! Have a great rest of the week and lovely weekend.

XO Lisa

Dress– not the one I’m wearing but similar. Any LBD will work!

Shoes– I found them on sale in Red and black.

Earrings-Baublebar by sugar fix





Plaid craze, still going?

Plaid craze, still going?

Hello My beauties! Hope you all are doing well this week. LA is finally feeling a little chilly. I myself love a chill in the air with sunny skies. That is my favorite kind of weather. So January came and went, LOL! I mean really it’s almost over. Next month is also a short month so I’m sure that’s going to fly. My oldest son turns 14 in February, crying face emoji! He’s my care bear, he’s such a loving kid.

So who remembers E fashion police? Seriously my favorite show on E with the late Joan Rivers. One of my favorite segments they would do was “Gotta have it!,Make it stop!” I lived for this. So today my post is on this fashion craze, PLAID! It’s pretty popular right now and you see it on bottoms, tops, blazers, hats and shoes. So the question is do you think I’m like “Gotta have it!” or “Make it stop!”.

I’m for sure “Gotta have it!”. I think plaid is one of those patterns like Leopard and Houndstooth. They really never go out of style. It can be used as a neutral. I remember growing up my mom had a houndstooth blazer and beret, I loved when she would wear them. I think these patterns are so chic.


I styled my plaid a little more edgy. I was feeling a little street chic that day. I bought these plaid pants at Target, I was a little sad that the blazer to match was sold out everywhere. I thought it would be fun to have the matching set. I wanted to show a little skin, so I went with a crop top. And of course to make this style more street chic. I added my favorite motorcycle jacket. I’ve said in my New year Goals post that I want to step outside of my comfort zone with style. I remember in my late 20’s I lived to be different at the club, LOL! If dresses were the way to go to the club, I would wear pants. Fashion should be fun! What’s funny is before when My sis and I would be going out and if we planned our outfit, Sometimes that outfit wouldn’t end up being my favorite. It was when we spontaneously decided to go out and we put together a fun fast outfit. I would get more compliments on that rather than my planned out outfit. What I’m trying to say is have fun and don’t plan an outfit so much. Fashion is not so serious.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post! I hope you all have a great rest of the week. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Winter pink:6 month blog update

Winter pink:6 month blog update

Happy New Year Ladies! Wow 2018, I seriously can’t believe it. 2017, seriously went so fast. It really got me thinking,  I need to be more in the moment. Which brings me to today’s post. First, I wanted to share a cute simple winterish outfit. Here in LA we don’t see much winter but it gets chilly for a cute statement coat, sweater etc. But I also wanted to give an update for my blog which I’ve done every month since I started. This month happens to be half a year already. I also wanted to share my New Year Goals.


So if you live in LA, you know we don’t see much Winter. But I’m such an outerwear fan. I love coats, chunky sweaters and cute jackets. This outfit is perfect for a chillier day out in LA, hence the open toe shoes. So if you live where you actually get winter you can totally rock some cute booties with this outfit too. My faux fur bomber is from forever 21. I love it. Such a cozy jacket. My jeans seriously, I pretty much wear them in all my post, LOL! I’m so picky with jeans. I can’t wear anything uncomfortable. These are the most comfiest jeans ever. They are from Zara. My tank is from Target. I have so many colors. They are perfect for under sweaters and jackets. I’ll be for sure wearing them in the warmer days just like that with some shorts and skirts. The quality in this tank is really good and only $8. My shoes are older from Aldo. A staple every lady should own. A simple nude and black strap heel.

Now on to my blog update. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. I’m so proud of myself. If you’ve kept up with my monthly update you know it hasn’t been easy. But I’m so happy I’ve made it this far. I’m having fun posting for you ladies. I’m keeping it up and I already have up to March planned out. My goal for my blog is to continue to grow and eventually land collaborations with great companies. I’m also going to be adding more looks on my Instagram. Posting multiple looks on Instagram can get difficult. I’m pretty busy during the week with the kids and I don’t always have someone to take my pictures on random days. But my goal is to add more looks. I promise ladies, I will be sharing some good content. So stick with me.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few Goals I have for the New year. I won’t be sharing my personal vision board. But I’m doing something fun with the hubby. We are making a couple’s vision board on things we would like from each other throughout the year. And will be sharing that on my blog post for January 17 so stay tuned, It should be a funny one. The first and most important is to be more in the moment with life. These years are flying by. My goal is to slow down. I’m always rushing on the daily. I’m sure you Mamas know this. So I’m going to be more prepared for the days so I’m not rushing. Another goal  is for my health. I hate the word Diet. But after you pass 35, I feel like you have to really watch what you eat. I’ve always been pretty good with not passing a certain weight. But this year, I want to feel healthy and look better for myself. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t just make you look good, it helps with your mind and energy. And that is why eating healthy and exercising on the regular is a goal. My last goal I’ll share is to take more mini family vacations. We want to take a big vacation soon but it most likely won’t be this year. So this year, I want to do as many mini ones that our budget allows. Be a little more spontaneous is the Goal.

Well that’s it, my first Post of 2018. I hope you ladies enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and my family. Till next post.


XO Lisa

jeans- similar 


New Year’s Eve outfit

New Year’s Eve outfit

Hello My beauties! Starting off by saying Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and if you are one who follows along. I thank you with all my heart, It means the world to me. 2017 has been a special year for me personally. I finally took a big leap and started my blog. 8 years of thinking about it and never actually doing it. I finally did and It felt so good. I have enjoyed every minute of it. The ups and downs I have felt along the way are even enjoyable. I see those as learning experiences and I’m so excited for the new year to bring you some great content. I’m not giving up anytime soon.

So with my last post of 2017 I bring you a New year’s eve look that is going to be the new me. I’m going to start stepping out of my comfort zone more this coming year. I want to embrace my body and everything about me. This year I plan to take more risk with my style! Hope you ladies are with me!

IMG_4568Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom

My outfit of choice was no more than $60 total. My skirt I found at forever 21 for $8 and my top is from Zara only $12, the shoes I got lucky a while back and found these for $30 at Nordstrom rack they are BCBG. My cute fish net socks were only $6 from target. And I borrowed the cute clutch from one of my girls! So with that Your New year’s Eve outfit can look cute without spending tons of money. The awesome thing is you can find some cute sequence pieces at Forever 21. You can’t tell in the pictures but my skirt has very little sequence. I think it’s a must for New years.

I created a couple of outfits from my app to show you another few ways to have a fun night in style.


With the first one I went with a full sequence skirt. I thought this one was fun for maybe a club. I matched it with a crop tee so cute.  You can’t go wrong with some good old gold hoops. I love these velvet platforms along with a simple black clutch.


The second look I created is more rocker edgy. I just love a faux leather bottom it’s so classy and chic. Again styled it with a crop tee. As you can see I’m kinda obsessed with them. You know I love me some baublebar earrings. I thought these were so New years Eve. These booties I’ve seen and they are so cute. I know you can find these booties at lola shoetique and a simple silver clutch will finish this look off.

I hope you ladies found some New years eve inspo from this post. I wish you all a Happy and safe New year. I can’t wait to see you all in 2018!

Processed With Darkroom

XO Lisa


Holiday Look

Holiday Look

Hello Ladies! I can’t believe Christmas is pretty much here. I seriously think this year went way too fast. So are you all like me? I still need a few last-minute gifts. I always do this to myself. I’m looking forward to my mom and sister coming Friday! My mom lives in Sacramento so I don’t see her as much as I’d like. So I’m super happy she will be with me for the weekend. I know one of the worries we have besides shopping, Cooking, baking and getting your house ready for guest. Is what to wear??? Am I right, LOL! Especially if you have kids making sure they have a nice outfit to wear. Sometimes us Mom’s leave our outfit planning to the last minute.

My family usually goes on the more casual side but still nice. I know some families go to midnight mass also. I put together three styles that would be appropriate for your holiday get together at your house, families or friends. I think also nice enough for midnight mass. I’m more of a jeans girl. I hardly wear dresses unless I have to or it’s really hot. So all these outfit styles are jeans.

Processed With DarkroomIMG_4904IMG_4902IMG_4908IMG_4909Processed With Darkroom

My outfit that I have on is so simple and I’m sure all of us have something similar in our closets. I just gave my outfit a pop of red with my shoes and earrings. Both of these I bought specifically for the holidays. These jeans I’m sure you’ve seen them in other post I’ve done. I just love them. My tank is from Target, I think I own quite a few of these now. They are from that new brand A New Day, so soft and comfy. My coat believe it or not, I’ve had for 10 plus years. My sister bought this for me many moons ago for Christmas. It’s so good and still looks so stylish. Shoes also from Target. Earrings are from Charming Charlie. But these tassel earrings are so popular right now I’ve seen similar ones at Forever 21.


The next outfit I put together just to show you a different option similar to what I have on. Like I said these are pretty staple items that most of us have in our wardrobe. A pop of red in a purse, shoe or earring will make you look festive.


Last option I thought this rose gold pop was so cute. Rose gold is so pretty and classy looking. I think still looks very festive. The cream sweater is something you can get at Zara, Target or Forever 21. I would say go with something you know you will be comfortable in for a long night of holiday fun! Hope this Post helped you ladies and you won’t leave your outfit choice to the last-minute.

I wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Sending hugs to you all. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello ladies! I hope you all are doing wonderful. I think we all are trying to fight off or avoid getting this cold going around. My Breaker caught it, I hate when my boys are sick. My oldest I call him Iron Man, knock on wood, he never gets sick. Breaker was a trooper he was still smiling and fighting it. I can’t believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away. Crazy how fast this year went.

So with that, Today I’m going to give all of you and myself a last-minute shopping guide. I have some options for just about everyone on your list. I always say I’m going to get shopping done early and that never happens. So yes I’m the one at the mall on Christmas Eve.


First guide is for a special lady in your life, Mom, sister, friend. This is for the more cozy mama that loves to be home. I absolutely love receiving pajamas, I mean I don’t really ever buy them for myself. Everyone needs a robe and the best gift for this cozy warm lady would be a nice coffee machine.


Second guide would be the fashionista. I think a great gift is Outerwear. It’s something some of us don’t always invest in. I think as a gift we all would appreciate it. Another gift that most fashion girls like, Would be a cute name brand wallet or card holder. I love Kate spade her style of accessories are so adorable for that fashionista in your life. That also won’t break the bank.


Third guide would be a favorite of mine. Where are all my makeup lover gals at?! I think with Youtube tutorials and all the fabulous makeup brands out there. Makeup is a great gift. I also added a perfume and came across this adorable hello kitty Rose bottle. If you want to make your girl happy I think this one is the one!


Fourth guide is for the special Man in your life dad, brother, husband, boyfriend. I think we all get a little frustrated when shopping for Men. Some men are so hard. I came up with a few, that most men will like and a nice variety. I also checked with the hubby to make sure these were all Men approved!


Fifth guide is for those teenagers that we all are like WTH do we give them. I have my teen that can be hard but for me he tells me what he wants. But if we are gifting a relative or friends kids. It can be hard. I know some people frown on gift cards, but I sure love them. These two are probably the most popular for teens. No kid likes to spend money on their own food, Lol!


Sixth Guide would be for those little people that we call Toddlers! So these can be either easy or hard. For me as a mom of a toddler, I don’t care for so many toys. My hubby says I’m the Grinch, LOL! But most have so many toys already. I thought these options were pretty good. Like I said before Outerwear is a great gift because most don’t buy it. When i shop for little ones. I always gift a clothing item and a small toy. So that way Mommy and baby are happy. I love Melissa and Doug toys, The wood toys I think are cute for room display as well.

I really hope you ladies and gentlemen found this post helpful! I know I’m using this gift guide for my last-minute shopping! Below I’ll leave links to all the stores I found these great gifts from! Happy shopping! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Cozy – Victoria secret and Target

Fashionista –forever 21 and Kate spade

makeup- Ulta and Hello kitty

Men- Nordtrom

Teenagers- Urban and In n Out

Toddlers- target and Baby gap