My favorite Pinterest recipes

My favorite Pinterest recipes

Hello friends! Happy December, so who already put the tree up! Me me, we did! The last few years I felt I did it kinda late and I wanted to enjoy it the entire month! It smells so lovely in my house! And the weather is cozy for the tree.

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while! I love Pinterest, I’ve been on Pinterest longer than I’ve been on Instagram. I get majority of my INSPO from Pinterest. If you haven’t logged on you need to! It’s really fun.

Besides decor, fashion and DIY I’m really big on finding recipes. It’s my go to for most! I even followed a turkey recipe for my very first turkey this year! It was actually easy and good. I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you! Especially right now that we are going to parties, potlucks and having holiday get togethers. I have a little bit of everything and all I’ve made more than once! I’ll link them Here!I’m telling you these are a hit in my house! Especially the blueberry banana bread! Perfect for Christmas morning! Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do! Share on Instagram with me if you ever make one! @stylesencillo on Instagram!

Till next post!

XO Lisa

Easy homemade Ice cream sandwiches

Easy homemade Ice cream sandwiches

Hi my beauties! Loving the summer life right now. I’m not a huge fan of the heat, but hey I’m not complaining. Ok so do you all know that July is the month of Ice cream, Oh yes it’s a thing. Even Smorgasburg If you live in LA, I’m sure you know what this is. If you don’t I have a post on it here! They have a day that they dedicate to Ice cream. So check it out. I believe it’s in a few weeks. Well today I’m sharing these cute ice cream sandwiches that are super easy and fun to do with the kiddos.


First you need to make the cookies, I have my favorite recipe here. But if you have your own favorite you can do that too! So basically any kind of cookie you like, Just remember when placing on the cookie sheet you will make them a little larger than you would a cookie. I actually did 2 scoops of my cookie scooper and I kind of pressed them down a little to mold it better because my cookies come out really raised. You want your cookies to be more flat. It just works better. Make cookies ahead of time because you want them cooled down.


For the ice cream I just bought a regular gallon of vanilla. I let it get a little soft and I scooped the ice cream out onto a square dish about an inch or 2 high. I placed wax paper and put the ice cream on top. I made sure it was even all over. Placed tray in freezer for about an hour.

Once your ice cream is pretty hard, you’re going to want to make circle cut outs about the same size as your cookie. I used a lid from a mason jar it worked perfect because I was able to pop it out really good. Once you have the circles of ice cream cut out place that in between the 2 cookies. Mine were a perfect size. Once this is done You can eat that ice cream up! You can even add some sprinkles on the side or mini chocolate chips. If you are not eating them right away, I strongly recommend just keeping the ice cream in the freezer. You can pre-cut all your circles too and leave them on the wax paper. Leave your cookies out because I did freeze them with the cookie and my son said they were a little hard to eat, Too Frozen. But he said it was still good. I had one like I mentioned and the cookie was so soft with the nice frozen ice cream in between, Perfect! Great for a small summer gathering because you can have everything ready before hand. A cute idea for a party is to have a few side sprinkle choices so your guest can choose!

Hope you liked this post, Enjoy!

XO  Lisa