My favorite Pinterest recipes

My favorite Pinterest recipes

Hello friends! Happy December, so who already put the tree up! Me me, we did! The last few years I felt I did it kinda late and I wanted to enjoy it the entire month! It smells so lovely in my house! And the weather is cozy for the tree.

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while! I love Pinterest, I’ve been on Pinterest longer than I’ve been on Instagram. I get majority of my INSPO from Pinterest. If you haven’t logged on you need to! It’s really fun.

Besides decor, fashion and DIY I’m really big on finding recipes. It’s my go to for most! I even followed a turkey recipe for my very first turkey this year! It was actually easy and good. I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you! Especially right now that we are going to parties, potlucks and having holiday get togethers. I have a little bit of everything and all I’ve made more than once! I’ll link them Here!I’m telling you these are a hit in my house! Especially the blueberry banana bread! Perfect for Christmas morning! Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do! Share on Instagram with me if you ever make one! @stylesencillo on Instagram!

Till next post!

XO Lisa

It’s Halloween time

It’s Halloween time

Hello my friends! So this is going to be short and sweet! I’ve kept my Halloween theme for the entire month of October. I seriously can’t believe October is over! We’ve had a blast this month. My kids love Halloween, so I really tried to make it feel like Halloween all month. Disneyland was a big highlight, going to Boo at the zoo was super fun. Highly recommend both for next year!

I figured a day before Halloween blog post would be tough, I mean seems like most parties were last weekend. So I thought to give you some dinner ideas if you are having people over to trick or treat!

I mean ordering pizza is always an easy way to go but if you have more time, check out my pizza recipe! It’s always a hit! Spaghetti is always a hit with a crowd and Easy! I’ll be making meatball sandwiches this year, it’s only a few of us so it will be easy and fun! Some chili beans with hot dogs is always fun too!

Even though the kids will be getting tons of candy dessert is always fun! Check out my ice cream sandwiches! I’ll be surprising Breaker and David with a chocolate cake! Like I said they take Halloween serious so why not celebrate with a cake!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Brunch ideas

Brunch ideas

Hello My friends! It always feels so long when I write. Only a week but feels like more. We survived spring break over here. I know some kids are still out. My kids are back at school. Of course the week goes so fast. I was busy, David my oldest had practice still so our days were still school like. And Breaker just likes to be home, Lol. I’m cool with that. Unless you are out of town, it’s so busy everywhere. The cool thing is we only have about a month in a half left of school and summer break starts. We have a few trips planned. Nothing big this year, We are hoping for next year to visit the hubbies motherland, Yucatan. We really want to do a family trip and to visit Tulum. So putting it out there in the universe that this family trip will happen next year!

So Today’s Post is Brunch ideas. I put together a Brunch for Easter. It was a smaller group, so I was doing all the cooking. I wanted it to be easy, pretty and delicious. I didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen or cooking that morning. I love to enjoy my own parties. I found most of my ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest has been my jam for 8 years. I actually found a lot of bloggers I follow now from pinterest. So it’s my OG source. You can follow me also on Pinterest. I try to pin fun stuff all week.

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I went with an easy decor I love simplicity I mean hello, Style Sencillo (simple). I went to the LA flower mart and I already had in mind what flowers I wanted. Made the trip easier, The hubs was happy about that.I whipped up some easy arrangements! Watching my mom for years making arrangements kinda helped out, It’s not hard and actually very fun. I bought white linen last year before christmas from LA, It’s honestly a good investment to buy your own linen rather than renting. I bought some linen square pieces from Joannes fabric and tie dyed them to get a boho look. I used a tan color tie dye. For my first time alone I think they came out pretty good. I actually want to get some linen napkins and do them a nice grey color tie dye.

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For food, Ok this is the fun part. I wanted to find easy recipes that I can prep the night before, I found all of them on pinterest which makes this easy, I’ll link the recipes. Not pictured, First was an Egg casserole, Came out delicious.Also not pictured, Second was a french toast casserole, also great. I made some mini egg, bacon and cheese croissant sandwiches and some mini cuban sandwiches. All were great and prepped the night before. I just placed all in the oven when guest arrived.  I also got some fresh bagels and cut them in half so it wasn’t so overwhelming. I put together some yogurt parfaits, with granola and coconut on the side. The mini bowls for parfaits are from party city. I placed some strawberries and orange slices for a touch of fruit. Big sis bought some mini glaze donuts from krispy kreme, that was a hit! Super easy and don’t forget the mimosa bar! Happy brunching.

Till next post.

XO  Lisa


Spinach salad recipe

Spinach salad recipe

Hello friends! How are you all?! I’m doing great. Still going strong on my workouts and eating better. Today actually marks a month till my 40th Birthday. So I have 30 days to get into better shape. But I’m happy and feeling good now. So that will just be a plus. So since we are on the subject of being more healthy, I wanted to share this salad recipe. My mom has been making this salad for a long time. It’s usually made for Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving. We love it. I wanted to share it with you all, since it’s easy and I’m all about easy recipes. So here it is!

First you’ll need the ingredients. I’m the type that if the ingredients is a long list, I usually don’t make it. I stick to 5-6. And this one is about that. You’ll need:


  1. spinach you can do the bagged kind or the bundle. I prefer bagged spinach because regular bundle spinach is super dirty and that just takes more time to wash.
  2. Red onion
  3. sliced almonds
  4. bacon
  5. dressing, you can make your own or buy it. I like the one pictured.

Once you have your line up, Cook the bacon first. I think it’s easier to chop it like the way I did here. Once it’s cooked all the way remove from pan and remove the bacon oil keeping some in pan for onion and almonds.


Second chop red onion the way I did here and add to the pan that has a bit of the bacon oil. Add the sliced almonds as well.


Third you want to sauté the onion and almonds together until the onions are a pretty golden color. Once those are done add the bacon back into mix together.


Fourth add dressing to your spinach and give it a mix. I like to mix it first with just the spinach before putting in the bacon, onion and almonds. Once you’ve added the bacon, onions and almonds, give it a good toss and wallah it’s all done.


Enjoy it with a nice baked chicken breast and you have a filling and healthy dinner.

Give it a try its delicious! Hope you all enjoyed this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa