Spring clean with me

Spring clean with me

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well and staying safe. I had to take last week off, wasn’t feeling emotionally well. I talked about it brief on Instagram. But my monthly visit has been a little hard emotionally. I’ll post about that soon. I have had a lot of changes since turning 40 now almost 42. And I’ll share it all on a blog post.

Today I wanted to give some simple tips on spring cleaning!! I seriously can’t believe spring is about to approach us. And I always get a head start on the spring cleaning. The difference this year is I have a full house. Normally I have time when the boys are at school and I get stuff done. So yes this year is different. But not crazy to achieve.

Before Christmas I actually already did a toy clean out! I do that every year since I know they get new stuff. Obviously the little one mostly. But I’ll do that in November. So that to me is the start of spring cleaning. I’ll make sure everything has a spot to be put away. That is key! If things can’t be put away where they can’t be seen , then we have to much stuff. I don’t like things out. I live a very minimalist life at home. And my boys are really good with putting stuff back. So makes cleaning easier for me.

Then comes closet cleaning. I do my closet about 3-4 times a year. The boys maybe twice. Depends on how much they grow. My oldest is pretty much the same size so with him I will just ask him what he wants to donate or keep. He’s pretty good about this, he likes a very minimal wardrobe he’s actually better than I am. My youngest grows faster so we go by that. Myself I have a system, I get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in less than a year or more. I also look at how much I’ve actually worn it. Like example if it’s something I only wore once for a photo or one time and a year has gone by I’ll sell it on poshmark. If it’s something I’ve worn enough and just don’t feel joy from it anymore I donate. Same with shoes. I also sell my youngest clothes on poshmark because he’s been growing so fast he doesn’t get enough use. Especially with us staying home more. But seriously cleaning out your closet can be so fulfilling. I love it.

So spring cleaning I think it sets the mood for the summer. Summer is typically so hot we tend to not want to do any organizing! So I really get the house organized before and comfortable enough to enjoy the summer!! It really does set the mood and gives us an easier time when kids are home more!! Well you know before covid. But seriously being organized making sure everything has a place to live, I promise your house should stay clean. Also my love for baskets is real! The hubby says I’m obsessed lol!

Just a few tips to get you going for spring cleaning! Oh I also clean out my makeup and skin care cabinets! That brings me so much joy! Till next post! Happy cleaning!

XO Lisa

Breaker’s heart cookie recipe

Breaker’s heart cookie recipe

Hello friends! I just want to start off by thanking all of you who come to by blog and take the time to read my post. It means so much to me. With everything I have going on at home with my boys and just taking care of daily things, blogging sometimes takes that extra time I have to relax. But I love creating post so I choose to be creative with my free time! So hugs to you all!

Today is short and sweet, and I don’t want to take credit for this recipe, I actually found it on Pinterest. So I’ll be tagging the link below to give the proper person some traffic to their blog! But I’ve made this recipe before for breakers preschool class about 2 years ago! It was a hit with his class for his bday. I decided to make it in heart shape for a Valentine’s Day treat! My boys love chocolate chip cookies so thought this would be more fun!

Breaker was my little sous chef! He was so excited to make this heart! In the recipe they make it with a round pan kind of like a cheesecake pan to make removing it easier, but I just purchased this heart pan from target and used pam baking spray with flour, it worked perfect!

But here’s a little funny story, and I really wish I caught it on photo! So as I was pulling the cookie cake out of the oven my dumb oven mitts are so big the cookie cake flipped over and literally we had a broken heart on the floor! My sous Chef AKA Breaker ran in crying hysterically, at the time I was just trying to pick it up to salvage what I can and calming down breaker. My oldest runs in laughing saying mom take a photo this is funny! I’m like really get out of here. It was comical! Nonetheless I saved some managed to take a photo for my post and the boys are enjoying the little broken heart! Lol

Well I hope you enjoyed that! Try to make it, it’s super easy just be careful pulling it out of the oven! And shout out to bloggers that put up recipes ,you are the real MVP! Breakers apron is from target dollar section! Till next post!

XO Lisa


Basics for your closet!

Basics for your closet!

Hello friends! Happy February, one month down and I hope you all are doing well! We are doing good. Kids still home learning. It’s become such a routine at this point, it’s working. Less me time but I’m ok with that! If you haven’t checked out my last blog post on the little me time I give myself daily, check it out!

Today I wanted to share my favorite basics. I’m all about basics, I always have been but even more now. I mean this entire year that’s gone by we have been living in lounge wear. But some good basics in your closet just really help to create some effortless styles. I’m also into not breaking the bank! But buying good quality basics to last you!


Most of my jeans I get from Zara, they are good quality and don’t break the bank. I think a good straight leg style that can be dressed up or down, is definitely a necessity. I like a cute distressed style. And you should also have a skinny Jean with no rips for a different style to add to your closet. I think a dark and light is good! Colored jeans are fun but not a basic they tend to go in and out of style. At least that’s my opinion.

Body suits are a must in a closet. They fit so good with jeans and you can also dress them up with a dress pant or skirt. You can even elevate your sweats and wear it like that too. I would go with a black and grey. I think also having a sleeveless and long sleeve works too. Sleeveless are good for layering! I’ll link some cool body suits below!

A white button up is a must in your closet! You can wear it so many ways! I like a more oversized fit. I would wear it with jeans, leggings, shorts and even over a swimsuit. A crisp button up is a basics staple! H&M always has a really good selection.

Matching sets are so in right now! And I’m totally drooling over them! I love a good matching set. Whether it be casual or dressy a matching set is so fun! And did I say versatile. You can mismatch it and make up to 4 outfits out of one set! And I think a matching loungewear set just gives you such a chic look without taking away comfort! Zara has some cute sets and so many more! You just can’t got wrong!

Our closet always needs some dresses! Always stick to more neutral colors. I love a black, beige and even pink. You can layer a fitted tee dress so cute and it’s such an easy basic to style. The shoes can make it casual or dressy.

Shoes!! I love shoes it’s probably my fav to buy! But it took me about, hmmm almost 40 years to stop buying the trendy shoes. I end up getting rid of them super fast. I’m all about simple and classics. Again if you stick to more neutral tones you should have an everlasting shoe. I don’t go cheap with my shoes either. I mean I’m not buying louboutins! But I’ll always go with a better brand. I think a cute dress up sneaker is always a must, I love converse. A doc Martin or any kind of combat boot works great as a staple. I’ll link mine below. A cute tall boot is a must! I went with tan but a black is always great! I’ll link mine below.

Seriously closet staples are great and I think will eliminate the I have nothing to wear phase! Hope this helped, and see you on the next post!

XO Lisa

https://www.zara.com/us/en/woman-jeans-l1119.html?v1=1718780 https://schutz-shoes.com/search?query=Maryana%20Boot  https://www.samedelman.com/search#q=black%20combat%20boots&sort=relevancy


My Daily mind, body and beauty routine

My Daily mind, body and beauty routine

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! As we come to the end of the first month of 2021, which I can’t believe. I wanted to share my daily routine, beauty edition. With the boys home more and me not having much alone time, I really try to take some time during the day for myself. And to be honest with us not leaving the house much, I love a good beauty routine. It’s like my home spa.

My first thing is clearing my mind when I wake up. I get up I don’t look at my phone. Meaning I don’t open social media. I always pick up my house the night before so I wake up with a somewhat put together home. That helps my mind. After getting the boys situated for home school I get my workout done. This helps my mind and body. I know it’s not easy for all especially working moms, but I promise just 10-15 minutes of a quick workout can really set your mind and body for the day. I workout 5 days a week. Following Sweat App and some cardio dancing, I follow Fitness Marshal on YouTube. I get my workout in and my water intake all by 10am. I always drink a cup of tea after workout.

Next is my morning skin regimen. I obviously do this after my workout. Shower and a good face wash. I’ve been using Summer Fridays daily face wash, I’ll then use a toner along with vitamin C serum, eye cream and the new summer Fridays cloud dew, which I’m loving. That doesn’t have spf so I do use super goop unseen spf over. Pretty much my day face routine.

My night time routine is pretty much after dinner which is super early always by 6pm we are done eating kitchen is clean and closed. I usually give myself an hour to look on Pinterest, which I love. I’ll play a game on my phone or look at Instagram. Once I’m done with that we watch something as a family normally me and the hubby. This just helps to set the night mood very relaxing. At 8pm I’ll wash my face for the night which I use dermologica cleansing wash since it’s a little more aggressive and being through out the day I always feel like more dirt gets in our skin. I’ll tone again very lightly and always at night I use a hyloranic serum, along with eye cream and my nighttime cream, which I’m using the cloud dew at night right now as well I actually like it. I had a night cream that was causing me to get texture on my skin so I think it was too thick for my skin. Once I’m done with my face I drink my collagen tea. This is new to my routine because I wanted to add collagen to my day and I found this tea from vital proteins. I’m really liking it. And I’ll link all below.

Having this routine for myself has been really good. And this is just my time. Because in between all this I’m doing about a million things for my family and home. But I promised I would not ignore my mind and body this year. So I’m making sure to make time for the things good for me.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post!

XO Lisa


Amazon what?! My random finds.

Amazon what?! My random finds.

Happy Wednesday and Inauguration Day! Hope you all are well! Hope you all are staying safe and I really hope your mind is staying positive! I can’t stress how important staying positive is. Too much negativity in the world.

Ok so today I thought it would be fun to share all my random Amazon finds! I mean some aren’t random but I’d say my Amazon favorites list is pretty random! I think everyone can agree they’ve been online ordering a lot more these last 10 months! I mean it makes me happy. And not to mention I really need this stuff, wink! I’ll be sharing my favorites list below so you can shop my list! Thought that would be easier then tagging everything. I only listed my absolute favorites. Because not all my Amazon purchases have been a hit!

On my list you will find some kids school stuff that have helped us with school at home so if you are a parent with kids home schooling you’ll find some fun stuff there. One of my favorites I posted are the sea grass baskets that come in a set of 3 different sizes. I use those to store my boys Xbox! It hold the counsel, done games and cords in all 3! Seriously my favorite purchase. Another one of my absolute favorites was my steamer purchase. I was skeptical but it works great! With covid I like to steam my floors once a week! It also has attachments that you can steam the grout on your floors(it works!) and I use it to steam my clothes. All in all great steamer. Another great find was my water kettle. I have tee every morning and night so this is so so convenient! Great purchase. Everything else I love as well! Check my list out random but a little bit of everything!

Well that’s the end of my random Amazon purchases! Till next post!

XO Lisa


Let me reintroduce myself

Let me reintroduce myself

Hello friends! Happy new year! I really want to wish you all a beautiful healthy start to 2021. I’m sure this wasn’t an easy year to start, but nonetheless I think we all need to stay positive!

With that I wanted to start the year on a positive note over here on the Blog! And I’ve noticed I have a few more blog followers, so welcome and I hope you find my Blog a happy fun place to stop! So with that I wanted to reintroduce myself!

My name is Lisa, I am a fiancé to Carlos. I’m a mother of 2 boys David 16 almost 17 and Breaker 7. They are my heart and soul. I am a stay at home mom, but to be honest I hate that label. I’ve never liked it. I’m almost embarrassed to say it at times. I feel like a better name should be given to women who stay home with their children. Because we are definitely not just staying home. I know now that a “stay at home mom” is just as busy as someone who works but I’ll leave that for another Blog post. I was in healthcare for 16 years when I had my youngest, so I decided to stay home with him. My plan was to start part time once he was in school full time. Part time because I want to be the one to pick my kids up. Especially my highschool son! It’s important I’m there for him. Well my plan didn’t go that well. But before that I decided to start Blogging to keep my brain stimulated and to not lose who I am at home. I’ve been blogging for 3 1/2 years now, I wish I can put more effort into my blog. I really hope I can this year. This pandemic hit me where it left me really thinking about what I want to do. I still don’t know,lol! But what I do know is I want to continue blogging. I swear I feel something in the universe wants me to continue.

That’s pretty much about 1/4 of who I am. And all I’ll share right now. I plan to use my Blog as a positive fun space for anyone. I don’t want to be so serious. Life has been so crazy for all, we all need an outlet! In the beginning of the pandemic I felt insensitive to continue blogging about stuff I liked, fashion, beauty, mom hacks etc. but after almost a year of this, I need to keep on blogging. I like to escape to blogs, Pinterest, or a fun story everyday, just to remind myself that life will go on. I have some blog post planned and I really hope you come to visit! Till next post! Stay healthy.

XO Lisa

Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020

Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. Over at the Stylesencillo headquarters AKA my house, lol! We are doing good. My kids are doing well and the hubby is staying safe, but back at work. I’m just trying to keep sane by the repetitive lifestyle we all live now. I’m trying to focus on the kids and add a little self care once a week for myself.

This year has been tough, I pray for the ones that have lost loved ones, lost jobs and having hardships. I pray next year will be brighter for all. Which is why I want to say goodbye to 2020!

I can honestly say this year has had ups and downs. I think we all can say we have grown. I know I have, I’ve come to appreciate everything I have. I learned to be happy with what I have and be thankful. No more wishing to have someone else’s life or wishing I did something different, or wishing to be somewhere else. I always say if you wish you did something different you might not have the loved ones you have now. Spending all this time at home reminded me that as long as I have my loved ones I’m happy. We made a lot of memories this year with us 4. We will always remember 2020.

It’s funny because I really thought 2020 was going to be my year for my blog. I wanted to grow and just step outside of my comfort zone. I think we all had high expectations for 2020. I’m really hoping 2021 will be brighter for everyone. It will take some time for some to get back to a place of comfort ,but I know it will happen.

As 2021 approaches I wish everyone nothing but the best. I hope for everyone to appreciate everything they have and to continue to slow down and appreciate family and the time with family. That one thing we all need to bring with us to 2021. Life is short and we need to make happy memories, we need to be present with our lives. No more wishing for what they should have done and wish for something you can do. Move forward not back.

Before I say goodbye to 2020 I want to say a goodbye to my beautiful friend Salena who we lost this year. Your bright smile and beautiful laugh will always be in my mind. I thank you for coming into my life and being such a great friend. I’m so happy to have had time with you. I will forever think of you as the clock strikes 11:11. Love you Sal.

Wishing you all a beautiful Holiday, stay safe and remember to be present. Till next post!

XO Lisa

Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Hello Hello!! I’m finally writing on the blog! I really really miss it so much. But I’m gonna be honest, I just haven’t had the creative bug or the drive to write or create. I really don’t like feeling this way, but this year has just been super hard. And I know everyone knows this. It’s also just not a priority with my boys home they are keeping me extremely busy. And they are and will always be my priority.

But I’m here writing because I’ve recently posted on my eyebrow lamination and lash lift and I’ve received questions and interest on how it works and how I like it. So first eyebrow lamination, I got it done first in February of this year and absolutely loved it. I don’t have much eyebrows and my hair hardly grows. So this really gave my eyebrows that lift and fuller look. So the actual treatment is about an hour long, and last from 6-8 weeks. Price range varies but mostly between $80-140. Obviously do the research on where you go. You want someone who has experience and knows what they are doing. I’d say totally worth it.

before eyebrow lamination and lash lift/ After

Lash lift, ok so for about 2 years I had been getting lash extensions and I loved them, I loved how they looked. They made my simple makeup look so beautiful. Well pandemic hits and we can’t get anything done. I was a bald panda on my lashes once the extensions all came off. Well I had lashes but they weren’t long or full. I felt naked, lol! So being we had a lot of time on our hands I started using a lash serum and it worked wonders for my lashes and didn’t irritate me at all, I used babe lash, you can find them online. I used that for months and when things started to reopen I decided to try a lash lift, I absolutely loved it so much. My lashes are naturally straight and I’m not big on mascara so the lash lift just gave them that beautiful natural look. So the lift is a treatment that takes an hour, it’s pretty much perming your lashes. Should last 6-8 weeks, price range $80-$140! I’d say worth it!

So pros and cons for extensions and lash lift on my experiences!

Extensions are great they look beautiful, they just glam up any makeup look. But you will lose some of your natural lashes, it is an expensive upkeep if you go every 2 weeks. You won’t be able to rub your eyes good because you will loosen them. Pretty much my thoughts on extensions!

Lash lift is great if you like a more natural look and have those pesky straight lashes. Also great if you are like me where most mascaras irritate the eyes. Also less upkeep since treatment last 6-8 weeks. But again like any kind of treatments I’m sure you can lose some lashes. I’ve yet to discover this but I’m sure it can happen. I wouldn’t say I have found any cons with lash lift I’ve had it done twice and I absolutely love it.

check out @browsbylizette on Instagram if you are in the LA area, she great!

till next post, keep safe everyone and I hope to be back soon!

XO Lisa

Virtual learning tips

Virtual learning tips

Hello friends!! Welcome back to my Blog! It’s been a little slow over here but I’m happy to be back this week with a new post! Hope everyone is staying healthy!

So as we know out World is so different Right now, it’s been one thing after another these past 7 months! One of the biggest changes was school this year. That has been mind blowing that our kids have to be basically home schooled. But we make the best out of this situation we have been given and we get it done! It’s been 5 weeks since we started virtual learning, I have a post on all the supplies I purchased that are actually working well for us till this day! Check it out!

But for the real post after 5 weeks what tips, tricks and don’ts do I have! So if you are a parent of a teenager, just be on top of the daily work. Those big kids need that push, and just be supportive as much as you can. I check in with my oldest morning and afternoon to make sure he doesn’t need help. I think letting them know they have your support is key! Also maybe recommend them to have zoom calls with their friends if they need that extra help. My son will do assignments on a group chat with his buddies that have the same class, they laugh they get work done. Highly recommend that! Don’t think just because it’s high school they don’t need to be asked daily if they did their work! I made that mistake thinking he was on top of it and the second week he was overwhelmed!

Ok so parents with little ones!!! Yes those pesky little creatures we call little kids, just kidding! Ok so first I need to come out here and say we don’t have extra room in my house to set up a whole desk situation for my little one. And even if I did I don’t think it would even work out for him. He moves a lot like a lot! He can’t ever stay still! The first week I had him set up on the dining room table and ya he fell off the chair from moving and he just wouldn’t focus 100%. So I decided to sit him on the carpet on the floor, I mean most of preschoolers and kindergarteners spend time learning on carpet time! He’s first grade so he’s still used to that. It’s been 4 weeks that he’s been set up on the floor and yes it might not be the best on his posture but he’s not on the floor for more than an hour and a half with 2 breaks. Believe me he’s not in any pain. I do have the iPad on this great stand so his neck isn’t slouching down. Purchased on amazon! And this great surf desk for when he does writing assignments, which is pictured above, again Amazon find! Honestly he’s so much more focused and it makes it easier on me when he’s focused! So my advice find the best spot for them I don’t think it needs to be a perfect desk, but definitely not a bed,Lol! I hear his teacher saying ok get out of your bed it’s not sleeping time. So ya no bed learning!

Lastly especially the parents with little ones!! To give a helping hand for our teachers! Make sure they go pee before zoom starts, I swear I hear kids ask the teacher if they can go pee like 10 minutes into zoom, I’m like shouldn’t they go before, they aren’t on that long! And make sure your kids are prepared! I leave the supplies out and paper for impromptu drawing times or notes! So many kids say hold on teacher I’m finding a pencil or paper. I think those 2 things will help a teacher out! It’s not easy for anyone!

I hope you found this helpful! And best of luck to all! We got this! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

Random stuff I like

Random stuff I like

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! And sending big hugs to all my Mamas out there holding it down with the virtual learning! And to all the teachers who are dealing with so much! I’ve just been trying to stay organized around the house to make our days easier and less chaotic. But Today I wanted to share some random things I like! I say random because it’s not one specific category. But most are things I use everyday, things I just discovered and I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without it! So here goes.


First I wanted to share beauty because I know everyone loves a good beauty find. And this is only because it’s a must for me, because lately I haven’t even worn makeup unless I need to shoot that day or we have errands. These 2 items I just recently discovered and being we all have to wear mask right now, my eyebrows are a must. Right before the pandemic I had my brows laminated and when places got the ok to re-open I had made an appointment to get it done again, Well that didn’t happen with the second closure. So I was desperate to find something that would make my brows look good. I ordered this brow wax was Patrick Ta. The clear wax was completely sold out so I knew it was probably good. They did have a tinted one and I read reviews that it didn’t really give color so I figured let me try. I love this stuff it works great gives your brows that more fluffed up look without them dropping. I honestly didn’t think I would like it that much. I recently also just started using this microfilling pen from benefit. This is really cool gives me realistic hair like strokes and is easy to use. This combo is a life saver for my brows especially with us wearing mask my brows and lashes have to pop! 

Next is Something I mentioned above, MASK! We all need them to get in stores, etc. I recently purchased some from Baublebar. And I’m going to state this I don’t think they are medical grade but they are pretty and comfortable. Normally I wear some with a filter inserted for extra protection, Those are Honest company! But if you want some pretty ones that you can maybe match with an outfit, if you will be dining outside or going to be somewhere outdoors, I recommend the Baublebar ones. 

If you all read my Blogs, You know I recently had a Breast reduction. Well I’m glad I have the choice to go braless these days, But I still want to keep it PG so nipple covers are a must! I ordered these from SKIMS, and I love them. They have good colors and they don’t hurt when you pull them off. They also do the job! Check them out. 

I had been wanting to try self tanning at home. But I don’t like the orange look and I don’t like a fuss. I finally took the plunge and ordered from LUX UNFILTERED, a brand started by a Blogger I really like. And let me tell you I love it. It’s easy to apply and gives me such a nice subtle color. I recently went to Palm springs and got a great real tan, So now I’m just keeping it up with this very hydrating tanning cream Check it out! you won’t be disappointed. 

Next one I never really believed in these type of sweat trainers or waist trainers. But this one I love. We go on daily walks in the evening and it has been a must to wear. I love to see all that sweat after I take it off, I swear I’ve noticed a difference since wearing it. Like I said totally random stuff I’m loving, LOL! 

I swear I’m almost done! Plants don’t let me get started! I’m loving plants so much they are just so calming to have and I love taking care of them. My friend recently started her little plant business. If I can have a whole wall of her plants she sells I would. If you are in the LA area check her out and order a baby plant. Seriously my newest obsession.

Ok lastly!!! My love for skinny margaritas is big! I order them everywhere I go and I love them. But making them with fresh lime juice can be annoying. I recently discovered this and let me tell you they are the perfect margaritas! Buy this and thank me later. All you need is your favorite tequila, add some of this perfect lime mix to a cup of ice in a salted rimmed glass and a splash of Topo Chico! You got yourself one good skinny marg! Cheers!  

Well that’s it My very random favorites list right now! But you know what Life is pretty random right now so Hey I’m just going with the flow! Till next post! 

XO Lisa