Starting 2020 right

Starting 2020 right

Hello my friends! Ok so I’m using January as a stepping stone into the new year! So why not share my steps with you! I don’t like to start off so crazy like giving myself all these rules and goals! Like for real it’s just torture to yourself! I like to start off with manageable goals! And once I start to see myself achieving these manageable goals, I add more! It’s less disappointing at the end.

So something I can already check off my list and let me tell you it’s the most important, is making our dr appointments and dental appointments. Health is the most important in my book! I made sure to schedule all appts so I know we are set and healthy! Some of us will put these off and let me tell you, if you have yearly goals that’s great! But nothing is more important than health. If you are not healthy, how are you going to accomplish anything? So make those appointments!

Dentist! Most of us hate them lol! Well not hate just scared of them. But oral care is just as important as physical. So get it over with and book those dental appointments! Believe me I have a huge phobia with the dentist but hell it feels good to get those choppers cleaned! So book your appointment!

Thats it! Getting those done for my family take a lot of stress off me in the beginning of the year! So we can proceed with our own individual goals and just be happy! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Vision board update!

Vision board update!

Hello ladies! We are half way through the year and Wow does time fly. I can’t believe we are approaching summer break, seriously it’s crazy. At the beginning of the year I posted my vision board goals. If you didn’t read that, here it is!

Well now that we are half way there I thought I would just talk about what I’ve accomplished and What I still need to work on. One of the main things was more family time. Like really get out and do more. Even if it’s just trying a new restaurant or visit a local museum. And we have done that. My oldest has been pretty busy with school and practice. So we will definitely get some more family time this summer. I really cherish family time. My kids are growing so fast.

Another big goal was to keep a healthy life style and that I’m still working on. I’ve done pretty good. I finally have a good at home workout routine. I’m learning more and more on what foods are just not ok with me. Getting older I’m more aware of what foods just don’t make me feel good. I’m really getting better at saying no to those bad foods. I do indulge because life is too short. But overall I’m at a really good balance with my healthy lifestyle. I feel great and thats what I wanted.

Making more time for loved ones and friends was also one. I have made more time for myself and that was important. I know when I need a break and I don’t hold back to tell the hubby. Him and I are still working on balancing that alone time with each other. It’s hard because we are so cozy at home. I think the thought of getting out sometimes seems like so much work. But I know we need it. I think we have a date night planned this month, LOL! I mean seriously we love being home. It’s a work in progress.

I have much more goals for my blog and myself working. I’m just a little lost on what to do. I need to put my kids first right now, so starting a new job is scary because I need to be available to them. My blog needs more attention and creativity and I pray I can get that done. Another work in progress.

Thank you for still following along and the support every week! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Spinach salad recipe

Spinach salad recipe

Hello friends! How are you all?! I’m doing great. Still going strong on my workouts and eating better. Today actually marks a month till my 40th Birthday. So I have 30 days to get into better shape. But I’m happy and feeling good now. So that will just be a plus. So since we are on the subject of being more healthy, I wanted to share this salad recipe. My mom has been making this salad for a long time. It’s usually made for Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving. We love it. I wanted to share it with you all, since it’s easy and I’m all about easy recipes. So here it is!

First you’ll need the ingredients. I’m the type that if the ingredients is a long list, I usually don’t make it. I stick to 5-6. And this one is about that. You’ll need:


  1. spinach you can do the bagged kind or the bundle. I prefer bagged spinach because regular bundle spinach is super dirty and that just takes more time to wash.
  2. Red onion
  3. sliced almonds
  4. bacon
  5. dressing, you can make your own or buy it. I like the one pictured.

Once you have your line up, Cook the bacon first. I think it’s easier to chop it like the way I did here. Once it’s cooked all the way remove from pan and remove the bacon oil keeping some in pan for onion and almonds.


Second chop red onion the way I did here and add to the pan that has a bit of the bacon oil. Add the sliced almonds as well.


Third you want to sauté the onion and almonds together until the onions are a pretty golden color. Once those are done add the bacon back into mix together.


Fourth add dressing to your spinach and give it a mix. I like to mix it first with just the spinach before putting in the bacon, onion and almonds. Once you’ve added the bacon, onions and almonds, give it a good toss and wallah it’s all done.


Enjoy it with a nice baked chicken breast and you have a filling and healthy dinner.

Give it a try its delicious! Hope you all enjoyed this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa

My workouts and motivation

My workouts and motivation

Hello friends! Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all are well! We are doing good over here. So who still goes all out for Valentines day?! We don’t I will cook us a nice dinner and will just relax at home. But we do need to squeeze in a date night soon.

So today I wanted to talk about my workouts and what has been motivating me. I made a promise since last year that I would continue to be healthy and take care of my body. My biggest motivation is my kids. I want to be healthy for them, But also show them to be healthy for themselves. Since adding workouts and just being more aware of what I eat has really helped with my daily activities and my health. I turn 40 this year and I want to feel strong. Turning 40 isn’t scary to me, I’m proud. I also want to feel great and that motivates me to keep going.

My favorite workout is dancing. I love it so much and it actually works out your entire body with having fun. I would love to find a dance class to take a couple of times a month. But in the meantime I workout to the fitness Marshall on youtube. His videos are short and fun. Not to mention great songs. I workout to these videos 3 times a week. I put 25 minutes on my app and I get my cardio in. I do about 5 videos in a  row. I love it and you feel the burn.

My newest workout is the Sweat app. This has been so good. I started off by taking on a 12 week challenge and I’m on week 5. I remember reading by 4 weeks you will see a difference, by week 8 friends and family will and by 12 everyone will notice. Well I can honestly say I see a difference. I’m so happy with my results. I feel stronger. If you aren’t familiar with what it is. It’s also known as BBG, Bikini body guide. It’s pretty popular out there on social media and let me tell you it works. What I love about this app is that you have different categories I’m on beginners. You can work out anywhere using this app. I’m giving a short look into this app over on my instagram if you want to take a look. The exercises are not easy at first even the beginners, But 4 weeks in almost 5 I’ve seen so much improvement. I can actually get the burpees done, LOL! Those were killers to me. I still haven’t lost lbs on the scale but inches for sure. My clothes are fitting me better or even bigger. So that’s a good sign. I gave up last year on the scale. I go by more on how I feel. My legs have never been this strong in my life. I was called chicken legs in grade school, LOL! But now I have muscle! I really recommend this App if you are looking for a good workout with convenience.

Well ladies that’s my motivation to good health. Till next post!

XO  Lisa