My Punta Cana trip

My Punta Cana trip

Hello Ladies!!! It feels like forever since I’ve been here. I hope you all are doing well. I’m great, Back home with my boys. I’m exhausted but I feel refreshed. I wanted to share some highlights from my trip and also some tips that might be helpful if you are headed there or plan to go one day.


So first my tips! Travel light! I took way too many clothes and I even had a carry on only. The less clothes the better. I did take 3 swimsuits that were very similar style to avoid crazy tan lines and that was perfect. The humidity is intense so they don’t always dry fast. On the subject of humidity! Don’t plan on a nice hair style unless you have hair that doesn’t frizz. I’d say if you have long enough hair wear braids or pin it up. I have short hair and wavy so it was a lost cause, LOL! I hadn’t sported my natural hair in years. But hey it wasn’t worth trying to straighten. Try as many excursions as you can it makes your trip so worth it. And last but not least enjoy yourself.


The trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding and that was so beautiful. We all stayed at Dreams resort and Spa. The awesome thing was having family on this trip we had such a good time. I will cherish this trip forever. I had never been on a trip like this with my mom. So that was a real treat. To be somewhere beautiful and to see family around just made it so much better. I couldn’t help but to miss my boys so much. But I needed this getaway.



One of the funnest things we did was take a party boat. The entire wedding squad was on the boat. We danced, snorkeled, drank and drank! It was a good time! My granny even enjoyed herself. She was such a good sport and wanted to try everything. By my face you can tell I liked snorkeling, LOL! It was a little too much for me. But I tried. Good times!


I’d say this was the funnest club I have ever been to. My sister and brother in-law attended COCO BONGO show and disco. It was such a good time I can’t even explain how fun it was. All I have to say it’s an experience you must have in order to know what I’m talking about. I’m so glad we went. Even though we had 3 hours to sleep before our long flight home, LOL! So worth it. They have one in Punta Cana and Cancun. So if you visit either place I highly recommend you go!


Well that’s it I’m so happy to have these memories and so happy to be home safe with my boys! Hope you enjoyed this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Out of the office!

Out of the office!

Hello Ladies! I hope all you beauties are having a great week! As you read this short note I’m probably laying by a pool sipping a fun drink and I’m sure missing my boys like crazy! I’m in Punta Cana right now and will be back to business next week with a fun post on my Vacation details and pictures! So stay tuned!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend! If you want to keep up with my trip follow me on Instagram @stylesencillo ! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Family friendly halloween activities

Family friendly halloween activities

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I’m over here just gearing up for my Vacay! I leave this Sunday. I’m feeling all the feels, excited, scared, sad and nervous. Leaving the boys is so hard. But this mama needs a break. I’m looking forward to this recharge. Don’t forget to follow along with me on IG. And I’ll be posting a blog on my vacay once I’m back.

So Today’s Blog post is going to be short but sweet. I wanted to share some family friendly Halloween activities to get us in the Halloween spirit. With it being the first week of October thought this was perfect to let you all in on some. Some I list I have attended , Some I haven’t yet. And I’ll give an idea that won’t break the bank.


First is probably my favorite so far Mickey’s Halloween party! But I’m not sure if tickets are still available. I did do a full post on this last year when we attended. We sat this year out because of my trip I was just a little overwhelmed. But we will definitely be there next year.

Second is Ghost Train at Griffith park, we did this a few years back. Breaker was even too small to ride. So it was myself and David. It’s definitely on our list this year. It’s so cute the kids will love it. It’s in travel town and it’s a pretty long ride not scary at all. just fun. First weekend is Oct 13 from 7pm-10pm. They only ride on the weekends. And will be open 10/30-10/31. Tickets are sold at the door $20 each rider. Line does get long so arrive early.

Third is Descanso Gardens pumpkin festival, Rise of the Jack o’ lanterns. This starts Oct 1st- Nov 1st. I have not been to this one. I will try to make it out this year. I think it will be fun for the kids as well. Advanced ticket purchase is required, prices $22-$28 varies from dates.

fourth is Camp Spooky. Another I have not been to. But I’ve been to the evening one, SCARY! So this one is made for the little ones. I think it has the same idea like Mickey’s Halloween party. They have trick o treating for the kids and other fun stuff. I believe Knott’s Berry farm isn’t as expensive like Disneyland so worth the try. I noticed tickets are less if you purchase online.

Fifth is my favorite and the cheapest, LOL! One of our favorite things to do is take the boys to get a treat to eat in the car and drive around the areas we know decorate for Halloween every year. They love to see the houses and it just put us in the Halloween spirit. I know now a days everything is so expensive for a family of four so don’t ever feel spending more is more fun. I grew up not having much but my memories like these are with me forever.

Hope you all liked this Post. Let me know in comments if you’ve been to any. Side note these are all in the LA area or near. Till next post!

XO Lisa

Mom guilt

Mom guilt

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. today I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me. This post was actually scheduled for next weeks post. But I felt it really strong the last few days that I wanted to write it this week.

Struggling with Mom guilt. Ok so this can mean so many different things. Are you a mom feeling guilty because you have to work? Are you a mom feeling guilty because you are so tired and exhausted from being a stay at home mom? Are you a mom feeling guilty because you want to have some personal time? I can go on and on. So which one are you?

I’m having a few reasons of this so-called “mom guilt” the number one is never feeling like I’m doing enough. And I mean doing enough to contribute with finances. I worked from age 19-35 full-time. That’s 16 years of working Monday-friday full time. I was such an independent women. I loved having my own. I was proud of my work I did. After having my first son, I continued working full time. I honestly can say it wasn’t hard. I had a lot of good help. I loved my job so it felt good to go to work and come home feeling fulfilled. And even more so coming home to my sweet boy. After having my second son. my position was moved to Phoenix, AZ. I was on maternity leave for the last months of my job so I actually never went back after. Fast forward to now almost 5 years later. I’m feeling the need to go back to work. Even though my fiancé works hard to give us what we need and make sure I can be home. I don’t feel right. It’s been a struggle for me. I’m feeling guilty just having these thoughts of wanting to go back to work. My boys need me and I don’t really have anyone that can help out with drop offs and pick ups. So it’s another reason I’m grateful to stay home. But I can’t shake this feeling of wanting to be more and do more. It’s something I’m trying to figure out. But I’m so blessed to be able to stay home with them.

The other reason I’ve been feeling the Mom guilt pretty heavy is my trip. It’s coming up fast about a month and 1 week. As it gets closer I get more and more nervous. I’m getting excited but I’m feeling so guilty. I’ve never taken a trip away from my kids. My oldest I’ve had to leave him a few times due to school when I’ve visited my mom. But Breaker I’ve never even left him overnight. He’s with me 24/7. I’m so happy he will be with Daddy. I’m trying to tell myself that both boys are in good hands and I really need this re-charge. The hubs is all for me going and enjoying myself. I guess we can’t help but to feel guilty.

So many things can bring on the Mommy guilt. It can be so small. I’m trying to work on balance still. I don’t think it gets easier as the kids get older either. Because with a teenager in the house that brings on a whole lot of other worries.

I’m thankful for what I have.I’m not trying to change my life. I’m just trying to find balance in life. Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Trying to be more social

Trying to be more social

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far. My David started high school yesterday and he had a good first day. It’s crazy how fast the summer break went for us. Breaker will start next week. He’s pretty excited to go back to school. So it’s back to business in this house. I’m sad because I really did have a good time with them home. But it will be nice to focus on the Blog and some other things I want to get done. The good thing is we have a really good schedule when they are in school. I’m always prepared once they get home. So my full attention is for them. I prep dinners early and clean so they come home to food and they can focus on homework, Well David. Breaker I like that he takes naps, LOL!

I wanted to talk about something that was on my vision board for the year. With more than half of the year already done. I’ve looked back at my board and can honestly say I’ve completed a nice bit of it. This year I gave myself realistic goals. One of my goals was to be more social. At my age I think it’s easy to find comfort and stick with it. We have so much going on in a day, That putting in an effort to attend something is not that easy.


I’m so proud that so far I’ve attended 3 events. Let me tell you I probably would have skipped out on if I didn’t push myself to be more social. I’m also trying to build my blog community and my Instagram. I’ve made a promise to go out and be social to meet new people and to hopefully meet people who follow me. The first event I attended was by Fashion Mamas. They had a few days of different pop-ups. I’m so glad my friend gave me the nudge to go. Breaker had a blast and it was just nice to do something that I normally would have not done. If you don’t follow them give them a follow they have other events throughout the year. Fun for Moms!


The second event was an honor to be invited to and attend. From the beginning of my blogging journey, Mommy in La Magazine has given me the best support. A mom who had a vision and ran with it. I love her story.  With hard work she brought her dream to life and just released her first print issue of mommy in la magazine. Check it out! Sold in certain stores in Los Angeles and online. She also wrote a blog post on myself. Check it out. The launch party was a success and so happy I was there to celebrate. Thank you to my Bestie for being my plus one, Love you!


The third event was a more intimate event that I attended with my friend. She invited me to join her. I didn’t know what it was about. This was more of a self-love workshop. Of course sometimes you think wait I don’t need this. But I left that work shop feeling so motivated. I felt something from this lovely event that I didn’t know I was lacking. I say look into it. They are, Love made me do it on Instagram and they have these workshops once a month. I highly recommend attending one if you can. Thank you Wendy for thinking of me.

So am I proud for being more social, Heck ya! Will I attend more, Heck ya! Hope you liked this post. And just remember don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You might just enjoy yourself. Till next post.

XO Lisa

New school year Goals

New school year Goals

Hello Everyone! How are all my LA people doing in the heat! Seriously it’s so hot. My kids just want to be in the house. Luckily the nights are beautiful outside. We try to get outside at night. Even if it’s just for ice cream. Just trying to enjoy the last week of summer Break for us 3. David starts high school next week. He’s excited. Which is why I wanted to write about the goals we have for this school year.

So I officially have a high school student on my hands. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming. He’s such a sweet person. Very caring about everyone. My wish for him this year is to have fun, get good grades. Try something new and meet new people. Last year we did have some bumps in the road. But we got through them together and he worked hard. I want David to enjoy high school. This year we agreed he would join some clubs. He has a good set of friends so I love that. These days kids can be so mean and with social media it can really effect them in different ways. I wish him an exciting first year of high school.

My pre-schooler Breaker. This little guy is getting so big. My baby is growing up. It’s bitter-sweet. I want him to be a baby. But I love to see him grow into his little personality. He’s a character that’s for sure. This year I wish for him to get better at writing his name all by himself. Learn to read a full book alone. We will start to look into putting him into sports this year since he will be 5. We are thinking soccer. So stay tuned, LOL! I wish for a fun pre-school year and to prepare for kindergarten!

For mommy! As for this year, I plan on being easier on myself. I struggle with giving myself too much. I want to be more present in my head. If I can’t complete one task it’s ok, I have tomorrow. I’m here for my boys to make their school year great. I’m looking forward to the me time I’ll be getting while both boys are at school. I plan on taking more  of those free days to do one fun thing for myself. Last year I felt I was trying to do too much in the few hours Breaker was at school. I felt more tired. I need to tell myself it’s ok to put that cleaning aside or leave target errands till later. I plan on working from a coffee shop more. Getting more walks in at the rose bowl. Finding a yoga class that I’ve been wanting to take again. I feel if I take care of my needs I’ll be way better to my boys.

Family school year goals. I want to really put our phones away at night and be more in the moment. I’ll admit we do have our phones at the table for dinner. But that’s going to stop. I want us as a family to still do one fun family thing a month. We did some fun things this summer and we enjoyed the family time with us 4. We get caught up with a lot once school starts, so making the time to be a family should be a top priority.

Here are a few snap shots of our summer. We did have a nice summer vacay. Love my boys so much!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Till next post.

XO Lisa

24 hours in Palm springs

24 hours in Palm springs

Hello Friends! So We just got back from literally 24 hours in Palm Springs. The kids are back to school very soon. David starts high school August 13 and Breaker goes back to pre-school August 22. So we are trying to fit in as much fun before school. Daddy can’t get too much time off he’s super busy. So we squeezed in a quick trip to Palm Springs.


We left early Monday morning. The drive was smooth. I love the drive to Palm Springs. We pretty much had 2 things planned. First stop at Cabazon Dinosaurs and hit the pool. I’ve been going to Palm springs for 20 plus years. It’s one of my favorite spots. Especially the quick drive from LA. Driving there as a younger girl I knew once you see the Big dinosaurs we were very close. We’ve stopped a lot at those big old Dinosaurs to take pics. But never had I gone into the museum. We knew we wanted to stop and take the boys in. So Glad we did. It was super cute. Breaker said “Jurassic World was amazing” that right there was worth it. They do charge to get in. It was $13 for adults (13 plus) and kids $11. It’s small but very cute. The best was climbing up to the top inside the T-rex. We all enjoyed it. Highly recommend if you take a drive passed it.


Our next stop was FOOD, lol! The hubby and I love to try new things and we love looking on Yelp to see what’s the best place to eat. Especially when we are in another city. I love Breakfast , It’s my favorite. So I knew since we were heading out so early it would be Breakfast. We ended up at Elmers. It was super close to our hotel. They are known for their German Pancakes. Thumbs up for sure. We all shared one, It’s super huge. The breakfast selection was nice. Hubby and I had Eggs, bacon, hash browns and a fresh biscuit. The boys picked lunch and they were both happy. I’d say try it if you are in the area and definitely try the German pancake.

DSCN0177IMG_0248Processed With Darkroom

Now its check in time. I requested an early check in since we were only there for one night. We wanted to get the most of the pool. I’ve stayed at a few places in Palm springs. So I wanted to try something different. We stayed at The Saguaro. I picked this one because I loved the look of the hotel. The colors just won me over. The room was descent for us 4 , we got double beds. We changed up fast and headed out to the pool. It was pretty hot that even the water was warm. Breaker and David just love being in the pool. We hung out for a bit. It was way too hot. I just heard it was breaker record heat that day, WOWZERS! The pool overall was nice. They have a restaurant there in the hotel called EL Jefe it was tasty. We had some yummy nachos. We relaxed in the room and headed out for a night swim. I love palm springs at night it’s the best. Nice family time for us four. Overall we were happy with our stay. I’d say not so much a kid hotel ,but there were families. The hotel is nice but can use some better grounds keeping. Besides that it was a pretty chill Hotel. If you haven’t been to palm springs and are planning a future trip with kids. I recommend The Omni rancho las palmas in Rancho mirage. They have pool slides and a lazy river. David loves that one.

Hope this post got you to want a trip to Palm springs! Till next post.

XO Lisa