Holiday gift guide

Holiday gift guide

Hello friends! How are you all doing?! I’m over here just trying to wrap around how fast this year has gone. It’s crazy! We are trying to fit in a few more Christmas activities. We are all Disneyland out! Will resume after the holidays. On top of that I need to get my Christmas shopping done! Who else does?! Well your in luck I have a gift guide to make it easier for those not so easy family members!

Of course I’ll start with my girls! I mean I can relate. So the older I get the less I want. I also like things I need or can put more use to it. One of the items I love getting because I hardly buy it for myself are pajamas. But cute ones! And a light weight robe! These from mason grey LA are so cute and on trend. A Roomba is something every busy mom needs! You know I couldn’t be without my nespresso machine and every coffee enthusiast needs one! A cute teddy coat is a must! And some cute comfy sneakers for the mom on the go! Fuzzy socks are always needed and a silk pillow case is a dream! A perfect gloss will make a great stocking stuffer and a faux fur jacket will spice up any outfit. Happy shopping!

For the men or young adults in our lives! Easy to just be simple! Every guy needs a coat, for dressy looks, casual looks and just the everyday dude! And the hubby was excited for some slippers so these are great. I think a great cologne is a good one too! I know some are tech guys so of course any new tech toy out will go over pretty well!

The kiddos! Ok so I love a toy that will be played with more than once! And I like educational toys. I know so many are against iPads but let’s get real it’s the sign of the times! Even schools use them for learning. I think moderation is key! I still need to work on that with breaker! But I love that he’s learned so much! And I love the Osmo selections! Here are a few I think are great.

Well I said I’d keep it short and simple! So there it is! Happy shopping. Till next post.

XO Lisa

20 Random facts

20 Random facts

Hello my friends! Hope you all are doing great! I’m doing pretty good! I wanted to do this post for fun and since it’s a new year and I have some awesome new followers. I wanted to share 20 random facts about me! And don’t forget to follow me on instagram I’m posting more simple styles over there! So let’s get started!

  1. Middle child
  2. I have 2 sisters, no brothers
  3. born and raised in LA
  4. Named after Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie
  5. went to catholic school
  6. favorite band ever Depeche Mode
  7. I’ve been watching General Hospital , the soap opera since I was in elementary school. Guilty pleasure.
  8. I love action films over romantic
  9. I love cheese and ice cream but I’m lactose
  10. Favorite fun cocktail Margarita
  11. Favorite bar cocktail rum and coke
  12. I love to dance
  13. Once danced in Vegas for a recital
  14. I’ve had short hair for 10 plus years! I prefer short
  15. I have to have my nails polished always
  16. Got my license at 20, Old!
  17. Love Hot dog on a stick, Favorite mall food.
  18. Prefer jeans over dresses
  19. My foot shrunk after having Breaker from a 6 1/2 to a size 6, weird
  20. Favorite sweet treats Donuts!

      Well that’s 20 random facts! Hope you liked this fun post! Hope you have a great rest      of the week, Till next post!

                 XO  Lisa