Basics for your closet!

Basics for your closet!

Hello friends! Happy February, one month down and I hope you all are doing well! We are doing good. Kids still home learning. It’s become such a routine at this point, it’s working. Less me time but I’m ok with that! If you haven’t checked out my last blog post on the little me time I give myself daily, check it out!

Today I wanted to share my favorite basics. I’m all about basics, I always have been but even more now. I mean this entire year that’s gone by we have been living in lounge wear. But some good basics in your closet just really help to create some effortless styles. I’m also into not breaking the bank! But buying good quality basics to last you!


Most of my jeans I get from Zara, they are good quality and don’t break the bank. I think a good straight leg style that can be dressed up or down, is definitely a necessity. I like a cute distressed style. And you should also have a skinny Jean with no rips for a different style to add to your closet. I think a dark and light is good! Colored jeans are fun but not a basic they tend to go in and out of style. At least that’s my opinion.

Body suits are a must in a closet. They fit so good with jeans and you can also dress them up with a dress pant or skirt. You can even elevate your sweats and wear it like that too. I would go with a black and grey. I think also having a sleeveless and long sleeve works too. Sleeveless are good for layering! I’ll link some cool body suits below!

A white button up is a must in your closet! You can wear it so many ways! I like a more oversized fit. I would wear it with jeans, leggings, shorts and even over a swimsuit. A crisp button up is a basics staple! H&M always has a really good selection.

Matching sets are so in right now! And I’m totally drooling over them! I love a good matching set. Whether it be casual or dressy a matching set is so fun! And did I say versatile. You can mismatch it and make up to 4 outfits out of one set! And I think a matching loungewear set just gives you such a chic look without taking away comfort! Zara has some cute sets and so many more! You just can’t got wrong!

Our closet always needs some dresses! Always stick to more neutral colors. I love a black, beige and even pink. You can layer a fitted tee dress so cute and it’s such an easy basic to style. The shoes can make it casual or dressy.

Shoes!! I love shoes it’s probably my fav to buy! But it took me about, hmmm almost 40 years to stop buying the trendy shoes. I end up getting rid of them super fast. I’m all about simple and classics. Again if you stick to more neutral tones you should have an everlasting shoe. I don’t go cheap with my shoes either. I mean I’m not buying louboutins! But I’ll always go with a better brand. I think a cute dress up sneaker is always a must, I love converse. A doc Martin or any kind of combat boot works great as a staple. I’ll link mine below. A cute tall boot is a must! I went with tan but a black is always great! I’ll link mine below.

Seriously closet staples are great and I think will eliminate the I have nothing to wear phase! Hope this helped, and see you on the next post!

XO Lisa

Tie Dye trend

Tie Dye trend

Hello friends! How are you all doing?! I’m over here just trying to keep it together. I’m feeling so emotional about Breaker graduating from pre-school. I think because I know he’s my last so it’s hard to let him grow up, insert crying emoji! And my David will be a sophomore, Crying! I will be a hot mess when he graduates. I know I’ll probably even cry at my nephews. It’s just hard to see them get so big.

Well enough of that. I wanted to share a trend that I’m totally loving right now. It’s the tie the trend. I think it’s going to be so fun for summer, I would say spring but in LA we haven’t had spring weather, LOL. But a very cute pop of color for summer outfits, especially on vacay, on the beach or just a fun way to brighten up your outfit. I know some are a little extreme. But I’ve rounded up a few that I think are age appropriate for me and still look chic!

I’m loving all the tie dye from Zara, seriously Zara is my go to always. My top I’m wearing is from Zara, here is the link!

Here are some others I’ve seen and I would totally rock these as well. I love the 2 from Shopstarlow. She always has great items, button down and kimono! This tee from Windsor is super cute, I’ve seen girls style it as a tee shirt dress with some sneakers. I love these sweatshirt options that the lovely sincerely Jules is wearing. I just love how these girls are wearing the tie dye trends! So fun, chic and a way to spice up the summer!

Hope you ladies liked this post, I love when I get excited over a trend because I can share with all of you. Happy shopping!

XO  Lisa