What I love about Disneyland

What I love about Disneyland

Hello friends!! This is the last post for the month of love! And I thought how fun to do what I love about Disneyland! First of all it’s already almost March like, wth! Spring is coming in strong and I’m excited for some spring fashion! I’ll be doing a spring post next week! Some fashion must! Fall and spring have always been my favorite! So I’m super pumped!

So let’s get started with my Disney love! First I want to talk about annual passes. We were pass holders before, when breaker was 2, but we hardly went. So we had taken some time away. We decided to get them again when Breaker turned 6, he’s so into Disney. So far we have loved having our passes. They are pricy, but if you plan to visit enough in a year they are so worth it! I recommend the deluxe passes. They are not as pricy as the others and they have good days to go. Not so many block out dates. The only thing is if you like summer days don’t get this one they are blocked almost all summer. Go with what I have the signature. The reason I have signature and not deluxe like my hubby and breaker is for the parking. Signature includes parking. We go 2-3 times a month and at $25 a day parking it made more sense. I’m also not blocked a lot. So if you don’t mind paying more go with that one. Totally worth it if you plan to go a lot.

Food ok, we are still exploring food! But some of my must haves are the clam chowder in bread bowl. They have this in New Orleans square and the pier at DCA. It’s a fav! I love the red cart in Main Street for a good old corn dog, so yummy! Jolly holiday has the best treats if you have a sweet tooth. And let’s not forget about the churros. You can’t go wrong. And by far my favorite treat is the beignets in New Orleans square too! If you need a drink head over to DCA for a yummy drink at lamplight lounge. We love following magic journeys on YouTube and Instagram for all the latest yummy foods at Disneyland!


Fashion you all know I love some cute clothes! And we all know most love the great photo opportunities at Disneyland! So we all need to look cute, but I mean comfort is key! I usually go with my most comfy jeans especially when I know I want photos. If it’s a lazy day going I opt for sweats or leggings. Hot days I go with my comfy jean shorts. I love to go on theme. Who doesn’t love to wear a Disney shirt to go along with the cute ears! My go to places are H&M and zara for my Disney needs! They always have the cutest tees and you can’t go wrong with some jeans and tee! For Breaker I usually get his shirts from H&M or kids gap. I always wear converse or my comfy adidas. So try to stick to a shoe you know is great for walking. Good thing sneakers are so on trend!

So much more but I’ll do a more foodie one soon with pictures! Because low key we go to eat!

till next post!

XO Lisa

DIY S’mores fire pit

DIY S’mores fire pit

Hello Friends! It’s officially summer and we are all excited for some fun in the sun! I need to even out these tan lines and get to the beach. Fall is my favorite season but summer is the most memorable one. As kids and now as an adult. I love having my kids home and one of my favorites during summer are summer nights. When you know we don’t need to go to bed early for school and we can plan something fun during the week. Those are the best! But most work and parents still need sleep. So This is going to be something you can do at home and make it cozy just outside your door.

Besides hitting the pools and beaches, getting those tans and going on a fun vacay. I love me some S’mores over a camp fire or a bonfire. I mean who doesn’t. This is an easy DIY you can do for those nights at home. When you want some fun family time but don’t want to leave the house. Heres all you need:


First Head over to a home depot or Lowes. You will need a terra-cotta pot I used a 24 inch long pot. You can use a round one too. The fun part is you can pick out whatever you want.


Next you will need  some spray paint. You don’t need to do this but I thought it added to the pot. I purchased this at Michaels craft store and just gave it a good spray. I thought the stone look was fun! Let it dry really good before the next step.


While you are at Home depot or Lowes. Pick up some black polished pebbles to add inside your terra-cotta pot. Get enough to fill up the pot you have chosen. Once your pot is dried add these all the way to the top with a little room so not overflowing.


Next Hit up your local smart and final or party city and grab some of these burners. place on top of the rocks secure it so you know they won’t tip over. Light them up and grab your goodies from your local target to make some yummy S’mores. I love that target has the square marshmallows. So much easier to make your S’more, and enjoy! This is great for your patio or you can even set up a fun S’more bar for a summer party. You can also add recess peanut cups, dark chocolate or anything you like for a fun S’more bar.

Hope you liked this post and I hope you enjoy your summer! If you end up making one tag me on Instagram @stylesencillo . Till next post!

XO  Lisa

24 hours in Palm springs

24 hours in Palm springs

Hello Friends! So We just got back from literally 24 hours in Palm Springs. The kids are back to school very soon. David starts high school August 13 and Breaker goes back to pre-school August 22. So we are trying to fit in as much fun before school. Daddy can’t get too much time off he’s super busy. So we squeezed in a quick trip to Palm Springs.


We left early Monday morning. The drive was smooth. I love the drive to Palm Springs. We pretty much had 2 things planned. First stop at Cabazon Dinosaurs and hit the pool. I’ve been going to Palm springs for 20 plus years. It’s one of my favorite spots. Especially the quick drive from LA. Driving there as a younger girl I knew once you see the Big dinosaurs we were very close. We’ve stopped a lot at those big old Dinosaurs to take pics. But never had I gone into the museum. We knew we wanted to stop and take the boys in. So Glad we did. It was super cute. Breaker said “Jurassic World was amazing” that right there was worth it. They do charge to get in. It was $13 for adults (13 plus) and kids $11. It’s small but very cute. The best was climbing up to the top inside the T-rex. We all enjoyed it. Highly recommend if you take a drive passed it.


Our next stop was FOOD, lol! The hubby and I love to try new things and we love looking on Yelp to see what’s the best place to eat. Especially when we are in another city. I love Breakfast , It’s my favorite. So I knew since we were heading out so early it would be Breakfast. We ended up at Elmers. It was super close to our hotel. They are known for their German Pancakes. Thumbs up for sure. We all shared one, It’s super huge. The breakfast selection was nice. Hubby and I had Eggs, bacon, hash browns and a fresh biscuit. The boys picked lunch and they were both happy. I’d say try it if you are in the area and definitely try the German pancake.

DSCN0177IMG_0248Processed With Darkroom

Now its check in time. I requested an early check in since we were only there for one night. We wanted to get the most of the pool. I’ve stayed at a few places in Palm springs. So I wanted to try something different. We stayed at The Saguaro. I picked this one because I loved the look of the hotel. The colors just won me over. The room was descent for us 4 , we got double beds. We changed up fast and headed out to the pool. It was pretty hot that even the water was warm. Breaker and David just love being in the pool. We hung out for a bit. It was way too hot. I just heard it was breaker record heat that day, WOWZERS! The pool overall was nice. They have a restaurant there in the hotel called EL Jefe it was tasty. We had some yummy nachos. We relaxed in the room and headed out for a night swim. I love palm springs at night it’s the best. Nice family time for us four. Overall we were happy with our stay. I’d say not so much a kid hotel ,but there were families. The hotel is nice but can use some better grounds keeping. Besides that it was a pretty chill Hotel. If you haven’t been to palm springs and are planning a future trip with kids. I recommend The Omni rancho las palmas in Rancho mirage. They have pool slides and a lazy river. David loves that one.

Hope this post got you to want a trip to Palm springs! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Mickeys Halloween party

Mickeys Halloween party

Hello Ladies!! I swear these weeks go so fast. So as promised I’m going to share our family day to Disneyland. We are big Disneyland people. I mean, we love it! We did have season passes last year but didn’t renew since I don’t like going during the really hot months. So it had been almost a year since our last visit. I was pretty excited since every year for Breaker, it’s a different experience. That’s what I enjoy the most , my boy’s excitement.

This was our first time attending Mickey’s Halloween party. For those of you that don’t know, this is an evening event during Halloween time. This is not included if you buy a day pass and not included if you have an annual pass. It’s a complete other ticket. I know this event sells out fast. Season pass holders do get first priority on buying these tickets. Another thing before I get into my personal experience, these tickets are not as much as a regular admission and the cool thing is the event starts at 6pm. You can actually go in 3 hours before event. So you get those extra 3 hours to park hop! And the park closes early to regular admission ticket holders so the park is not that crowded.


First the park is totally decorated for Halloween! It’s so cute and festive. It’s a Halloween party so you can dress up, of course Disney has rules on the website. But that was probably my favorite is just looking at everyone’s costumes and seeing how cute the families get into the spirit of it all. The crowd is a mixture. You see a lot of teenagers and young adults but you have your families with little ones as well. The cute thing is you see a lot of the characters around – more than a normal day at Disneyland. They have lines where you can take a picture with the Villains of Disneyland. I mean how cute is that! Some of the rides are Halloween themed. One of our favorites is the Haunted mansion. They turn that into ‘The nightmare before Christmas’ theme and it’s so cute! That one lasts through Christmas time at Disneyland so if you don’t get out there for Halloween you still have a chance to see it for Christmas. They have a few more that they change-up for halloween. But that one is my favorite. Another fun perk, is the Trick or Treating spots. They have them through out the park. They give you a map on where to find them. That was really cool.  Breaker loved that! We literally just did 3 of the spots and we had 2 bags filled of good candy. Oh they do hand out mini bags when you enter the park! One of the best perks of this event was the short ride lines. It was amazing! We got to get on Peter pan in like 2 minutes, LOL! If you’re a regular at Disneyland you know what I’m talking about. That line is always so long! The parade is a Halloween theme with a spectacular fire work show at the end. Besides feeling like a went to a club all night the next day it was such a fun night for my family, LOL! No but seriously, if you haven’t experienced it, I really recommend you do one year to come. It’s very cute and the kids loved it! So did us big kids! I’m going to share a few personal photos below. Breaker wanted to be a donut Chef, his choice. So I made us a little something to go with his costume. Breaker’s donuts on his costume, my ears and daddy’s pin was all made by yours truly. Big brother was supposed to be bashful from snow-white. I even made a hat for him but he changed his mind, TEENAGERS! Hope you ladies liked this post, I hope it helps if you’re heading out to Disneyland for Halloween.

XO Lisa