Taking control of my time!

Taking control of my time!

Hello friends! Being we are mid January I’m still in the New Years mind set. So why not dedicate my January blog post to that! I didn’t do a vision board this year. I just made a List of things I would like to get done this year. And to be honest As far as career goals, I’m so lost. So this year I wanted to work on my time management and my family. With a few things here and there.

So time management can be everyone’s worst enemy. I think we all have said there’s just not enough time to do everything, Nope! But we don’t have to do everything in one day!

Being a stay at home mom,I felt like my days were so long and I was so tired from the day. I  have 2 kids and both in school. So mornings are as busy as can be trying to get everyone up and ready for school and hubby out the door for work. Once everyone was gone I felt like I had to keep busy like cleaning, washing, reorganizing you name it I did it. I felt guilty sitting down and also felt that it was my job to keep busy all day at home. And felt myself so tired and frustrated by the end of the day! So I decided this year, I would manage my time better and not feel guilty to sit or feel bad to make plans for myself during the day.

So I made rules to make my days better! Here they are! We go to target for daily stuff on Saturdays, unless it’s for my pleasure that would be my weekly outing,lol! Super market shopping on Sunday’s!  Honestly doing that makes my week so much easier. I have a day I wash all day, I fold it right away because I swear it’s easier then piling and piling! I make dinners that last about 2 days or more so I don’t feel like I’m in the kitchen everyday all day! Little changes like that have already made such a difference. I also promised myself to get dressed like I mean real clothes not workout clothes lol! Managing your time will make life so much easier. I don’t like to rush and I’m very organized. I honestly feel managing time and being organized is going to make your year much smoother.

A few tips to help, whether you’re a working mom or stay at home mom, get all your clothes ready the night before. Even my teenager does this for himself and saves him about 10 minutes in the morning. I usually clean my kitchen good at night and take out things I need to make it easier for lunches. That saves another 10-15 min. Just by doing those 2 things you are saving yourself almost 30 minutes! That’s how I see my day! Minor changes will make your time more manageable. And don’t think everything needs to be done in one day! Enjoy life! That’s what I’m doing! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Hello 2020

Hello 2020

Like crazy! I can’t believe we are in 2020! This is where you start to see all the new year new me,blah blah blah. I’d like to see it as a fresh year to be a better you. A clean 365 days to live life like you ,but try to add some more positive to your life. Try to push yourself to step out of the box a little. But don’t beat yourself up if you’re not ready for certain changes right away. Like I said you have 365 days!

For me I plan to give myself a few goals. I’m so over the lose weight crap! I’ve learned to just be healthy ,stay healthy, but live life and don’t deprive! I’ve found a way to stay active and I do want to eat healthier. That’s a goal but not just for weight loss, more for health reasons. I plan on staying healthy inside and out! Enough of that!

My real goals are to be more in the moment, I started that last year and I plan on getting better. Make small changes around my house, I’ve really liked the minimalist life. I’m all about living with what I need, not just to have. I’m teaching the boys this too! I think starting these habits early is great! Trying to spend more quality time with family. Life is so short I don’t want to regret not spending the time when I have it! Of course continuing my blog is a must. But I don’t care about numbers anymore. That was killing me! Giving me anxiety. I choose to be me and create from my heart! I don’t care about my numbers. If I can influence one person in a positive way that’s my reward. So overall my 2020 is just being a better me! Taking time for myself and enjoying everyday! So to a new year! Cheers to you all!

XO Lisa

My skin care routine at 40

My skin care routine at 40

Hello my friends! Hope you all are doing well! We are doing great besides a crazy stomach bug Breaker caught. He’s so tough my little guy! He always has such good spirits even when he’s puking. He’s better today and now we can get ready for his birthday celebrations. He turns 6 on Monday! I seriously can’t believe it. I’ll share some more next week.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite skin care products. I’ve done a post before but I have changed it up being that I turned 40 this year. And I noticed I needed to add a bit more to my skin care needs. I’ll link my old post here! I still love the ones I posted but I feel it’s good to change it up during the year as seasons change or add something more when needed.

So first is my daily face wash. I was using cerave which I still love but I did feel like I needed something a little more aggressive but still not harming to my skin. I do have sensitive skin. So I started using Dermalogica daily microfoliant. I used one similar before but it was the age defying one and it was too aggressive I think this one is just perfect. I’ll use this at night mostly since through out the day we get more dirt on our face. Normally in the morning I just get a wash cloth rinse with warm water and lightly wipe my face, I try not to wash with a wash in the morning since I wash at night. I do use a toner after the warm cloth wipe just to remove any dirt from sleeping. I’ve noticed this method has worked and my face has not been dry even in this dry weather.

Ok so now for the secret gems! First always use an SPF during the day I still use the Cerave daily face moisturizer with SPF. I do want to try the Super goop one soon! So after my morning face wipe and toner, I add the newest addition to my skin care routine, Summer Friday’s CC me serum! It’s fantastic I’ve used it now for a month and I love it. I’ve noticed my pores are less noticeable and my hyper pigmentation on my upper lip has gotten much lighter. That is the one that bothered me the most. I do have age spots and I still don’t see much difference but I’m ok with that because I don’t see them any darker either. So once I add my CC serum I will add on my SPF moisturizer! That’s my morning routine. Night routine after using My face wash I’ll add a tiny bit of the CC serum above my upper lip and my age spots, difference from morning is I put it all over. After that I will use Summer Friday’s jet lag mask as a night cream this has been my holy grail for over a year now. My under eye area is so good because of this! I did recently start using this tea spray from teami blends I do love it but realized it has oils so I am very carful when using because of my eye lash extensions. But it smells amazing! Last but definitely not least is Summer Friday’s overtime mask this has been a game changer! My skin feels so great after using this. I use it about 3 times a week it’s just the best exfoliating mask ever. I feel like this routine has been the best for my skin so far! And now for my secret. I had been feeling extremely self conscious with my skin. I mean I have good skin thankfully my Mom taught me young to take care of it and not to wear so much makeup! Because I’ll always need it. Glad she told me that.
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But I’m 40 and I mean naturally we get older and things change. Well I was not wanting to wear foundation because I thought it made my forehead wrinkles more visible especially that annoying 11! Well I decided to start my journey with Botox! I say journey because I will continue to get it every 6 months as advised by my Dr! I received 25 units on my 11 area. And I couldn’t be more happier! It’s given me more confidence especially the fact that I take photos for my blog! I don’t have to edit much. I’m so happy with my decision. And highly recommend anyone thinking about it to please do your research before getting it done! Side note doesn’t hurt at all and the myths of Botox headache is not true! It actually took my headaches away!

So why is this something I’m thankful for? Because my mom taught me to take care of my skin that I’ll have forever. And thankful for my Botox,Lol!

So that’s my beauty secrets,Lol! Hope you liked this post, till next post!

XO Lisa

Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo

Hi friends! It’s getting closer to Halloween and I love seeing all the creative costumes! Halloween is so fun. This year we didn’t have any Halloween parties but I love to at least attend one Halloween event. We’ve done Disneyland which we love! Obviously most are more scary and not for the little ones. So that’s why we decided Boo at the Zoo!

The price is perfect and who doesn’t love the zoo! We’d been trying to get to the zoo for a while. But it’s just so hot during summer although LA fall is basically an extension on summer, mornings are pretty cool! We headed out when it opened at 10am and it was a perfect Sunday!

So what’s the zoo offer for Boo at the zoo! I mean aside from the pumpkins they give to the animals to eat which was cute to see! They have trick or treating and a fun haunted maze, kid friendly! Arts and crafts for kiddos to enjoy and everyone is welcome to wear costumes.

I recommend taking the little ones it’s so cute! Don’t forget to feed the giraffes, it’s $5 a person but so worth it! Get a picture! We also bought all day tram ride tickets, we loved this and breaker enjoyed it! The zoo is not known for the fun food , beside the almonds that I love! I did see a lot of people with packed lunches and they have such a cute park area for the kids to play.

This weekend is the last weekend! So honestly if you have a free weekend and little ones that enjoy animals and Halloween I’d say head out to Boo at the Zoo!

Till next post!

XO Lisa

Easy Halloween treat bags

Easy Halloween treat bags

Hello friends! So how’s your week going?! My week is good. I feel like I’ve had busy weeks these last few weeks. I’m really thinking about taking a weekend getaway. Ugh does it sound nice. I’ve been wanting a night away with the hubby for a while. Can you believe we’ve never left breaker over night. He’s almost 6, lol! Like both of us together. I think it’s time very soon! We are going to a concert in a few weeks which I can’t wait!

But for today’s post I’m keeping it Halloween themed just like I said I was all October long! I have the easiest treat bag you can make for your kids class, if you don’t have kids maybe your co-workers, some special neighbors or if you have a fun Halloween party planned! They are so easy and inexpensive. But look supper cute and just a little more special rather than the basic candy bags!


All you need is some mini size paper bags, I got these at Michaels craft store. I also got the ribbon there. Don’t forget to use coupons! You’ll need some scissors and a whole punch!


Super simple just cut a big enough piece of the ribbon so you can make a cute bow! Stuff your bag with whatever treat you’d like, and fold down, make some holes with your hole puncher and pull that ribbon through and wallah! You have a cute mini treat bag! Super easy super cute! And the kids will love to help stuff these with goodies.


I also have ones from last year you might want to check out! These were a little more time consuming but cute! 

Hope you liked this easy DIY, till next post!

XO Lisa

Back to school chit chat!

Back to school chit chat!

Hello my friends! How are all my Mamas doing with back to school?! We had first day yesterday and oh my was I nervous! I even felt sick on Monday. I wasn’t sure if I was getting sick or just nerves. Well turns out it was nerves. I was praying so hard that Breaker has a great first day. Drop off was scary for me not him. I shed a few tears under my glasses. He was all smiles! Me and the hubby waited until they walked into class and we walked away feeling so weird. Leaving our baby for a full day of big boy school. Pre-school was different I knew it was 3 hours and mommy would be there before he can miss me. But kindergarten is big time! Well we went to breakfast to try to enjoy our morning and the place we go to we see nothing but parents with their babies. I mean just hurt our hearts more. Reminiscing about those fun days when he would sit in a high chair eat mum mums and make us smile. But we knew our strong boy would be fine. So of course what do we do?! We be creepy parents and pass by school early to see if we see him,LOL! Of course we get there early we wait, Bell rings and we are off to get him from class. Walks out with the biggest smile ever saying how much he loves school! Omg mom and dad were all smiles! He even tells us he wants to say bye to his teacher. He gives her a hug and she tells me he’s a joy to have in class, a dream so great! My heart felt so warm to see that and hear that. I know we are going to be just fine.

My Big boy had a great day! I mean sophomore year!!! He’s busy and he’s devoted to school! I know he will do great! I wish him the funnest year and I know he will achieve all his goals!

My morning routine went smooth. If I can share any advice is try to do as much as you can the night before! I lay out all their clothes, prep what’s going in lunches and I shower Breaker! Gives me more time in the morning and gives me that not so rushed feeling. I like to send the boys off to school not stressed. So rushing is just a no for me. Will see if we can keep it up all year long! So when’s Christmas break?! Lol

Happy back to school! Till next post!

XO Lisa

My July favorites!

My July favorites!

Hello ladies! So am I seeing this right, We are walking into the third week of July?! I mean this summer is going so fast. I have a feeling it’s going super fast for me because I’m so nervous about Breaker starting kindergarten. I almost don’t want summer to end. I feel more nervous the second time around, I think because with David I worked so it was normal for me to be away from him during the day. Breaker’s been my ride or die since birth. I’m accepting applications for day time friends, LOL!

Ok so since we are into the middle of July and the middle of summer, I thought it would be fun to share some of my July obsessions. Some I’ve shared already and some are new!


First lets get into my latest beauty obsessions! We all love skincare and makeup right?! So during the summer I focus more on my skin care. I need to take care of it, wash it good and moisturize. We should always take care of our skin but I really focus on it during summer. Not only because we sweat more but I don’t really like wearing makeup when it’s hot. So it’s important to keep that skin looking fresh. Another tip for summer makeup is I only use a tinted moisturizer during the day, If I’m even wearing makeup.I try to stay away from heavy foundation during summer. I’ll conceal my more troubled areas with concealer but I’m very light with it. I think lashes could really help with that summer look. If you have extensions great, If not These are my latest obsession I find the trio Ardell lashes so much easier to work with than strips. At least for me. Bronzer is a must and I know it’s pricy but my favorite summer bronzer is Chanel, Linked here. My other obsession is Dose of colors gloss in that’s cool. I’ve been wearing it since I got it and wearing it in this photo. Like I said less makeup is best in summer. If you want to spice it up put on a bright lip! As long as you look dewy and bronzed you are set!


Ok if you all don’t know that Zara is my favorite store yet, Then that just means you need to read my blog more, LOL! So lately I’ve been living in these basic crew T-shirts from Zara. I love them, I wear them a lot! They keep me cool and they are easy to style! Not to mention they are under $8, Do I need to say anymore. I just got these colors and I have double in black and white, You can never have enough basic colors. Great summer Tee!


My last obsession is my Mango smoothie! I’ve been making this everyday after my workout. I needed a change from my others. I’ve talked about my favorite protein Powder here and my workout I do everyday. Check it out. But today I’m sharing the recipe, So easy and yummy! This one doesn’t have greens so what I do is make myself a side spinach salad for dinner, Just to get my greens in for the day! If not add that in your smoothie, it will just be a green one.

1 cup of almond milk

handful of frozen mango no sugar added one

1 TBS of flax seed

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder

you can add extra ice for thicker consistency


Hope you liked my post, So what’s your latest obsession? Till next post!

XO  Lisa