Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo

Hi friends! It’s getting closer to Halloween and I love seeing all the creative costumes! Halloween is so fun. This year we didn’t have any Halloween parties but I love to at least attend one Halloween event. We’ve done Disneyland which we love! Obviously most are more scary and not for the little ones. So that’s why we decided Boo at the Zoo!

The price is perfect and who doesn’t love the zoo! We’d been trying to get to the zoo for a while. But it’s just so hot during summer although LA fall is basically an extension on summer, mornings are pretty cool! We headed out when it opened at 10am and it was a perfect Sunday!

So what’s the zoo offer for Boo at the zoo! I mean aside from the pumpkins they give to the animals to eat which was cute to see! They have trick or treating and a fun haunted maze, kid friendly! Arts and crafts for kiddos to enjoy and everyone is welcome to wear costumes.

I recommend taking the little ones it’s so cute! Don’t forget to feed the giraffes, it’s $5 a person but so worth it! Get a picture! We also bought all day tram ride tickets, we loved this and breaker enjoyed it! The zoo is not known for the fun food , beside the almonds that I love! I did see a lot of people with packed lunches and they have such a cute park area for the kids to play.

This weekend is the last weekend! So honestly if you have a free weekend and little ones that enjoy animals and Halloween I’d say head out to Boo at the Zoo!

Till next post!

XO Lisa

How to stay sane on spring break

How to stay sane on spring break

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are enjoying this nice weather in LA. I know we are. And this nice weather is just in time for spring Break with the kids. Both my boys will be off for a week. And I try to keep us busy to keep screen time down and mom from going crazy. So I wanted to share some ideas that will keep the kids busy at any age and budget friendly.


LACMA is on the top of our list. My older son loves museums and he loves photography so it’s a win win. And my little one likes it there as well. The best thing is they offer NexGen for kids and teens, once you sign up for this kids will have membership until 18 and one kid NexGen will get any one adult in free as well. So not only is this a great place to go its budget friendly. FullSizeRender

LA Zoo is awesome. What we are going to do is get a family membership, it’s such a great deal. And I plan on taking the boys during summer early in the morning to get some fresh air and some exercise as well. Such a good place for the fam with kids at any age.

Matinee movies are always good to catch while the kids are on break. It’s way less than the normal price and it gets the kids out for a bit.

I will most definitely schedule screen time especially for the little one. I like to break it up throughout the day and try a craft with him. Take him outside to play or draw with sidewalk chalk. He loves being outside! So mom’s just make a time out of the day to say it’s outside time.

Ice cream outing are always fun to break up the mid-week spring break craze. We love Fair oaks pharmacy in South Pasadena it’s such a cute ice cream parlor.

Lastly I want to plan a hiking day. So I will gather some fam and get a hike in for the week off. I think this is a fun way to get together with others during spring break.

Well I hope you all have fun breaks with the kiddos! Till next post.

XO Lisa