How I make basics look trendy

How I make basics look trendy

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. The rain finally stopped in LA for now. And we are taking full advantage of that. I’m really looking forward to spring time. Just not the allergies we all get, LOL! I’m also pumped for summer this year, I can’t wait to have some summer fun.

Today I wanted to share some fun ways I like to make basic pieces look trendy. I’m big on not buying such trendy pieces. I’ve always gravitated towards basics. I also try to find trendy pieces at budget friendly places.

I think everyone should own a few different black tops. From a regular tee to a fun crop or a sweater. Black tops can go with anything and be styled with just about anything. My favorite is the black tee. A more relaxed fit is a plus, You can tuck it in or tie it to the front or back. Or even wear a spaghetti top or dress over. It’s just a staple you need to have in your closet. In white as well. I love my tees from Zara. They are under $10 and I love how soft they feel. I usually buy about 3 at a time. As well with white. And sometimes in Pink.

To make a regular black tee trendy I would add a hat or some cool trendy earrings that will make that Tee pop. Accessories are the items I usually buy trendy. You can find a great selection at forever 21. The earrings are so good there. I love me cute trendy earrings. Add a cute scarf to your black tee and you create a whole different look. Just have fun with adding trendy pieces on a budget.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another look I like is a crop top. I have them in short sleeve and long sleeve. The long sleeve I like to dress it up more. I love pairing this one with a skirt or even some cute trousers. It just adds a little fun twist on the basics. I also love crop tops under overalls. It just makes the overalls looks so much more feminine.

This was short and sweet about basics. Hope you liked this post. Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Jumping into spring style

Jumping into spring style

Hello my Lovely ladies! First week of spring done and I’m loving it. The rain was so nice last week here in LA. My boys are off for spring break. No vacay plans for us. But having them home is nice and we get to sleep in a little. Both my boys are pretty easy they are not the kind that want to be out and about all the time. They are total homebody kids.

I’ve been in a little creative block. I have most of my post planned for the next couple months but I’m stuck for June, LOL! I guess my brain doesn’t want to work that far ahead. I would love to know what you ladies want to see on the blog. I’ve been wanting to do more recipes but most of my recipes I get on Pinterest. So I’m thinking of doing a post on all the recipes I’ve made from Pinterest. Comment or message me on Instagram of what you would like to see for my summer post!

Today I’m sharing my first spring style of the season. It’s a perfect transition from winter to spring. I used to be always cold. But after kids I don’t get that cold anymore. Just putting Breaker in the car seat I sweat, LOL! So I love light weight clothes and simple. Like I’ve said before the more simple the better for me. I don’t like feeling confined or the feeling of my insides being crushed from tight clothes. It’s just not for me.


So this look I went with a jean skirt I bought last summer from Forever 21. I’ve seen so many this year that I will snag for summer. I love jean skirts. Something so simple yet feminine with a little edge. My Top I picked up at Target from who what wear brand. If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning you know I love this brand. They never disappoint with the trends and the quality. So cute and so affordable. Just love it. I also loved the ruffle detail on the sleeves that just screams spring! I added my floral booties that are so comfortable. I talked about spring shoes in my last post, Go check it out! I’ve been living in this bag as well. I normally carry my large never full LV bag. But I’ve had really bad shoulder pain , so I have been living for my light weight Kate spade bag. Kate spade is a favorite of mine. Always nice timeless bags.

Hope you ladies liked this outfit post! Hope you all enjoy this beautiful spring break week. Next week I’ll be posting my blog post on Friday in honor of my birthday. I have a very personal post coming. I hope you all will like it. Till next post!

XO Lisa

black Kate spade crossbody-similar

Blazer style

Blazer style

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. I’m doing great. I’ve been trying to get creative and think of new fun stuff for my blog. I want to keep you all entertained. I’m also sprucing up my living room, so that’s been fun. When we first moved into this house I was pregnant with Breaker, so it was perfect the way I wanted. Over the last 4 years It’s turned into a pre-school with toys everywhere. So I’m cleaning house. I’m taking spring cleaning serious! I have a DIY in the works so I can’t wait to share with you all. I’m not sure if I’ll do a before pic of my living room looking like a toys r us threw up and how it turns out. Will see!

Talking spring, I can’t believe it’s already near next week. The best part is the time change. I love having more daylight. We always take full advantage of this time change. When the hubby gets home it’s still light out and we go for a nice family walk to get some exercise. It truly is the best!

Today I wanted to share a style that still works for winter , But can easily transition your style into spring. I love me a good blazer. I used to buy so many when I worked in an office. They look cute over dresses, with a skirt, a matching set and my favorite with a pair of jeans. This look is so classy and chic. You can wear it buttoned up or un-buttoned for a more casual look.

IMG_6789Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomIMG_6809

My look I went with a houndstooth print and some boyfriend ripped jeans. Shoes are also a good transition into spring. I will get more into spring style shoes on next weeks blog post, So stay tuned. With a blazer look you don’t have to spend a lot on a Blazer. This one I have on is from Forever 21. You can find so many cute Blazers for a really good price and they don’t look or feel cheap. I’m also living for floral blazers right now. I saw one at Target I have to go snag!

Jeans I’m a big fan of comfy jeans. I can’t wear anything that is too tight or no stretch. I just don’t think sitting down in a pair of uncomfortable jeans is fun. We have so many options these days for a nice pair of jeans. I’ve been loving Zara jeans, they are always stylish, comfy and to mention great price point. I used to spend $200 plus on jeans and I just can’t see myself doing that anymore.  Zara jeans have been a really good option for the price and quality.

I hope you ladies liked this post and get some inspo from my style. Enjoy the extra daylight and have a great rest of the week! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Blazer- Similar

Jeans- Similar

Mommy and Mini Street style

Mommy and Mini Street style

Hello Ladies! I hope you all had a great week! YAY, for the weekend! Seriously this mama needs a drink, LOL! I wanted to share this simple street style, if you ever run into me most likely it’s what I’m wearing! Back in the day when I did 9-5 I lived in heels. Now that I’m a stay at home Mommy, I live in sneakers or sandals. Funny because about 5 years ago I think I owned one pair of sneakers and that was just for working out. A mommy with boys for some reason you find your more sporty side! I’m not at all mad at that. But I’m as girly as they come so I always add a girly twist! My special little guest today is my baby Breaker! He’s my favorite accessory!


A few months ago I attended a Nike pop-up shop in West Hollywood with my sister. It was super cool. We went specifically for these Nike Cortez limited edition sneakers, I loved that they had pink on them. Back in my day these shoes weren’t as trendy and in certain neighborhoods you just didn’t wear them. So this was kind of cool to see how this shoe has evolved. I’m loving them!


I paired them with some overalls that I’ve had for a few years, along with this cute puffy girly sleeved tee! I love how the tee just gave it a more girly twist. My mini is in head to toe H&M, I love overalls on little ones! He’s such a good sport when it comes to taking pictures with Mommy!

I’ll link some similar styles to what Both Breaker and I are wearing! Hope you ladies liked this casual street style with a cool shoe and a girly twist! Enjoy your Weekend loves!

XO Lisa

Mommy Overalls– forever 21

Puffy sleeve Tee-h&m (I got mine at the zara sale for $5, but i found this one for $9.99 it will look so cute with overalls or jeans)

Nike Cortez-Nordstrom( mine were limited edition for that pop-up shop but they have so many cute colors here)

Breaker’s overalls-Gap(Breakers are from h&m but sold out, found these from gap)

Tank top-h&m

shoes-h&m(Breakers were sold out but I found these cute ones)

Sunday brunch vibes

Sunday brunch vibes

Hello Hermosas! Another week done! I hope all my LA ladies are keeping cool. It’s so HOT, I can’t function. So I hope this post makes sense, LOL! Any plans this weekend? Well if yes, I got you covered for a possible weekend outfit! One of my favorite things to eat is Breakfast! So one of my favorite things to do is Brunch. My guy loves lunch so Brunch is our happy medium! My other favorite is FASHION! So lets talk about this cute outfit I put together with Brunch on my mind!

I found this peach ruffle bottom dress online from Forever 21. The day I happened to look they were having a sale called black friday in July! I got this dress for $9. I’m always a little skeptical on ordering dresses online. Reason since we’re all friends I can tell you. I have abig bust and small bottom. A trick is I try to stay away from more fitted dresses when ordering online and dresses without zippers. Just a little helpful hint if you have my issue. This dress has a zipper but I can tell by the picture it was a more loose fit. So it was perfect. I matched it up with an oversized denim jacket to give it more of a fun casual look. Of course it’s so hot here in LA you can ditch the jacket! The denim jacket I found at H&M. I love the denim jackets from there. Always good quality and reasonable. The shoes I talked about on my previous post!


A little story on the Jade bracelets I have on. Since I can remember I’ve always wanted some. We took a trip to San Francisco in April of course we walked through china town. I told my big guy that I always wanted some Jade Bracelets so we went in a little jewelry store and I got them! One thing I love about my Guy is if I tell him a story about my past whether it be something I wanted or wanted to do as a kid or young adult. He tries to make it happen. It’s one of the many things I love about him. Ladies I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Peach dress– I couldn’t find the one I have but found this cute one.

Denim Jacket-I’m wearing a size 6 Top size is usually medium.

Earrings– My favorite brand from target Sugar fix by Baublebar