Concert fun/bucket-list check

Concert fun/bucket-list check

Morning Ladies! Happy Hump Day!!! Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend and having a great week so far. I had a nice weekend. My week well, as good as it gets with being a busy mom! Today I wanted to talk about Bucket-list. I mean I hear this saying a lot. I never really had an official bucket-list. But of course we all have certain things we’d like to do or places we would love to visit. I told myself this year I would try to work on a bucket-list. I have stuff on there that I know eventually will be real. I’m working on it really hard.


This year I made it a little more practical, Lol! So I told myself this year if there was a concert I’d want to see I’m going to make it happen and go. I didn’t do many concerts as a younger person. But I love concerts! You can’t beat hearing live music. There was a certain group that was on my bucket-list for sure hands down my all time favorite. DEPECHE MODE when I heard they were going to be here in LA at the hollywood bowl I knew I had to go. Growing up my Mom was a single mom putting us through catholic school and working really hard. For Christmas My mom always felt bad that she couldn’t give us a lot. We weren’t those kids that expected big stuff. Well it’s funny because I couldn’t tell you things I got for christmas even last year I don’t remember. But one gift I will always remember is My DEPECHE MODE tape! Yes I said Tape, LOL! CD’s didn’t exist yet or at least I didn’t think they did. It was The Violator album, came out in 1990 I was in 6th grade. It was the best gift ever and I still remember. I made my mom play it in her car everyday. I learned all the words to every song because tapes came with all the lyrics on the case cover!!! Well fast forward to October 12,2017 I got to see my all time favorite band. This was such a fun night. I went with a group of girlfriends. We all had a blast singing to the songs, dancing, screaming, LOL! Hands down a great concert. The passion these men have for music really shows at their concert. Even if you’re not a fan, I bet you would enjoy! To everyone that doesn’t have a bucket-list I say make one. Small or big. Simple or dreamy. Make one for yourself. It feels good to actually make it happen. I’ll leave off with what I tell my son sometimes, YOLO!!! Hope you lovelies have a great rest of the week and weekend. Till next post!


XO Lisa