Smorgasburg LA / 11 month blog update

Smorgasburg LA / 11 month blog update

Hello ladies! How are you all doing? I’m over here just getting ready for my boys to be off and turn my days upside down, LOL! My oldest has his culmination today. He will officially be a high school kid. I’m so proud of him. We hit some bumps in the road this year , but he managed to get passed them and he will be off to 9th grade. Let me tell you all raising a teenager isn’t easy. I mean we were all teenagers once. But that doesn’t mean we know how to raise one. I’m learning along with him and I just pray his high school years are great!

Today I wanted to share our trip to Smorgasburg LA this past weekend. We had been wanting to try it for sometime now. And we finally planned it out and went. Of course my family had to go on Donut Day. If you don’t know about this Event. It takes place every Sunday in Downtown LA. They have an instagram and yelp. It’s basically over 60 food pop ups that are all pretty unique and great. Some have actual restaraunts and some are just trucks. We walked around to get a good look at what they had. It can be overwhelming, because there are so many options. So before I show you what we ate, I’m going to give you a few tips if you plan on going.

  1. Try to watch some You tube videos on Smorgasburg LA, we did this after and wished we had done it before to give us an idea of what to try.
  2. If you go with a few people try to get different things so you can try a little bit of everything.
  3. Take water
  4. They have a beer garden so if you want to drink don’t take the kids.
  5. GO hungry


My kids aren’t so adventurous with food yet so we kept it simple since we took them with us. We first had some delicious burritos from Burritos La Palma. They actually have a restaurant in El Monte highly recommend.


Next we tried a taco from Baohaus this was so delicious. The hubs and I tried this one with fried chicken. They also have a pork belly one we will try next time.


I had never had Mango sticky rice, Ya I know crazy. So it was a must to try. I liked it but I think I’ll stick to just mango and tajin. I’ll leave sweet rice to Arroz con leche.


David loves churros so he tried Churro Boss. You can get toppings and ice cream added to the delicious churros. He got cinnamon toast crunch. I thought they were delicious.


And you can’t go on Donut day without getting a donut. Breaker kept it OG and got a chocolate sprinkle from Donut friend. They had a lot of Donut options that day but the lines were a little long especially for the Side car doughnuts, that I wanted to try. I guess I’ll be taking a trip to Santa Monica to try!


I say check it out if you haven’t, it was cool and we will be back. I think minus the kids, LOL!


11 Month blog update! So I can’t tell you how proud I am. I’ve been consistent for 11 whole months. I won’t go into too much since I’m going to have my one year next month.  I want to leave more for that post. All I can say is I’m not giving it up. It’s not getting any easier, but I’m learning more and ready to put more and more into my blog. I feel this first year has been my learning experience. I’m ready to possibly make something more out of my blog. I have faith in myself and I’m proud. That’s all that matters.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and great weekend. Till next post.

XO Lisa


Surviving Summer Break

Surviving Summer Break

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. My weekend was nice nothing crazy. I’ve never been one to travel during holidays. I’d rather stay home during the busy weekends.

So with that said. We have summer break with the kiddos fast approaching. I’m sure all us stay at home moms are so excited, LOL! Ok enough jokes. Let’s get serious. I’ve come up with a few things that will help me keep sane and I’m hoping this will help you out too.

Ways to survive summer break!

  1. Remember to stay stocked on snacks. During spring break just a week, I felt I was in the kitchen all day. My boys want to eat constantly. I will pre-pack snacks in the fridge for the week. Like fruit and small bites. Things they can just grab if they get hungry. I think if I pre-pack healthier snack this will limit the junk food that’s always easier to grab. I also plan on making lunch and dinner menus for the week so I’m not stuck in the kitchen wondering what to feed them.
  2. Assign Daily chores. And yes I will even make my 4-year-old do this. I think it’s important to keep them helping around the house. I hate to see them be so lazy. I’ll be making a monthly list of things they need to get done everyday. I will reward them by letting them pick an activity for the week or favorite treat.
  3. Keep them active. I exercise everyday. So I plan on making them walk or get some kind of exercise. Riding bikes, riding skateboard etc.
  4. Make them read. I’ve really slacked off on this with my older son in the past. But I’ve made a promise to myself that I will make it happen for all of us even myself. I will be taking a trip to the bookstore so we can all pick out a book. I’m excited about this one because I haven’t had time to read a book in a long time. I’m trying to set the example.
  5. Getting outdoors everyday. This is important. Kids these days stay inside due to technology. I’ve spruced up my porch so we can all sit outside and eat a snack outside everyday. No phones or iPad allowed!

These are my 5 major things I want to enforce So mommy and the kids don’t go crazy!

I’ve also listed a few places will venture out to this summer 

  1. kids space -$13 for ages 1+ – This is more for my 4-year-old but my oldest is a trooper.
  2. Natural History museum -Adults $12 kids $9
  3. California Science center-free unless it’s a special exhibit
  4. LACMA- free for LA residents after 3pm
  5. movies since my 4-year-old can sit through them now
  6. Beach-mostly on weekends so daddy can come
  7. Palm springs -family getaway
  8. Santa Monica Pier

These are just a few that I’ve looked up that are good for Mamas on a budget or just cool places in LA. I’ve lived in LA all my life and California has so many cool spots to visit. Even if it’s a drive a nice road trip is always a good idea.


Happy Summer Break MAMAS! Remember we are all in this together. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Meet my Family!

Meet my Family!

Hello beauties! Hope you all are doing well! And I hope all the Mamas out there had a very special Mother’s Day. I’ve been feeling a little torn these last weeks. I want to bring you all great content and sometimes life needs a little more attention so my mind gets a creative block. I want to start bringing you all more personal content. I really like sharing new styles and new beauty finds. But these are not always my priority. I want to share more mom life. I love to hear other Mom’s stories. I learn and feel not so alone when I read or hear other mom’s talk. Like I said before I write as if I’m talking to my best gal friends. I’m hoping you all follow along.


So today I thought it was time to formally introduce you to my family. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while. And thought this was perfect timing. We are a family of 4. I’d like to say a cool Modern family.


First I’d like to introduce you to my fiancé Carlos. I know when I talk about him I say Hubby. Because in my eyes he’s my hubby. We just haven’t yet walked down the aisle .But we’ve walked over the threshold. We will one day walk the down the aisle. Right now we are enjoying life. We met about 9 years ago. He was a really good friend before we got together. From Day one he’s made me laugh. We have so much in common , but at the same time so different so it makes it so fun. I’m pretty sure I drive him crazy. But he also drives me crazy. Never a dull moment with us. He’s been such a great step-daddy to David. And the love Breaker and him have is so beautiful to see. He is such a great daddy to Breaker. I know in my heart I was supposed to meet him when I did. He truly is my soul-mate.


Now I would like to introduce my kids. David is my oldest he’s 14. David has taught me how to be a mom. David is such a kind soul. His heart is so genuine and I love calling him my son. He’s in 8th grade about to be in high school. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. He’s more shy so that’s why he’s not in so many pictures. But he’s with us. David truly is a great son and brother. Breaker is my second baby. He’s 4 and you all are more familiar with him since he’s my fashion side kick. Breaker is our little sunshine. There was a point in my life that I didn’t think I would have another child. I Thank God for him everyday. He’s the crazy in our house. He’s the one that keeps us all on our toes. Big brother has a lot of patience with him. Being they are 10 years apart they still do have a cute relationship. I feel so good that Breaker has David as a big brother to look up to. These 2 boys are my everything. I live for them.


My family is so special to me and I love every minute with them. I love being a mom and love sharing memories with Carlos. They have all taught me how to be myself. I can be silly with Carlos, I can be that annoying mom to my David and my buddy Breaker is my mini me. Being the only girl in the house has its plus. I mean I don’t have to share my shoes, LOL! Would we like to expand our family of course. Will we, Only God knows. But for now I love my perfect little family.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting my boys! Till next post.

XO  Lisa


10 month blog update/life update

10 month blog update/life update

Hello my beautiful ladies! Today I wanted to give you all a blog update and life update. If you’re new to my blog. Every month I’ve written a blog update. I wanted to have my first year in blogging documented not only for myself to go back and see my growth, but for others that are thinking about starting a blog.

So today is exactly 10 months since my first post. I still get butterflies when I hit the post button. No matter what or how long I do this. I think I’ll always feel a little nervous posting. With the worry of will people read, will people like the post, will people think I’m lame, LOL! You know all the worries I shouldn’t have. As my blogging journey continues, I’m learning so much and loving every minute of it.  Blogging has helped me step out of my mom routine to use my creative side and talk about things I love. I try to stay as true to myself in all my blog post and my instagram post. It hasn’t been easy, I honestly commend all the bloggers that have been in the game for years. I have learned the most important rule of blogging is consistency. Don’t give up keep posting content. Don’t post just to post. Make sure you post something worth reading and looking at. I don’t have time to waste and I don’t think my readers do to. So when I’m getting ready to post I really put my heart in all post. They honestly come from my true self. When I’m writing I put myself in a space talking to my good friends.

What to expect from my blog. I plan to bring more Family life to my Blog. Because that’s my life. I found myself getting a little stressed and giving myself anxiety just trying to think of what fashion post to put up or what’s the news styles we all need to have. I mean don’t get me wrong , I will still post about fashion and the coolest styles. But I will add more family moments and family talk to my blog. I can’t wait and Believe me it won’t be boring. I really hope you all follow along my blogging journey because I’m not stopping anytime soon!


Life update! Well I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately. I haven’t felt like this in a really long time. It’s getting better. I work out twice a day just to relieve the anxiety. I haven’t pin pointed the cause. But it will get better. I have to keep telling myself to slow down and breathe. I think Mom life can get a little overwhelming for all. If you experience anxiety just slow down and really focus on you. I really feel exercising helps.

On a brighter note. I have something super exciting coming later this year. And let me tell you after summer break with the kiddos home and back to school madness. This upcoming adventure will be so needed. I will be attending my lovely cousins wedding in Punta Cana. My kids and hubby will not be going. SO that’s major for me. I haven’t left my breaker ever. So when i decided to go I had so many thoughts in my head. You know the mom guilt. But I really am so happy to be going for my cousin. I get to enjoy some R&R with my family. My mom included, I’m so excited. And believe me follow me on instagram because I will for sure be posting there. I’ll be posting a packing guide for the blog right before. It will be destination wedding packing. And I’ll be posting a recap of my vacay after. So please stay tuned to what I have in store for

I love all of you that take the time to read my post. And appreciate the sweet comments. Thank you thank you. Means the world to me. Till next post.

XO Lisa


Loving myself at 39

Loving myself at 39

Hello my Beautiful friends! Today is a special post. Today I turned 39 and I couldn’t be more proud of my age. I was born April 6 ,1979 to my Mother Guadalupe. And she’s very much important to this post as I am.  My parents divorced when I was pretty young so my reason of being who I am is because of my mom. Growing up in a single parent home was not always easy, But I have to say it was the best thing for my family. It was a house full of girls. My mom and my 2 sisters. My mom’s priority were her daughters. Nothing else mattered. My mom till this day is single. At times I feel bad for her decision to not date. But I’m also thankful for her decision. My mom is the sweetest person you can meet. I remember as kids we would be in a grocery store and she would smile and wave at someone, My sisters and I would say “do you know them?” her response ” No, but they smiled at me” As a kid I was like how embarrassing. But now I think how wonderful that was. I can go on and on about my mom. I love her more than words can say.


The #1 thing that makes me feel blessed at 39 is, I finally know who I am. I love that I finally feel good with who I am and what I have. I focus on my family and I’m enjoying every minute I have with them. I know from experience and age that once you find happiness with yourself everything else in your life will be just as great. We all have struggles in life, But the most important thing to remember is that we only have one life to live. So make it a good one.


The #2 reason is I finally love all of me. Even my flaws. Our flaws are what make us unique. I don’t walk around with the perfect body, but damn this body gave birth to 2 wonderful kids. So for that I love my body. This body gets things done everyday. I have legs that can get me around, I have arms that allow me to hug my family tight. I have eyes that can see everyday so clear. This body is what makes me me! The importance of self-love is way further than just the outside it’s what’s inside that counts more.

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Reason #3 is Confidence. I leave this last because without the other 2 you won’t find it. I didn’t always have the confidence I have now. Growing up I was as shy as they come. I didn’t like to speak up, I didn’t like attention on me. My confidence was pretty low. I was happy with just blending in. Now, I mean I’m not shouting at the roof tops , but if I need to speak up for myself I do. Becoming a mom really boosted up my confidence. I am their protector. I think about my mom she did it alone for 3 girls. I’m lucky I have my fiancé that is so supportive. That gives me the confidence I need. Confidence is not about being better than anyone. It’s about being a strong, kind and loving person. I have the confidence to give a stranger a smile rather than looking down. I have the confidence to stand up for something I don’t think is right. And with that I’m grateful for my age because without the journey to get to 39 I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I hope you all liked this post. I enjoyed writing it very much. Cheers to another year of life! Till next post.

XO Lisa


8 month Blog update, life update

8 month Blog update, life update

Hello my Beauties! Happy first week of March! Yesterday marked a month till my Birthday. I have a post coming at you on my Birthday. I will be talking about getting older  and how I feel about it. So stay tuned.

As most of you know I update every month around the 1st on my blog. I started July 1, 2017. That was the date of my very first post and the day my Blog went Live. I will give a monthly update until my one year!

So for today It’s not about the pretty pictures, the cute clothes, the pretty makeup or the best new hair product. Today is about being real. If you are new to my Blog, I am a stay at home mom. I have been for the last 4 years. I have to say it’s not the easiest thing to do. I was always used to getting up going to work and being the best I can in the office. I’d come home and do what I had to do for David(my oldest) and my day would be done. I mean don’t get me wrong working mom’s don’t have it easy, No way!  I had my days that I wished I could stay home with my son. So now that I have the chance to stay home with Breaker(my second son) sometimes I wish I worked, LOL!

My days consist of waking up at 6am to get my oldest son up and ready for school. I drive him to school, come home and most of the days start my daily routine. Which is cleaning, laundry oh gosh never-ending laundry, LOL! I squeeze in a at home workout because it helps with my energy and just makes me feel good. My days are mostly in the kitchen, prepping lunch for Breaker and I. And starting dinner prep. I pick up David from school and finish dinner. I like to feed the kids by 5:30. I will most likely eat and clean up the dinner mess. Once the Hubs gets home from work, I will warm up his dinner and most likely finally take a shower. By this time it’s about 8pm. Everyone’s fed and the dinner mess is clean and I finally sit down for the day. Like really sometimes I don’t sit down till 8-8:30. Breaker does go to school two days a week for 3 hours each day. So those day’s I use to run my errands like target, market etc. On the fun days when he’s at school I get me a Mani and Pedi. Those are the best. I’m not complaining at all, I’m super lucky I get to stay home with my kids. But I bow down to all the stay at home Moms out there! I honestly bow down to all moms! Mom life is the best life but it’s not the easiest.

Now that’s real! Now to the blog update. I can’t say how proud I am of myself to have kept up with it for this long. My blog has been like therapy for me. Getting to take all those pretty pictures. Getting dressed up and putting makeup on feels so good. I live in work out gear and no makeup, So photo days are great. It’s therapy for me because it gives me something to look forward to on a weekly basis. I love putting new content up and sharing things with you all. On the daily I’m with my 4-year-old that all we talk about are trucks and toys. My teenager most of the time doesn’t want to talk. So having my blog I get to talk to you all once a week. I love that so much. I’ve gotten a better system when it comes to my blog and photos. I try to plan out at least 3 months of blog work so that I’m always working ahead of time. Sometimes I have writers block, Like what am I going to write. But like I said I love to share so I just try to keep it as real as I can. I want you to read my Blog and feel like we are talking over a cup of coffee. I’m trying my best and it brings me joy. I appreciate all of my blog followers, IG followers and all the comments left on my blog post so much. I truly feel so motivated by those comments.

Sending you all positive vibes and to all those stay at home Mamas, Cheers to being Bad ass! My working Mamas you guys rock! And the most precious to me because I was raised by one. The single Mamas doing it all, I think you ladies are the most amazing ever! Love you all. Till next post!

XO Lisa

Easy Pizza Recipe

Easy Pizza Recipe

Hello Beauties! I hope you ladies are having a great week. Can you all believe that we are already done with the first month of 2018, WOW! I have a pretty busy February, So I know it will go pretty fast. All good things and some fun things to look forward to. Is anyone a little lost with fashion as I am right now, LOL? I mean winter in LA is not winter. I’m ready for spring looks. Which I can’t wait to bring some fun spring looks to the blog!

Today’s post is not fashion, but I thought what better time in honor of super bowl being this Sunday. I will share my very easy yummy pizza recipe. I’ve been making this pizza for over a year now. It’s become a favorite in my home. My boys love it. I actually prefer my pizza over take out. Not to mention all the ingredients cost about $16 to make two! It’s a treat on a Friday for the boys!

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For the ingredients I get everything at Trader Joe’s. The only things I get at a super market are the diced tomatoes, Garlic salt and oregano leaves. Only because it’s usually on my Vons shopping list so I always have them in my pantry. So pretty convenient to run into Trader Joe’s and grab everything. Funny thought if you are a regular at trader Joe’s I bet convenience isn’t always the case, LOL! Is it me or is the parking always Crazy!

First I prep the dough, I always open the bag and let it breath for about 20-30 minutes before I pull it out to roll! Once that’s done I prep my counter with flour and I roll dough to form a pizza. It’s pretty easy as long as you keep the flour well-distributed to avoid it from sticking. Once I have my dough all formed to how I like it. I rub a little olive oil on my pizza sheet and place the dough.

Second it’s time for sauce. This is pretty simple but I’m telling you it’s good. All I do is squeeze tomato paste and spread it all over. I don’t buy tomato paste in the can anymore I love it in the tube, So convenient. Once that’s done I toss diced tomatoes all over. I make sure the liquid is left out. So drain them first. I sprinkle garlic salt all over and oregano leaves. This I just sprinkle to my liking. Try not to be to heavy with the garlic salt. I do love oregano so I am a little heavy with it. Sauce done!

Third step time for the best part the cheese and toppings. We all like a cheesy pizza here at my house, so I’m not shy with the cheese. Sprinkle all that yummy cheese all over. I use Mozzarella but you can use any cheese that you like.  The pepperoni that I’ve been using are so delicious. They really add a great taste to the Pizza. For this one I added pineapple on one side because Mommy likes it. But you can add whatever yummy toppings you like. That’s the fun part of making pizza at home.

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Lastly put that yummy pizza in the oven! I just follow the baking instructions on the bag so be sure to save it after you take your dough out. In about 12-15 minutes you will have a yummy pizza that your family will enjoy.

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Would be perfect for a super bowl party for everyone to enjoy! Hope you ladies enjoyed this post. I hope you try it out and love it as much as we do. Till next post.

XO Lisa

baking sheets- TJ MAX

dough roller-Anthropologie