Sandals you need for Spring/Summer

Sandals you need for Spring/Summer

Hello Friends! Happy first day of spring! I hope you all are doing well. I Figured I’d keep the theme of  March for the Blog spring. So my favorite of course are shoes. So what better post but to share all my spring shoe favorites. I love me a good sandal. It can be a flat, a chunky heel, a short heel or even a sexy heel. But Let’s get real I’m a mom and I need kid friendly shoes. And I’m just all about comfort and cute.

So I’ve gathered a few different styles to share and from three of my favorite shoe places. I think these are all great prices. It’s always good to buy a good pair of neutral sandals a better quality because they will be your favorite. I’m still wearing a pair I bought 2 years ago from Aldo that I love.



So here goes, First picks are from Steve madden, I love a slide so much so you will notice most are slides. I don’t care for a sandal that goes around the toe area unless it’s a flip-flop. Which the hubs can’t stand for me to wear, LOL! Slides are comfy and they look stylish.



Second are from Aldo, you ladies know I love Aldo shoes. I’m never disappointed and they are pretty comfortable. They have the best styles to choose from. These were my favorite for spring. I also added a cute mule, I love me a cute spring mule.

And last but not least because these are the best for our wallets! So that means we can buy more pairs. Target, Yes ladies these are all from target. As you can see I found the most and I love all of them. I’m living for the blue slides with a chunky heel I need these ASAP! Most of these are under $30 and they are so cute. I read a few reviews on most and all great.

So ladies I’ve made it easy for you to grab those cute sandals for spring and summer so all you have to do is go grab them before it’s too late. Don’t wait for summer to snag these!

Hope you liked this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Spring shoe style

Spring shoe style

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well! Spring is finally here and I can’t be any happier. Something about spring colors and weather makes me so happy. I think the only thing I don’t like about spring is the allergies I get. But nothing a little allergy medicine can’t fix, LOL!

My boys are off of school next week for spring break. We having nothing planned yet but hopefully we can get a few fun things in. Sometimes it’s hard when you have kids so far apart because a place that will be fun for Breaker(my 4-year-old) is not fun for David(my 14-year-old). So I try to find in between places. But that’s not always easy. The good thing is my oldest is really patient and good with his brother. That helps a lot.

Today’s Blog post is on shoe styles that will help you transition into spring from Winter. Spring is still not that Hot for summer style shoes. But warm enough for some cute open toe or peep toes! I love shoes. I think if I wasn’t on a budget I would have a mountain of shoes. A shoe will always fit no matter what. And they can just liven up any outfit. I’m a very simple dresser, So shoes have always been my accessory that pops! Besides my earrings.


First shoe style I felt will be a cool transition for spring are these booties with a peep toe. They will look so cute with jeans, dresses or some cute cut offs. And will work for a night out because they will keep your feet warm for the chillier spring nights and will also show off your cute pedi!


Second style are these floral booties. I’m kind of obsessing over floral right now. I think  floral booties or a cute floral pump will be perfect for a spring outfit. The booties will look cute with a jean skirt, dress or some jeans. And the shoes will be your show stopper for your outfit.


Third shoe style will most likely be my go to. You can’t go wrong with a sneaker. I’m loving the Nike Cortez right now. These are navy with a pop of pink. I will also be purchasing a white classic van and a checkered slip on van. I think if you are a busy mom running around but want to look cool and stay on trend you can’t go wrong with these. I will be pairing my sneakers with a cute tank dress, some crop skinny jeans or some spring style dresses. I think they will look so cute with a more feminine look.

I will be posting outfits with these shoes very soon so stay tuned! and I will link some shoes below that will rock your spring style! Hope you ladies liked this post. Have a great week and Weekend! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Aldo shoes
steve madden 
steve madden


Mule obsession

Mule obsession

Hello ladies! Hope you all are having a nice week! This past weekend I had a photo shoot, Can’t wait to share those with you soon! Any fun plans this weekend ladies? I’m pretty excited my weekend is starting a little early! I’m going to a concert tomorrow! I’m so excited it’s a concert my 6th grade self would be jumping for joy to be going, LOL! I’ll do a post on my outfit and who I’m going to see next week on the blog.

Today I wanted to talk about a trend that I’m loving right now. I remember these back in the day, MULES!!! It’s a trend that comes, hides and comes back! So I’m sure you all have had a pair or still have a pair in your closet. I’m totally crushing on these. They look so cute and I can walk in them without killing my feet. Especially for the fall I just can’t deal with how cute they look with a cute pair of jeans and a chunky sweater. The choices they have right now are crazy! I’ll need to get a part-time job at a shoe store just to buy the ones I want, LOL! Ok that’s crazy! But really I can’t decide which pair I want. They are all so cute. Of course I have a basic pair. These are velvet material which is a really big trend for Fall. So I’m loving these.


I do want to get a pair that is a little more colorful. I found these online at Steve madden, one of my favorite shoe stores. I need all my ladies to comment and tell me which ones I should get next. I don’t know about you all. But I wish I would have saved some of my shoes from the 90’s! Ugh! I had a lot of the trends that are going on right now! But I’m the type that cleans out my closet twice a year. My fiancé hates that, LOL! Maybe if I had a walk in closet I wouldn’t, Wink-wink! Hope he’s reading!

What’s your favorite Mule trend? leave a comment I would love to know. During the summer I had an open toe with a slight chunky heel. I love them! I’m wearing them in a few post back from summer! Go check them out! Shoes are my weakness. What’s your fashion Weakness? I think My boys inherited my shoe weakness, LOL! Well ladies I hope you liked this fun post about Mules! And hopefully you see a pair you like! I don’t know about you but the floral print ones are calling my name! Hope you lovelies have a great rest of the week and weekend!

XO Lisa

all shoes are from Steve Madden!

Bootie season

Bootie season

Hello Ladies! It’s officially fall! I’m so happy. Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. My weekend seemed so fast. We are heading out to Disneyland today for Mickey’s Halloween party. So I will have a blog post up on Friday with my first time experience for the night event. So stay tuned!



Today I wanted to talk Fall must haves. I’ll have a few more post on different items and makeup. For today I picked out 3 different outerwear styles you can add to a simple outfit. I also picked 3 different booties that I think can make your fall outfits say, YASSS! The outerwear styles I picked are pretty different. The first one I feel everyone should have is a faux motorcycle jacket. They look so cute with just about anything. Not to mention, I feel so cool when I wear mine. Another trend I’m loving is the trench coat. You just can’t go wrong with having one. They are timeless! I also make sure I have a really cute statement sweater. I love these. They are so cozy. But also look so fashionable. I would style all 3 with a great pair of jeans. A skinny jean, flare, straight, I mean your jean choice is endless. I live in California so it doesn’t get that cold. If I’m wearing a stylish jacket or sweater I always wear a tank underneath. That ladies will make you feel so stylish and comfortable.


For the Booties! I’m a shoe girl. I love shoes. The first pair I picked are flat style booties. These are so cute. I’m already putting these on my next purchase list. This mama has to limit her shoe buying. I would say they are more on the rocker chic style. I would wear these with a dress, some cut off jean short or some flattering jeans. My second pick is ,these cute black booties with a slight heel. They are very similar to the booties I have on in the pic above(so sad they don’t have them anymore). But these are a very good alternative if you like the style. You really can’t go wrong with a black simple booties. You can wear them all fall long! For my last pick I just had to add these. I mean how sexy are these!! I can picture these red sexy booties with a hot pair of jeans, with a black body suit and some red lips, YASSS! I would also wear these with a dress. Tis the season for Booties, LOL!

Well I hope you ladies liked this post, I know some of us Mama’s don’t have much time to shop like we’d like. I want to try to make it a little easier. I hope these help! All items have been linked! Hope you lovelies have a blessed week!

XO Lisa


Rocker chic

Rocker chic

Hello Ladies!! It’s been hard for me to sit down and put out a blog post this week. The news these days just has me feeling really sad. All I want to do is spend time with my babies and keep calling my family to hear their voices. All these awful natural disasters have me feeling nervous and sad. But I wanted to try to get back to my routine and the one of the things I love to do is write in my blog! So let’s get started.

This past weekend we went on a mini getaway to Vegas. It’s a place we like to go to getaway. My in-laws love it so we usually head out with them. We do take the kiddos so it’s not like a crazy Vegas weekend, Lol! I don’t think I can even handle those kind of Vegas trips anymore! My oldest sat this trip out. He didn’t want to miss school. My responsible 13-year-old! It was nice. We chilled or as Breaker says “Chill-ax!”  I did want to say if you’re heading out to Vegas soon, you need to stop at The seven Magic Mountains. It’s about 30 minutes before you get to Vegas, not at all out-of-the-way. Such a great photo opt and just so beautiful to see in person!

So you all saw my T-shirt dress style post, Lol! I mentioned that I had a few ways I would wear this dress. Well here is another way I would style this dress. I feel like it looked so different this way. I just threw on a favorite motorcycle jacket and some cute little booties. I added some red lips and a detailed cross over purse and it turned out to be a cute rocker chic outfit. I would totally wear this on a trip to the city to grab some drinks with friends. I love this jacket it will make anything look cool! These booties reminded me of an 80’s style so I had to have them. I will link a similar pair since I bought these over 2 years ago! This cute cross body bag is from target, Yes ladies! Target is really stepping up on their accessory game! So Fall time I just love the dark lips. Summer time I keep to pinks,nudes and clear gloss. But Fall time it’s all about the dark lips! I’ll be putting up a post soon on my favorite dark lip colors for fall!


Hope you Ladies liked this cute simple rocker chic outfit! I had a lot of fun doing this look! Have a great weekend!

Mexico esta en mis oraciones y corazon

XO Lisa