Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello ladies! I hope you all are doing wonderful. I think we all are trying to fight off or avoid getting this cold going around. My Breaker caught it, I hate when my boys are sick. My oldest I call him Iron Man, knock on wood, he never gets sick. Breaker was a trooper he was still smiling and fighting it. I can’t believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away. Crazy how fast this year went.

So with that, Today I’m going to give all of you and myself a last-minute shopping guide. I have some options for just about everyone on your list. I always say I’m going to get shopping done early and that never happens. So yes I’m the one at the mall on Christmas Eve.


First guide is for a special lady in your life, Mom, sister, friend. This is for the more cozy mama that loves to be home. I absolutely love receiving pajamas, I mean I don’t really ever buy them for myself. Everyone needs a robe and the best gift for this cozy warm lady would be a nice coffee machine.


Second guide would be the fashionista. I think a great gift is Outerwear. It’s something some of us don’t always invest in. I think as a gift we all would appreciate it. Another gift that most fashion girls like, Would be a cute name brand wallet or card holder. I love Kate spade her style of accessories are so adorable for that fashionista in your life. That also won’t break the bank.


Third guide would be a favorite of mine. Where are all my makeup lover gals at?! I think with Youtube tutorials and all the fabulous makeup brands out there. Makeup is a great gift. I also added a perfume and came across this adorable hello kitty Rose bottle. If you want to make your girl happy I think this one is the one!


Fourth guide is for the special Man in your life dad, brother, husband, boyfriend. I think we all get a little frustrated when shopping for Men. Some men are so hard. I came up with a few, that most men will like and a nice variety. I also checked with the hubby to make sure these were all Men approved!


Fifth guide is for those teenagers that we all are like WTH do we give them. I have my teen that can be hard but for me he tells me what he wants. But if we are gifting a relative or friends kids. It can be hard. I know some people frown on gift cards, but I sure love them. These two are probably the most popular for teens. No kid likes to spend money on their own food, Lol!


Sixth Guide would be for those little people that we call Toddlers! So these can be either easy or hard. For me as a mom of a toddler, I don’t care for so many toys. My hubby says I’m the Grinch, LOL! But most have so many toys already. I thought these options were pretty good. Like I said before Outerwear is a great gift because most don’t buy it. When i shop for little ones. I always gift a clothing item and a small toy. So that way Mommy and baby are happy. I love Melissa and Doug toys, The wood toys I think are cute for room display as well.

I really hope you ladies and gentlemen found this post helpful! I know I’m using this gift guide for my last-minute shopping! Below I’ll leave links to all the stores I found these great gifts from! Happy shopping! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Cozy – Victoria secret and Target

Fashionista –forever 21 and Kate spade

makeup- Ulta and Hello kitty

Men- Nordtrom

Teenagers- Urban and In n Out

Toddlers- target and Baby gap

Dressing the “Bust”

Dressing the “Bust”

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a great week. Today’s blog post is kind of funny! If you see by my title, LOL! You’ve heard the term ” Dressing the bump” Well this Mama has to dress the Bust! I’ve had a bigger bust since elementary school. I haven’t been the happiest with them either. I was always very self-conscious about my bigger bust. I remember in elementary this kid started a rumor that I stuffed my bra. I’m like really. Well that was fun. I think the only time I opened my arms to my bigger bust was in high school, LOL! They were perky and cute. Well fast forward to having kids and breastfeeding both my sons. I breastfed my second till he was 2 1/2! So these Bust have been through some tough times,LOL!

Today I wanted to share some tips on what I look for when buying clothes to flatter my figure. As women I think we are so hard on our bodies. I’ve gotten a lot better on loving my body and just excepting what I was given. To be honest starting my Blog was scary because I’m not a skinny young girl anymore. I’ve had 2 kids, I’m hitting close to 40, Our bodies change as we get older. I really try to keep active. If it’s running errands, doing house work or getting in a nice workout. It’s important to me at my age to do some kind of daily activity.

Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom

One of the hardest things when I buy clothes is the fact that my Bust are larger than my body frame. So because of that, I appear larger than what I am. I tend to always go toward the baggy top style. My guy always tells me to not buy such big tops. But like I said I’m also a little self-conscious. One thing I’ve tried to do is if the top is a more baggy fit, Just grab a cute belt like I did here. It will accentuate the waist more. So this is Tip #1. I’ve also like the style of a mesh, sheer top with a very nice bra underneath. This is more daring but will also show off just a little without being too much. I’ve linked a really cute affordable sheer top below. That is my Tip #2. Now one of the hardest fashion crisis I have faced with my Big bust is shopping for a dress. Ok so shopping for a dress can’t be a nightmare when you are larger in the Bust area and smaller on the bottom. The dress is never going to fit perfect. I remember in high school, I was lucky my Aunt made my prom dresses. Because it was always a struggle to find a more elegant dress that would fit. This past year I had a wedding to attend and I was already thinking great what can I wear. I ended up finding a really cute affordable dress at Zara. The trick is to find a dress that doesn’t have a zipper in the back. I look for a dress that I can just pull over with no zipper or buttons. I usually can go with a small in a dress like that. Because it is made a bit more relaxed fit. I did link a dress down below that is pretty much the style I would look for. I’m actually going to be ordering this for a baby shower I’m attending. It’s simple but you can make it look casual or dressy! That’s key! Well ladies that is Tip #3. I hope you liked this post. I hope it helps.

We need to love what we have and flaunt it with style! Till next post! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

XO Lisa

Star top

Sheer top


Mom and mini fall style

Mom and mini fall style

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’m barely getting used to the every Wednesday Blog post. Eventually I will go back to twice a week. But for now every Wednesday it will be. I want to try to make those worth your reading! I can’t believe the holidays are coming so fast. It’s crazy! I am getting a little stressed. But will all get through it.

Next week on the blog I’ll be giving a little life update and my monthly blog update. I wanted to do this up into my first year of blogging. It’s important for me to keep all of you updated with my journey. So with that said let’s get into this fun post.


Today I wanted to share these outfits. As you can see my little guy is with me. He’s getting so big, Almost 4 to be exact. As we get into the colder months ahead. And all of us Mom’s know these kids grow like weeds. Every fall/winter we have to buy them new clothes. When I’m getting ready to buy Breaker new clothes. I always buy him very simple pieces to start. Denim jeans, a color denim, some neutral cords. Tees always basic color. Occasionally I’ll buy him some Tees that have a design, Like the one he’s wearing here. But that’s very simple, I try to stay away from too much color. For his pop of color I buy him fun socks. Because it’s cheaper to buy a colored sock, so he can wear with anything. Rather than buying a colorful shirt that he can only wear with certain things. Another staple I like to have for him is a Denim jacket. One day I’ll take a pic of all his denim jackets from the first to recent. It’s just a must for me to have for him. They look so cute on and make any outfit look cool. One of my favorite things to put on him are joggers a cute Tee and his denim jacket. I know sometimes we think girl clothes can be more fun, And yes they have more options. But I have found ways to make dressing boys pretty fun. It’s ok to be bold with socks and show them off. If your Son likes to wear hats be bold with a cute hat! Shoes are always a fun way to dress up a boy’s outfit as well! And just remember you don’t always have to match so much. I love a funky combo. Something I always keep in mind when dressing my little guy is 3 colors. I like to have at least 3 colors on him. It really makes his outfits fun! Hope this helps out some mommies with boys!! Or even some of you ladies that want to give your big guy some styling tips,LOL! It works for all! Hope you lovelies have a great rest of the week and a fabulous weekend!

XO Lisa

Breaker’s outfit

Tee- Gap

Denim Jacket-old navy



Mommy’s outfit


Jeans-ZARA(posted in this blog post)

shoes-Nordstrom rack BCBG( I got lucky)


Mule obsession

Mule obsession

Hello ladies! Hope you all are having a nice week! This past weekend I had a photo shoot, Can’t wait to share those with you soon! Any fun plans this weekend ladies? I’m pretty excited my weekend is starting a little early! I’m going to a concert tomorrow! I’m so excited it’s a concert my 6th grade self would be jumping for joy to be going, LOL! I’ll do a post on my outfit and who I’m going to see next week on the blog.

Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I’m loving right now. I remember these back in the day, MULES!!! It’s a trend that comes, hides and comes back! So I’m sure you all have had a pair or still have a pair in your closet. I’m totally crushing on these. They look so cute and I can walk in them without killing my feet. Especially for the fall I just can’t deal with how cute they look with a cute pair of jeans and a chunky sweater. The choices they have right now are crazy! I’ll need to get a part-time job at a shoe store just to buy the ones I want, LOL! Ok that’s crazy! But really I can’t decide which pair I want. They are all so cute. Of course I have a basic pair. These are velvet material which is a really big trend for Fall. So I’m loving these.


I do want to get a pair that is a little more colorful. I found these online at Steve madden, one of my favorite shoe stores. I need all my ladies to comment and tell me which ones I should get next. I don’t know about you all. But I wish I would have saved some of my shoes from the 90’s! Ugh! I had a lot of the trends that are going on right now! But I’m the type that cleans out my closet twice a year. My fiancé hates that, LOL! Maybe if I had a walk in closet I wouldn’t, Wink-wink! Hope he’s reading!

What’s your favorite Mule trend? leave a comment I would love to know. During the summer I had an open toe with a slight chunky heel. I love them! I’m wearing them in a few post back from summer! Go check them out! Shoes are my weakness. What’s your fashion Weakness? I think My boys inherited my shoe weakness, LOL! Well ladies I hope you liked this fun post about Mules! And hopefully you see a pair you like! I don’t know about you but the floral print ones are calling my name! Hope you lovelies have a great rest of the week and weekend!

XO Lisa

all shoes are from Steve Madden!

I have nothing to wear!

I have nothing to wear!

Hello ladies! I hope you all lovely ladies had a nice week. I know it’s hard to get through weeks when such sad things are happening. I try to stay positive especially with my oldest. I don’t want him to hold back on life because of these awful things. The Hero stories make me cry because we do have good in our World. Sending hugs to you all!

Today I wanted to talk about something all of us have said “I have nothing to wear” ,LOL! I mean you know we’ve all said this. I know I have many times. As I get older I’ve become a smarter shopper. I had my fun in my 20’s and early 30’s buying the cute trendy stuff. Now I lean towards more practical items. But don’t get me wrong I still stay cute, LOL! I usually purchase very basic items. I buy more trendy accessories. I’ll buy the “IT” earrings or Bracelets that are in fashion. A few things I tell myself when I’m shopping is “Can I wear this with different bottoms?”  If I can match the top with jeans, skirt or shorts. I buy it! I also stick to basic colors. I add color with lipstick, earrings, belts or shoes. Another thing you can add for color is a scarf! I mean I live in Los Angeles so that’s not something I do a lot, but believe me when it’s cold I do it.


Some of the basics I like to have in my closet. Always a good pair of jeans a nice blue, a good black and a nice grey. These are my favorite colors to have. For tops I must have a few black options. A short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless. Black tops you can always do so much. If you have a last-minute date night, girls night or event. You can match a versatile black top with anything and you will look chic! This top I have on is actually almost 4 years old. And still looks cute and fashionable. So you can’t go wrong with a basic black top. A few other staple colors you should have are white, nude and a light pink. I know some don’t like pinks but it’s so feminine and cute that a very light pink nude is always nice to have.  I think if you stick to some of these basics I promise you won’t say “I have nothing to wear” as much! Because who am I kidding us ladies will always say this! I found 3 tops that I would for sure keep in my closet! Hope this was helpful for us busy moms. Being a mom isn’t easy and we are always thinking about what our kids need. Just trying to make it easier on my stay at home mamas and working mamas out there! Have a great weekend!

XO Lisa

All tops are from Zara. Because one key thing for basics is Quality! So they last longer!

Bootie season

Bootie season

Hello Ladies! It’s officially fall! I’m so happy. Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. My weekend seemed so fast. We are heading out to Disneyland today for Mickey’s Halloween party. So I will have a blog post up on Friday with my first time experience for the night event. So stay tuned!



Today I wanted to talk Fall must haves. I’ll have a few more post on different items and makeup. For today I picked out 3 different outerwear styles you can add to a simple outfit. I also picked 3 different booties that I think can make your fall outfits say, YASSS! The outerwear styles I picked are pretty different. The first one I feel everyone should have is a faux motorcycle jacket. They look so cute with just about anything. Not to mention, I feel so cool when I wear mine. Another trend I’m loving is the trench coat. You just can’t go wrong with having one. They are timeless! I also make sure I have a really cute statement sweater. I love these. They are so cozy. But also look so fashionable. I would style all 3 with a great pair of jeans. A skinny jean, flare, straight, I mean your jean choice is endless. I live in California so it doesn’t get that cold. If I’m wearing a stylish jacket or sweater I always wear a tank underneath. That ladies will make you feel so stylish and comfortable.


For the Booties! I’m a shoe girl. I love shoes. The first pair I picked are flat style booties. These are so cute. I’m already putting these on my next purchase list. This mama has to limit her shoe buying. I would say they are more on the rocker chic style. I would wear these with a dress, some cut off jean short or some flattering jeans. My second pick is ,these cute black booties with a slight heel. They are very similar to the booties I have on in the pic above(so sad they don’t have them anymore). But these are a very good alternative if you like the style. You really can’t go wrong with a black simple booties. You can wear them all fall long! For my last pick I just had to add these. I mean how sexy are these!! I can picture these red sexy booties with a hot pair of jeans, with a black body suit and some red lips, YASSS! I would also wear these with a dress. Tis the season for Booties, LOL!

Well I hope you ladies liked this post, I know some of us Mama’s don’t have much time to shop like we’d like. I want to try to make it a little easier. I hope these help! All items have been linked! Hope you lovelies have a blessed week!

XO Lisa


Rocker chic

Rocker chic

Hello Ladies!! It’s been hard for me to sit down and put out a blog post this week. The news these days just has me feeling really sad. All I want to do is spend time with my babies and keep calling my family to hear their voices. All these awful natural disasters have me feeling nervous and sad. But I wanted to try to get back to my routine and the one of the things I love to do is write in my blog! So let’s get started.

This past weekend we went on a mini getaway to Vegas. It’s a place we like to go to getaway. My in-laws love it so we usually head out with them. We do take the kiddos so it’s not like a crazy Vegas weekend, Lol! I don’t think I can even handle those kind of Vegas trips anymore! My oldest sat this trip out. He didn’t want to miss school. My responsible 13-year-old! It was nice. We chilled or as Breaker says “Chill-ax!”  I did want to say if you’re heading out to Vegas soon, you need to stop at The seven Magic Mountains. It’s about 30 minutes before you get to Vegas, not at all out-of-the-way. Such a great photo opt and just so beautiful to see in person!

So you all saw my T-shirt dress style post, Lol! I mentioned that I had a few ways I would wear this dress. Well here is another way I would style this dress. I feel like it looked so different this way. I just threw on a favorite motorcycle jacket and some cute little booties. I added some red lips and a detailed cross over purse and it turned out to be a cute rocker chic outfit. I would totally wear this on a trip to the city to grab some drinks with friends. I love this jacket it will make anything look cool! These booties reminded me of an 80’s style so I had to have them. I will link a similar pair since I bought these over 2 years ago! This cute cross body bag is from target, Yes ladies! Target is really stepping up on their accessory game! So Fall time I just love the dark lips. Summer time I keep to pinks,nudes and clear gloss. But Fall time it’s all about the dark lips! I’ll be putting up a post soon on my favorite dark lip colors for fall!


Hope you Ladies liked this cute simple rocker chic outfit! I had a lot of fun doing this look! Have a great weekend!

Mexico esta en mis oraciones y corazon

XO Lisa