It’s Halloween time

It’s Halloween time

Hello my friends! So this is going to be short and sweet! I’ve kept my Halloween theme for the entire month of October. I seriously can’t believe October is over! We’ve had a blast this month. My kids love Halloween, so I really tried to make it feel like Halloween all month. Disneyland was a big highlight, going to Boo at the zoo was super fun. Highly recommend both for next year!

I figured a day before Halloween blog post would be tough, I mean seems like most parties were last weekend. So I thought to give you some dinner ideas if you are having people over to trick or treat!

I mean ordering pizza is always an easy way to go but if you have more time, check out my pizza recipe! It’s always a hit! Spaghetti is always a hit with a crowd and Easy! I’ll be making meatball sandwiches this year, it’s only a few of us so it will be easy and fun! Some chili beans with hot dogs is always fun too!

Even though the kids will be getting tons of candy dessert is always fun! Check out my ice cream sandwiches! I’ll be surprising Breaker and David with a chocolate cake! Like I said they take Halloween serious so why not celebrate with a cake!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Cookies and cocktails Halloween style

Cookies and cocktails Halloween style

Hello friends! Happy October! If you don’t know already, I absolutely love this month! I feel like it’s a fun month for creativity. Whether it’s making your costumes, making party treats or just good old home decorations. It’s just such a fun month! Not to mention my kids love Halloween! Yesterday morning when I turned on nick Jr for Breaker he was ecstatic that the logo was Halloween style, lol! Running around the house saying it’s October 1st I’m so excited for Halloween.

So with that said , I’m dedicating this month to Halloween on the blog! Each week I’ll have a new Halloween themed blog up! This week I’m starting with a simple table set up for a Halloween themed cookies and cocktails! I love a theme!


The table I kept simple! Fresh flowers are always a must. I kept it skeleton theme. And I liked the idea of cookies and cocktails. Of course you can have a food spread, a charcuterie board is always perfect! You can even ask each guest to bring cookies, to make it more fun. Halloween themed of course! And don’t forget the cocktails. I’d keep it simple maybe some champagne or a simple not so sweet cocktail. Sangria is always fun! I purchased the cool skeleton straws at party city, I thought they were a cool touch.


The cookies I mean are you dead from how cute they are! These are so cute and just add such a perfect touch for the theme! These are from , With a pinch of love! She makes the cutest cookies and treats. And can match any theme you’d like! I’d say the perfect part of a Halloween party! Even for classes or co-workers! I’ll leave her info below! Order early, and head over to my Instagram for her cute treat bags she makes!

Invite your favorite girl pals over and to set the mood of Halloween, set a theme to dress code. You can do pajama party, black and white! You can have each girl make a Halloween inspired headband and maybe have a contest on best headband! Or make it chic and have it cocktail dress attire!

Hope you liked this simple table set up! Till next spooky post!

XO Lisa

Cookies from With a pinch of love

Instagram @withapinchoflove