My workout Diary

My workout Diary

Hello my friends!! So first off this blog isn’t to make anyone feel bad that hasn’t picked up the time to workout, or me showing off in any way. It took me literally about 40 years to say wow I actually like working out for myself. I wanted to share a brief story on my workouts. Not necessarily what I do but why I do it. I feel like mental health is the most important and here is my story.

So once I hit 40 I knew I had to take way better care of my mind and body. I noticed a change in my moods during that time of the month. It was almost uncontrollable. I also noticed it was harder to keep off weight. I was never over weight, but I’m a petite person so it’s noticeable to me when I gain. I have never been the athletic type. But I’ve always tried to remain active on some level. But never consistent. I wanted to try something that I can stick to and not get tired of. I started the sweat App and I love it so much. I also have always liked a good Zumba class, unfortunately I found a great one with lovely ladies literally 2 months before the pandemic started. I can’t wait to go back to class one day.

So what made me start to be more consistent, I have always had tummy issues and after 40 I noticed way more things were upsetting my tummy. I really started watching what I eat more and more. After us being quarantined I think we all can relate to a few extra pounds especially less movement. That got to me, I felt so sluggish. I knew I had to be even more consistent and be harder on myself with what I put in my system. And to be honest I’m still working on that, I love sugar, UGH! So I made a promise that 2021 I’m going to really focus on my mind and body, and I can say I’m on the right path. No one can make you start, it has to come from yourself. And it might not be easy but believe me if you stick to it and push yourself you will feel great!

One more month till I’m 42 and I feel the most strongest in my mind and body! And I’m not done. It’s not about how much weight or the Abs or summer body. I’m passed that, this is a journey to be healthy inside and out. It’s a path I plan to stay on. I want to be here for my family and be healthy for them.

I really hope this finds you well, and good luck to you who are on this path. Cheers to us. Till next post

XO Lisa

My go to Green Smoothie recipe

My go to Green Smoothie recipe

Hello Ladies! So how is 2019 treating you so far?! I think we should all be given some time before we start all that fresh year business, LOL! After the end of the year madness with holidays back to back its exhausting! So if you haven’t started that new diet or added that workout to your day, Don’t feel bad you have time to start! And don’t be so hard on yourself! Take your time and ease into it. Because it should be a life style not a quick fix.

So Today I wanted to share my go to green smoothie recipe and let you all in on a challenge I’ll be starting on Monday.

This smoothie is super good and super easy. I also like to drink it when my iron is low. I have very low iron so it does help when I’m feeling it more. I also love to make it when I’m in a rush and I need to have something that will be nutritious and keep me fueled. Also a great after workout smoothie!

1 cup of Almond milk or milk of your choice

1 cup of fresh spinach

1/2 cup of crushed ice

1/2 banana

1/4 cup of pecans or nuts of choice

Blend all of this together, the crushed ice will give it that fun shake like consistency, So good! Put it in a glass or to go cup if you are on the go and enjoy this delicious healthy smoothie! Thanks to my sister for sharing this recipe. And now I get to share it with you all. Enjoy!


So now on to the Challenge. It’s a 12 week challenge with the sweat App also know as BBG. I’ve seen so many women do this work out and I see the amazing results. I love any workouts you can do from home! And this app is just that. They have so many different type of workouts for everyone. I’ll be keeping you all updated on my progress but would be so cool to all do this together. So join me if you are looking for a fun way to start that fitness journey! Keep up with me on Instagram!

 I hope you all liked this post and I hope to see you all enjoying that smoothie and hopefully joining me on that challenge. Starts January 14! Let’s go.

XO  Lisa