What’s your type, sunglasses?

What’s your type, sunglasses?

Hello friends! So with spring in full bloom, I wanted to share some of my favorite accessories and that’s sunglasses! I love sunglasses!! I remember my sister and I would go into solstice and literally spend so much time trying on sunglasses. It was so fun! The good old days when touching things like that and putting near your eyes wasn’t even a thought! I mean really! Well since shopping isn’t as easy anymore, I wanted to round up some of my favorites. Some I have and some I just love!

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My favorite brand is ray bans! The quality and just the comfort level of all my ray bans is just next level for me. I don’t like sunglasses that are heavy, and really majority of the big designers are a little heavy for my taste. It’s funny my most cherished pair are probably 15 years old they are Chanel I spent a pretty penny on them even 15 years ago. I still have them and they are in perfect condition. I might just bust those out this summer for a vintage look! The one thing is take care of your sunnies! I know people who say they buy cheaper ones because they lose them. But one good pair is so good to have! Just keep them in the case. I have about 10 pairs and some like I said are 15 years old and I still have the case. Protect those eyes with a good pair!

As for style I love it all! I honestly pick my glasses for the day on how I’m feeling! So I have a pair for all my moods, Lol! If you feel like not all styles look good on you, go for a more timeless pair! I think a good old ray ban wayfarer, they are fun, yet can look chic and even look sporty! I also will share my favorite pair of ray bans which I gravitate towards more especially during spring and summer! Oh and they fit perfect with a mask, no foggy glasses over here! They are the ray bans round metal in gold! And on sale right now, I’ll link below! These are my fav at the moment and for I’d say the last 3 years! So just keep in mind shop timeless if you’re spending a pretty penny! If I want fun I usually go for a less expensive. Oh and tip If I’m going to be at the pool with my kiddos I wear a cheap pair! You won’t be worried about your sunnies! Happy sunglass shopping! Links below!

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Simple T-shirt dress style

Simple T-shirt dress style

Hello Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m sitting here writing this, and I feel so bad that I’m ok in my house with my family. While others in the world are suffering and trying to survive. I pray that those being affected by these horrible natural disasters find some light. I will continue to pray hard for all. My prayers are with you.



If you have been following my Blog and Instagram you probably already noticed I’m a really simple dresser. I don’t like to fuss with outfits, I don’t wear spanks, It’s like “no thank you , I like to breathe.” I don’t like a ton of accessories, I’m just simple. Not to mention I love a good deal and versatile pieces that can work with a casual day out, running errands or maybe a fun night out. Today I’m sharing one way I would style a very simple T-shirt dress. I bought this dress at H&M for only $9.99 and I can come up with about 3 ways to wear it that will make the dress look different. The cool thing about this type of dress is you can wear it when it’s Hot outside or even on those cooler days ahead of us. I paired the dress with a Jean jacket tied around the my waste, I love to do this. It can also help with giving you a waste with a more boxy dress or can hide your belly like I do, LOL! It’s such a 90’s look, I mean who doesn’t love a cool 90’s look, LOL! I’m totally being sarcastic. I was in high school in the 90’s and I can’t find myself dressing like I did in high school in my late 30’s! I added some very dainty accessories, a simple gold chain, simple bracelets and my fav gold hoops. I live in my ray bans I just love them! I hope you all don’t get tired of my Louis Vuitton bag it’s just my everyday bag, If  you’re in the market for a high-end bag. This one is so good I take it everywhere! The shoes I bought last year I’ll link the place below, very cute shoes mostly trendy but very good deals. I hope you all liked this simple outfit, It was so comfy to wear! Have a good week ladies!

XO Lisa

H&M dress

Jean jacket

handbag and raybans


Simple White tee style

Simple White tee style

Hi Ladies! Yet another week accomplished! This week was a little hard. All of us are suffering from allergies. We all get them in my house. My older son suffers from allergies all year-long. This coming season seems to be the worst one for him. They can be so draining! Will get through it, Lol! With the weather hopefully getting cooler soon, I wanted to share a favorite style of mine. I’ve always been a very simple yet chic dresser. I don’t like anything uncomfortable. Especially now,  I think as I get older comfort is key! My thing is always a cute pair of shoes or a really good handbag.

I put together this look that would be great for a last-minute dinner and drinks kind of night, A movie date or just a good old cocktail date. You can’t go wrong with a white tee and some cool jeans. Both white tee and jeans are from Zara. These are the same jeans that I talked about in my last fashion post. They are awesome, the stretch and the comfort is great! The white tee is cozy, not tight or too big. I paired this outfit with some shoes that I bought about 3 years ago. Funny story after I had my son, I’m sure all us mommy’s can relate. Obviously nothing fits. To make me feel better I went on a shoe craze since my feet were the only things that didn’t grow, LOL! So now I have some older shoes that I think still look cute. When buying shoes I always keep away from being too trendy, think timeless! These shoes were from Steve madden, I’ll link something similar down below. Handbag to be honest I haven’t shopped for new handbags in a while. With carrying a diaper bag for so long I wasn’t in the mood to shop for handbags. I usually gravitate towards my speedy or never full Louis Vuitton bags. Because even though my little one isn’t in diapers, I still pack a few things in my big bags for him. It just makes it easier. But I’m on the hunt for a cute cross body bag! Hopefully I’ll make a decision soon on which bag to get! It’s the little things, Lol! Hope you ladies liked this post! And hoping everyone has a lovely weekend!

XO Lisa

Zara white tee

Shoes(similar) and handbag