Easy Pizza Recipe

Easy Pizza Recipe

Hello Beauties! I hope you ladies are having a great week. Can you all believe that we are already done with the first month of 2018, WOW! I have a pretty busy February, So I know it will go pretty fast. All good things and some fun things to look forward to. Is anyone a little lost with fashion as I am right now, LOL? I mean winter in LA is not winter. I’m ready for spring looks. Which I can’t wait to bring some fun spring looks to the blog!

Today’s post is not fashion, but I thought what better time in honor of super bowl being this Sunday. I will share my very easy yummy pizza recipe. I’ve been making this pizza for over a year now. It’s become a favorite in my home. My boys love it. I actually prefer my pizza over take out. Not to mention all the ingredients cost about $16 to make two! It’s a treat on a Friday for the boys!

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For the ingredients I get everything at Trader Joe’s. The only things I get at a super market are the diced tomatoes, Garlic salt and oregano leaves. Only because it’s usually on my Vons shopping list so I always have them in my pantry. So pretty convenient to run into Trader Joe’s and grab everything. Funny thought if you are a regular at trader Joe’s I bet convenience isn’t always the case, LOL! Is it me or is the parking always Crazy!

First I prep the dough, I always open the bag and let it breath for about 20-30 minutes before I pull it out to roll! Once that’s done I prep my counter with flour and I roll dough to form a pizza. It’s pretty easy as long as you keep the flour well-distributed to avoid it from sticking. Once I have my dough all formed to how I like it. I rub a little olive oil on my pizza sheet and place the dough.

Second it’s time for sauce. This is pretty simple but I’m telling you it’s good. All I do is squeeze tomato paste and spread it all over. I don’t buy tomato paste in the can anymore I love it in the tube, So convenient. Once that’s done I toss diced tomatoes all over. I make sure the liquid is left out. So drain them first. I sprinkle garlic salt all over and oregano leaves. This I just sprinkle to my liking. Try not to be to heavy with the garlic salt. I do love oregano so I am a little heavy with it. Sauce done!

Third step time for the best part the cheese and toppings. We all like a cheesy pizza here at my house, so I’m not shy with the cheese. Sprinkle all that yummy cheese all over. I use Mozzarella but you can use any cheese that you like.  The pepperoni that I’ve been using are so delicious. They really add a great taste to the Pizza. For this one I added pineapple on one side because Mommy likes it. But you can add whatever yummy toppings you like. That’s the fun part of making pizza at home.

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Lastly put that yummy pizza in the oven! I just follow the baking instructions on the bag so be sure to save it after you take your dough out. In about 12-15 minutes you will have a yummy pizza that your family will enjoy.

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Would be perfect for a super bowl party for everyone to enjoy! Hope you ladies enjoyed this post. I hope you try it out and love it as much as we do. Till next post.

XO Lisa

baking sheets- TJ MAX

dough roller-Anthropologie

Couple Goals

Couple Goals

Hello beauties! Hope you all are having a great week so far! So who else is slowly getting into their fitness goals?! It’s been a struggle the last couple of days to stay on track. Sometimes Motherhood is exhausting, I don’t even want to work out. I’ve been pushing myself everyday to do a workout. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. I’ve been obsessed with The fitness Marshall on YouTube. It’s basically 3-4 minute dance workouts. Take a look and try them out! I’m also super excited, I have some fun blog post coming up. Cute outfit inspo for Valentine’s Day, some cute spring looks and more. I’m also going to have a fun pizza recipe that takes 30 minutes to prep and bake. The kids love it! So please if you’re not already subscribed please do so! And thank you for stopping over on Stylesencillo.

So let’s get started, LOL! My little one says this all the time. Today’s post is pretty much a vision of what the hubby and I would love our year to be like as a couple. Sometimes with life, work, kids our relationship gets put on the back burner. And that can create some tension. For the most part we are pretty good together handling everything around the house and with the kids. I do stay home for my kids. I’m very fortunate, that I can do so. He is at work full-time Monday through Friday. Most of our free time is to be as a family. And that is one thing that is very important. But after 4 years ( since Breakers birth) I’m ready to re-kindle our relationship. We did vision boards on what our goals are  for a healthy year as a couple.

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My vision of a healthy year together would be to communicate. Which I found a phrase that said “Be completely honest about your desires” I think this is truly important. We as parents are so exhausted. I think being honest about needing a Break or even some sexy time. It’s ok to say it, I have a problem where I feel he can read my mind. I need to be better at expressing myself for what my needs are. Another phrase I liked was MOVE FORWARD, focus on what’s ahead not what’s behind us. I would also like more PASSION. He might kill me for saying this, LOL. But I love kissing and touching before sexy time and he has a joke that he tells me about that. He knows what it is. But I would love more passion. It never gets old. I would also like more Date nights. I love to hear music and Dance. He loves music it’s one of the things we love together. So for sure more date nights. My last one I will talk about is the phrase HIT REFRESH, and I’ll admit I don’t think he gets that much of this one. I’ve made it a point to go shopping alone, nails done, or whatever I have planned for me. I think time apart alone is also good. We all need to Refresh. He is already so good about this one, He encourages me to get out and enjoy me time. So this year I hope he does it also. It really does help. Sharing a little without giving all my dirty laundry out, LOL! So to conclude I would love for us to communicate honestly about needs, add some spice to life, plan more date nights and refresh! Parenting is hard and most important thing to good parenting is making sure Mom and Dad are in it together. Love you Babe! XO

His Vision Board was a little more Rated R, LOL! But we both have the same goal. Number one is to spend more time together alone. It’s difficult with kids, but it’s what we will work on. So hopefully more date nights this year. Hope you all enjoyed this short and personal post. Till next post!

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XO Lisa


Winter pink:6 month blog update

Winter pink:6 month blog update

Happy New Year Ladies! Wow 2018, I seriously can’t believe it. 2017, seriously went so fast. It really got me thinking,  I need to be more in the moment. Which brings me to today’s post. First, I wanted to share a cute simple winterish outfit. Here in LA we don’t see much winter but it gets chilly for a cute statement coat, sweater etc. But I also wanted to give an update for my blog which I’ve done every month since I started. This month happens to be half a year already. I also wanted to share my New Year Goals.


So if you live in LA, you know we don’t see much Winter. But I’m such an outerwear fan. I love coats, chunky sweaters and cute jackets. This outfit is perfect for a chillier day out in LA, hence the open toe shoes. So if you live where you actually get winter you can totally rock some cute booties with this outfit too. My faux fur bomber is from forever 21. I love it. Such a cozy jacket. My jeans seriously, I pretty much wear them in all my post, LOL! I’m so picky with jeans. I can’t wear anything uncomfortable. These are the most comfiest jeans ever. They are from Zara. My tank is from Target. I have so many colors. They are perfect for under sweaters and jackets. I’ll be for sure wearing them in the warmer days just like that with some shorts and skirts. The quality in this tank is really good and only $8. My shoes are older from Aldo. A staple every lady should own. A simple nude and black strap heel.

Now on to my blog update. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. I’m so proud of myself. If you’ve kept up with my monthly update you know it hasn’t been easy. But I’m so happy I’ve made it this far. I’m having fun posting for you ladies. I’m keeping it up and I already have up to March planned out. My goal for my blog is to continue to grow and eventually land collaborations with great companies. I’m also going to be adding more looks on my Instagram. Posting multiple looks on Instagram can get difficult. I’m pretty busy during the week with the kids and I don’t always have someone to take my pictures on random days. But my goal is to add more looks. I promise ladies, I will be sharing some good content. So stick with me.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few Goals I have for the New year. I won’t be sharing my personal vision board. But I’m doing something fun with the hubby. We are making a couple’s vision board on things we would like from each other throughout the year. And will be sharing that on my blog post for January 17 so stay tuned, It should be a funny one. The first and most important is to be more in the moment with life. These years are flying by. My goal is to slow down. I’m always rushing on the daily. I’m sure you Mamas know this. So I’m going to be more prepared for the days so I’m not rushing. Another goal  is for my health. I hate the word Diet. But after you pass 35, I feel like you have to really watch what you eat. I’ve always been pretty good with not passing a certain weight. But this year, I want to feel healthy and look better for myself. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t just make you look good, it helps with your mind and energy. And that is why eating healthy and exercising on the regular is a goal. My last goal I’ll share is to take more mini family vacations. We want to take a big vacation soon but it most likely won’t be this year. So this year, I want to do as many mini ones that our budget allows. Be a little more spontaneous is the Goal.

Well that’s it, my first Post of 2018. I hope you ladies enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and my family. Till next post.


XO Lisa

jeans- similar 


Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello ladies! I hope you all are doing wonderful. I think we all are trying to fight off or avoid getting this cold going around. My Breaker caught it, I hate when my boys are sick. My oldest I call him Iron Man, knock on wood, he never gets sick. Breaker was a trooper he was still smiling and fighting it. I can’t believe Christmas is just 2 weeks away. Crazy how fast this year went.

So with that, Today I’m going to give all of you and myself a last-minute shopping guide. I have some options for just about everyone on your list. I always say I’m going to get shopping done early and that never happens. So yes I’m the one at the mall on Christmas Eve.


First guide is for a special lady in your life, Mom, sister, friend. This is for the more cozy mama that loves to be home. I absolutely love receiving pajamas, I mean I don’t really ever buy them for myself. Everyone needs a robe and the best gift for this cozy warm lady would be a nice coffee machine.


Second guide would be the fashionista. I think a great gift is Outerwear. It’s something some of us don’t always invest in. I think as a gift we all would appreciate it. Another gift that most fashion girls like, Would be a cute name brand wallet or card holder. I love Kate spade her style of accessories are so adorable for that fashionista in your life. That also won’t break the bank.


Third guide would be a favorite of mine. Where are all my makeup lover gals at?! I think with Youtube tutorials and all the fabulous makeup brands out there. Makeup is a great gift. I also added a perfume and came across this adorable hello kitty Rose bottle. If you want to make your girl happy I think this one is the one!


Fourth guide is for the special Man in your life dad, brother, husband, boyfriend. I think we all get a little frustrated when shopping for Men. Some men are so hard. I came up with a few, that most men will like and a nice variety. I also checked with the hubby to make sure these were all Men approved!


Fifth guide is for those teenagers that we all are like WTH do we give them. I have my teen that can be hard but for me he tells me what he wants. But if we are gifting a relative or friends kids. It can be hard. I know some people frown on gift cards, but I sure love them. These two are probably the most popular for teens. No kid likes to spend money on their own food, Lol!


Sixth Guide would be for those little people that we call Toddlers! So these can be either easy or hard. For me as a mom of a toddler, I don’t care for so many toys. My hubby says I’m the Grinch, LOL! But most have so many toys already. I thought these options were pretty good. Like I said before Outerwear is a great gift because most don’t buy it. When i shop for little ones. I always gift a clothing item and a small toy. So that way Mommy and baby are happy. I love Melissa and Doug toys, The wood toys I think are cute for room display as well.

I really hope you ladies and gentlemen found this post helpful! I know I’m using this gift guide for my last-minute shopping! Below I’ll leave links to all the stores I found these great gifts from! Happy shopping! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Cozy – Victoria secret and Target

Fashionista –forever 21 and Kate spade

makeup- Ulta and Hello kitty

Men- Nordtrom

Teenagers- Urban and In n Out

Toddlers- target and Baby gap

Chocolate chip cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies!

Hello Ladies! My first Post for December! This is my version of 25 days of Christmas,LOL! All of December I’ll have holiday post. I hope you all checked out my easy holiday makeup look! Next week I’ll be giving all the last minute shoppers a gift guide for everyone on your list! And I have some really fun chic Holiday looks coming as well! So stay tuned and give me a follow!

Today I have my very first Blog recipe. I’m planning to do more of these, So let me know if you all will like this! I love to cook and bake but I don’t really do recipes that call for so many ingredients. I’m the type that if I find a recipe I look at the ingredients, if i don’t have 90% of them I won’t make it! Most of my recipes if they aren’t family traditions, I find them always on Pinterest. This one I’m about to do is from Pinterest that I found over 4 years ago. Shout out to Barely adapted from Anna Olson food network Canada for sharing it on Pinterest!

So if you’ve ever tried a chocolate chip cookie recipe and your cookies came out looking like flat pancakes or hard as a rock. Don’t fear I got you! This cookie recipe will not disappoint. You will have Mrs. Fields looking cookies in less than 30 minutes.



3/4 c. unsalted butter softened

3/4 c. brown sugar

1/4 c. granulated sugar

1 Egg

2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 c. all purpose flour

2 tsp. cornstarch

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. salt

1 c. chocolate chips ( your preference milk, dark or even peanut butter)


  1. preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer or regular bowl with electric mixer, Cream together butter and sugars until fluffy and light in color. Add Egg and vanilla and blend.
  3. Mix in flour, cornstarch,baking soda and salt. blend and mix in chocolate chips.
  4. If you have a cookie scoop or tablespoon drop dough onto baking sheet. Remember to always use baking spray or what I like to use is parchment paper, way easier and less mess.
  5. Bake for 8-10 minutes, until golden brown on edges. Note the tops will not brown and no longer than 10 minutes.

Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom

I’m telling you these will be a hit! My kids love them. I also give them out for christmas to neighbors, friends and loved ones. I did share 3 different ways you can wrap your cookies up to give them out to share! Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you end up baking these delicious cookies! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! Till next post.

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XO Lisa

All Christmas goodie bags purchased at Target and ingredients.

kitchen Aide stand mixer ( this is on sale and a great gift for that Baker in Your life)

My Pregnancy Story

My Pregnancy Story

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. Today’s post I’m taking you back a little. I’ve been wanting to share my “not so easy” pregnancy story. And figured I would wait until the week of Breaker’s 4th Birthday. So yes I’m taking you back a little over 4 years ago. I promise it won’t be long, Lol!

With my first-born I was 25 so my pregnancy for him was pretty smooth. Life happens and sometimes things go in other directions. I was a single Mom for a while and with all that I was taking on. Deep down I always knew I wanted another baby. I didn’t want David my older son to be an only child. I love my siblings and I wanted to give him that love. Sparks flew and I met my guy. I knew he would be my baby daddy, Lol! After 3 years of dating I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, happy so many emotions. I told him the news once I gathered my feelings. I knew I was most likely about 6 weeks but I was also spotting. So I call my Dr and he saw me right away and sent me to get blood work. I can’t say enough nice things about my Dr he was amazing. I had to get blood work every 2 days because he wanted to make sure my HCG levels were going up. That already was nerve wrecking. I was terrified. In the midst of this we were moving into our new place. The only upside is Dr didn’t want me lifting anything so I was able to watch the packing and unpacking. So I’m 7 going on 8 weeks and It’s Easter morning our first morning in our new place. We are at Home depot and I had to walk out because I couldn’t even stand I panicked. We drove home and I laid down for a bit. But I knew something was wrong. We rush to ER and it’s the waiting game because they aren’t sure what’s going on. I had like 3 ultrasounds and no one is telling me anything. Finally they come in and say they think I have an appendicitis. I freaked out! They admitted me and at this point I just want to sleep. Next morning it’s Monday so a full team was there. I had to get an MRI because they wanted to get a better look. At that time I was an employee there so I got excellent service. After the MRI My Dr comes in and tells me, first he gave me good news that my HCG levels were going up just fine. So that made me happy. But the bad news is they found a cyst in my left Ovary. Pretty much I had to stay in the hospital another night just to monitor. After getting home I was off of work for a week.

So now what. We go in to see my Dr and he tells me the bad news. I have to get the cyst removed. Because of the risk so early on my pregnancy, we had to wait until I was 17 weeks to have the surgery. I’m hearing this, I’m understanding it all but for some reason I was numb to it all. I go on with my life. A few weeks in between surgery date I had a lot of pain so I would be put on bed rest right away. The thing was the cyst was growing so  it would interfere with the babies growth, So that’s why surgery was a must.

So it’s surgery day. I can’t even tell you what was going on in my mind. I was just so happy to be pregnant. I already knew baby was a boy, I was in love. Imagine being told complications can arise and I could go into labor or cyst would be so bad that I would have to get ovaries removed. All of this was being told to me and again My mind was numb. I had faith that this baby would be just fine. Surgery is done I’m in recovery. All I remember is Dr over my bed saying everything went well, I’ll send the nurse to check for babies heart beat. When that Beautiful angel of a nurse came over to me and said Dr. C sent me now lets hear that heart beat. I didn’t even care the pain I was in I wanted to hear that heart beat. The minute I heard that beautiful sound I was so relieved. It was the best sound. I wish I could have bottled it up and saved it forever. I was in the hospital for a few days, recovery was tough being that I was cut open and my belly was still growing. I walked really slow for a very long time. So after that I took care of myself you better believe I acted like my belly was glass. Cyst ended up being as big as an orange and Dr saved my ovaries, he just had to pull out my left fallopian tube. I can live with that.


4 years later our little Breaker has been our Angel. He has the best big brother and the love they have is what makes me happy. The bond I have with this little boy is so precious. He’s my little rock. To end this post I just want to say I believe the faith I had and the amount of love I had for this unborn child helped me get through this. The numb feeling I had been having was me keeping my faith and staying positive.  To all the soon to be Mamas Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest! Pregnancy is a blessing, A child is a miracle. Till next post lovelies.


XO Lisa


4 month blog update

4 month blog update

Hi Hermosas! I hope all you lovely ladies are doing well! So anyone on a Candy high, LOL! I took on a challenge with my sister that started this week. So No carbs for 3 weeks. I’m like great no candy for me! But it’s ok I’ll be good for Thanksgiving! I can’t believe Halloween came and went so fast. I’m looking forward to the Holidays to come. We are off to visit my mom up North for Thanksgiving, So I’m pretty excited. I have a few Holiday blog post coming up, So stay tuned! Grab a cup Coffee and read my 4 month update!

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Today I wanted to give you all an update on my Blog adventure. So it’s now 4 months since my first post. Every month I do get discouraged. But the fact that I love doing this, Really helps me get past that feeling. Blogging can be challenging. Trying to keep up with trends and Blog post that will be worth reading. Things like that. I love giving you all great Blogs and useful tips. I would love to hear from you all and let me know if there is anything you would like to know more of or see on my Blog. I decided last month that I would really focus more on mommy blogging. Because it’s what I am and what is most important to me. Of course giving you some cute styles for the busy mom and ideas for kids fashion. Something I have to keep telling myself is not to compare myself to others and not to be so hard on myself. I feel like it was making me really sad. The hubby is so proud of what I’m doing even though this is not a job where I get paid. At least not yet but it’s my goal! He never makes me feel like my blogging isn’t important. He’s been my biggest supporter. I’m very thankful. With that I’m going to keep on moving and blogging! It’s been a fun and hard 4 months. But worth it!

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I thought it would be fun to give you 10 random facts about me, to get to know me better!

  1. I’m 38 years old and proud of it
  2. Born and raised in Los Angeles
  3. I’m the middle child
  4. I’m Mexican/American
  5. Favorite food Mexican (go figure)
  6. Favorite weekend getaway Palm Springs and Vegas(couldn’t pick one)
  7. Raised with all girls, Now I’m raising all boys
  8. I love to dance
  9. I went to catholic school all my life
  10. I’m pretty funny


Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post and come back every Wednesday for new post!

XO Lisa