Simple T-shirt dress style

Simple T-shirt dress style

Hello Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m sitting here writing this, and I feel so bad that I’m ok in my house with my family. While others in the world are suffering and trying to survive. I pray that those being affected by these horrible natural disasters find some light. I will continue to pray hard for all. My prayers are with you.



If you have been following my Blog and Instagram you probably already noticed I’m a really simple dresser. I don’t like to fuss with outfits, I don’t wear spanks, It’s like “no thank you , I like to breathe.” I don’t like a ton of accessories, I’m just simple. Not to mention I love a good deal and versatile pieces that can work with a casual day out, running errands or maybe a fun night out. Today I’m sharing one way I would style a very simple T-shirt dress. I bought this dress at H&M for only $9.99 and I can come up with about 3 ways to wear it that will make the dress look different. The cool thing about this type of dress is you can wear it when it’s Hot outside or even on those cooler days ahead of us. I paired the dress with a Jean jacket tied around the my waste, I love to do this. It can also help with giving you a waste with a more boxy dress or can hide your belly like I do, LOL! It’s such a 90’s look, I mean who doesn’t love a cool 90’s look, LOL! I’m totally being sarcastic. I was in high school in the 90’s and I can’t find myself dressing like I did in high school in my late 30’s! I added some very dainty accessories, a simple gold chain, simple bracelets and my fav gold hoops. I live in my ray bans I just love them! I hope you all don’t get tired of my Louis Vuitton bag it’s just my everyday bag, If  you’re in the market for a high-end bag. This one is so good I take it everywhere! The shoes I bought last year I’ll link the place below, very cute shoes mostly trendy but very good deals. I hope you all liked this simple outfit, It was so comfy to wear! Have a good week ladies!

XO Lisa

H&M dress

Jean jacket

handbag and raybans