How to Fall transition your wardrobe

How to Fall transition your wardrobe

Hello My friends!!!!! It feels like forever since I’ve written. Taking 2 weeks off was nice, I feel refreshed and ready to BLOG! I think just like any job you need time off to give your body a recharge. I may not get paid to do this but it’s work and sometimes not easy, So taking the time off was much needed. I’m so happy it’s fall, I bet you haven’t heard that on social media, LOL! No but really I’m all about fall! I love many things that come with it. Cooler weather is great, more family time for holidays, pumpkin spice, halloween and the fashion! Who doesn’t love a great coat! Well in LA we don’t see cooler weather until November. So what does a Cali girl to do for fall fashion when it’s still Hot!

I have the answer, Before you start pulling out the boots and jeans. I’m here to transition your summer wardrobe into some simple Fall outfits. First I want to talk about a white button down blouse, If you don’t own one, Get one! Like really go get one. You won’t regret it. You can wear it so many different ways, If you want to see more way on how to style a white button down, Head over to my instagram!


The way I think is a great way to welcome fall when it’s still hot is rock your jean shorts with long sleeves! A light weight top that you won’t sweat your booty off but when it gets chilly at night you will feel comfortable. Both my tops are from HM. They have great selections and inexpensive. You can also wear them with jeans and boots once it get colder outside.


I’m loving these kitten heels I purchased from Zara, I mean how cute are these shoes! I think great dupes for he Chanel sling backs. And not to mention you can dress them up or down like I did. They just added an extra chic touch to my simple outfit.

Fall is fun to layer once it’s cold enough but I think these are great transition outfits when it’s still warm out!

Hope you liked this post and I’m so happy to be back. Happy Fall my friends. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Packing mistakes

Packing mistakes

Hello my lovely friends! So I’m 2 Days into summer Break with my boys and I’m already being told by Breaker that I’m making him starve, LOL! I’m like really kid. I know the first week is getting a routine. I feel like he ask for food out of boredom, So I’m making a schedule and hopefully LA cools down a little so we can get out and do some outside play.

Today I wanted to share something I’ve talked about before I went on my trip last year and I did exactly what I didn’t want to do. I over packed! This year I’m not going away away on a big trip but we are heading to Vegas for 4 days in august with the fam, so I definitely don’t want to overpack.

I went to Dominican republic last year and I didn’t wear half the stuff I packed. So I wanted to share more functional clothes you can pack and possibly wear it a different way so basically versatile outfits. I plan on doing this when we go to Vegas, The only thing with Vegas I feel like we change twice a day, LOL! but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimal.

Something that I love is a basic swimsuit like this one. You can put some jean shorts over it during the day before the pool or beach time and you will look put together for breakfast or walking around. Ok so I was little in the 80’s and I remember my sisters and I had those jelly shoes. I can’t believe they have them again, I thought these were super cute. I love me some anklets I used to wear them all the time, Glad they are being seeing more and more again. A cute summer bag is always a must when vacationing.

For outfits I love a simple basic comfy pair of shorts. These you can dress up or down with a tank, or a crop top. You can style them in so many different ways take them from day to night. I would add a headband with some cute earrings and the shoe will make it day or night. These shoes I think will be the perfect trio for a vacay, The flat slides could even be your travel shoe and a not so casual shoe with a little platform is fun. I think everyone needs a clear heel like this, These will go with every outfit and make that day outfit to night real fast.

I hope this was helpful if you plan on vacationing this summer, Even if it’s a weekend we over pack! Don’t forget your sunscreen and hat! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Tie Dye trend

Tie Dye trend

Hello friends! How are you all doing?! I’m over here just trying to keep it together. I’m feeling so emotional about Breaker graduating from pre-school. I think because I know he’s my last so it’s hard to let him grow up, insert crying emoji! And my David will be a sophomore, Crying! I will be a hot mess when he graduates. I know I’ll probably even cry at my nephews. It’s just hard to see them get so big.

Well enough of that. I wanted to share a trend that I’m totally loving right now. It’s the tie the trend. I think it’s going to be so fun for summer, I would say spring but in LA we haven’t had spring weather, LOL. But a very cute pop of color for summer outfits, especially on vacay, on the beach or just a fun way to brighten up your outfit. I know some are a little extreme. But I’ve rounded up a few that I think are age appropriate for me and still look chic!

I’m loving all the tie dye from Zara, seriously Zara is my go to always. My top I’m wearing is from Zara, here is the link!

Here are some others I’ve seen and I would totally rock these as well. I love the 2 from Shopstarlow. She always has great items, button down and kimono! This tee from Windsor is super cute, I’ve seen girls style it as a tee shirt dress with some sneakers. I love these sweatshirt options that the lovely sincerely Jules is wearing. I just love how these girls are wearing the tie dye trends! So fun, chic and a way to spice up the summer!

Hope you ladies liked this post, I love when I get excited over a trend because I can share with all of you. Happy shopping!

XO  Lisa

My 2018 Fall fashion wish list

My 2018 Fall fashion wish list

Hello my beauties! How are you all doing?! I’m over here being Mom. Back To homework, projects, Dances! It’s all fun stuff. I love being mom. My oldest is off to Homecoming this Weekend, So that’s exciting. He’s actually letting me style him, LOL! I’m hoping he lets me take a pic. So look out on Instagram for that.

We all know Fall is coming and pumpkin spice has already made its debut at Starbucks. It’s like as soon as you see that pumpkin spice on the menu, Fall is in the air. Fall officially kicks off Sept 22! So that means fall styles are already at your favorite stores. I haven’t done much fall shopping since I’m off to my vacay soon. I’m still kind of stuck on summer style. But as soon as the weather drops over here in LA, I have my wish list.

First I’m sharing my Target finds. Target is so good and you can’t beat the prices. With all the cool brands at Target you know you can always find the It styles. One of my favorite looks for the fall are silk like skirts. These can be dressed up or casual. Look out for my fall look coming to the blog soon in this leopard skirt. I’ll share how I styled this cute skirt. Leopard is going to be all around this season. I’m not mad at that. It’s so fun. They also have the same skirt in this pretty bronze like color.

Next would be one of my favorite stores that never let’s me down. Whenever I have somewhere to go, I can always count on Zara to have something cute. My list for Zara would need its own post, LOL! So I’m just sharing some basics you can wear all season long and winter. You can pair this body suit with jeans, skirts, shorts (if in la) just about any kind of bottom. I’m loving the sleeves on this body suit. Jeans I mean we all need that perfect pair. I love Zara jeans. The price is good and you can find any style you like. Another trend I’m liking is the Vinyl purses. How great would it be to not change your purse all season if you just get one of the vinyl bags that match everything. I really liked this one.

IMG_E1631 IMG_E1633 IMG_E1625




Last for Clothes would be Urban Outfitters. It’s a store I don’t buy much from. But they have some cute fall staples I really want this year. Like I said I tend to stick to basics. I’ll add the newest earring or maybe a newer shoe style to give my simple outfit that added flare. I’m definitely getting this fleece coat. I had so much FOMO last year when I saw everyone wearing it, I just never purchased it. But for sure this year. Another one I feel everyone needs is a jean jacket. They go with everything. You can’t go wrong with a Jean jacket.

IMG_E1785 IMG_E1786

Last on my list would be my absolute favorite, SHOES! I love shoes. If I could, I would have a room filled with shoes. But I don’t so I limit my purchases and try to sell or donate shoes I don’t use anymore. Which I’m kicking myself because not too long ago I got rid of some leopard pumps from BCBG, I swear whoever found those at the goodwill I donated to are lucky! But I’m happy for whoever scored them. So in right now, UGH! These are my picks. I’m not sure which ones I’m going to splurge on. But I will be getting at least one pair. These are all from ALDO.

fullsizeoutput_2b70 IMG_E1790 fullsizeoutput_2b6e


Hope you all liked my wish list! Can’t wait to style some fall looks! Have a great rest of the week and enjoy that Pumpkin spice! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites

Hello Beauties! How is this lovely spring weather treating you?! I love it, I just can’t handle the allergies I get from this gorgeous spring weather. Besides that It’s been perfect. I’ve been focusing on my house lately. Trying to change-up a few things. We’ve painted the bathroom, next will paint the kitchen. Just little changes and some new decor. It’s one of the things on my vision board to give my house a mini makeover. We still need some improvements but little by little will get it to a happy place. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the mountain of toys Breaker has, LOL! I think mini changes around the house just make you feel good. As simple as a new carpet or some new couch pillows. Doesn’t always have to be costly.

For today I wanted to list a few of my Spring favorites. Which I’ll also take with me to the summer season that’s fast approaching. Because I’m all about multiple use and getting your money’s worth.


My first stop would be my favorite shoes! Every spring/summer I try to find a good pair of nude sandals. I’ll use them all season long until it gets too cold to have my toes out. These sandals are from Zara. I absolutely love them. So cute for dresses, skirt and shorts. These will be on repeat all season. Another pair are these cute pearl slides from Target. They are so cute. I’m still on the hunt for my size I’ve tried them on and they are so cute and comfy but I can’t find my perfect size. I’ll be ordering these online right away.  Besides a flip-flop for those pool and beach days. You need to have a nude and black sandal. These will be perfect for the hot days to come.

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

Next stop would be Makeup duh! My motto is less is more. Especially when the weather is warm. We don’t want to be melting out there. I’ve been using this foundation since December from Laura Mercier. I really like it, But when I was using it during the winter I noticed it was more matte than I normally use. It’s a silk foundation. So now that the temperature is warmer I love it. I know this is going to be my go to for the hot days.It  Feels so good on the skin. Only advice is if you are more dry skin use a hydrating primer under. It looks great. Another makeup must have for spring/summer is a liquid highlighter these two are great and just give you that dewy glow we all want for those warm days. Bronzer is a must especially if you have that beautiful golden tan we all long for after the winter. Because we are all making sure we protect our faces with a sun hat or umbrella, Bronzer will help your face blend in with that golden tan. I picked up this cute umbrella in china town for $5 I will be using this when I’m outside. Ladies protect your face from sun. So important!


After makeup we have perfume! We all want to smell good especially when the weather heats up. No one wants to smell sweaty, LOL! I’m not much of a perfume person. Only because I’m really sensitive to smells. I get bad headaches from strong scents. This perfume I’ve had for a while now and I love it. The smell is a softer smell. I would say more on the citrus side. I’m really bad with describing perfumes since I don’t wear much. But this one is very nice and perfect fragrance for spring/summer.

Next is your spring/summer bag. Before kids I would change my purses weekly. But now I’m like too much work. This year I’m trying to be cute again with my bags. The first one is this cute circle straw bag. I’ve been eyeing a bag like this since last summer. My lovely mom ordered this one for me for my Birthday. Only thing is it’s not available until May so I will be waiting at my door for this baby! Another look that is trending right now. The belt bags. These are so cute and I will be getting one. They look cool and not to mention hands free and no stress on your shoulders. WINNING! With these 2 looks you will be set for those spring/summer days.

Earrings!!! You all know I’m a sucker for a cute pair. These earrings will make you look spring/summer ready! These will look cute with any outfit and swimsuit. Go get some!

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

Lastly, For years I’ve been wanting to spruce up my porch. We spend more time out in front because it’s where Breaker plays. Finally I found chairs I like! I’ve been hunting down Acapulco chairs forever now. They are so expensive. I was jumping up and down when I saw these online at Target. They really did great with this new home line. They are from the new line Opal House. We got the chairs and rug from Target. I’m loving my little porch area. I just need to find a side table and add my little succulents to make it perfect. I will be having my coffee and watching Breaker play all spring/summer long on these chairs.

Hope you all liked this post for my spring favorites! Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Till next post!

XO Lisa


Bronzer #1 and Bronzer #2

highlighter #1 and Highlighter #2

Foundation-Laura Mercier


Mommy and Mini LA winter style

Mommy and Mini LA winter style

Hello Beauties! How are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I’m doing good. I got back on Sunday from visiting my Mom in Sacramento. It’s always a great time just always too short. I went up with my older sister, niece,Breaker and my sister’s 2 dogs. The drive can seem like forever but once we arrive it’s great. We tried a few new places that I hadn’t been. My mom has been up there for 5 years so every time we go up we try to do something new. If you are ever up North in Sacramento, She lives in Gold River so you have an idea of where. You need to go to historic Folsom it’s such a cute place. All the buildings are Victorian. We ate at Chicago fire, It’s so good. Another place we ate at that I highly recommend is Tower Cafe. It’s in Midtown, Such a cute and delicious restaurant. If you’ve never been and are planning to visit I recommend you also try Dutch Bros. Coffee. Let’s just say Breaker was obsessed. He got the kids chocolate shake and I recommend the Chai tea latte, Don’t forget to ask for the party on top, LOL! It’s a thing so ask. Just a little recommendations in case you visit.

For today’s post I felt like I hadn’t done a mommy and mini style in a while. I love having Breaker match me occasionally. I mean my oldest won’t, LOL! I think it’s fun and he’s my mini me. Living in LA we don’t get winter like other places. And I start to get tired of the dark colors. By this time I start to crave spring colors. Even picking my nail colors around this time gets challenging. I know it’s not time for the bright colors but I start to gravitate towards those spring colors.


This look I thought it was fitting for my mood right now. It’s still appropriate for LA winter, But this beautiful yellow moto jacket just gives me all the spring feels. My sister bought this gorgeous jacket for me for christmas. It’s from Zara, I will try to find it and link below. If not I’ll find one similar. I matched it with a simple tank and my favorite jeans. I just threw on some simple nude sandals.


Breaker’s look was pretty simple. My mom bought him the overalls for Christmas. I’m a little sad because they were a little tight, So he just wore them once. I’m glad I have these photos since he couldn’t wear them more. I just matched it up with a white tee and his pop of yellow to match mommy was on his Vans. He’s such a little Ham in front of the Camera so I always love these shoots.

I love putting these together ,so us Mom’s of boys can see we can too match with our boys. It’s fun and they grow so fast so we don’t get to do this very long. Hope you ladies liked this post. Wishing you all a great rest of the week and fabulous weekend. Till next post.

XO Lisa

yellow motorcycle jacket-similar 

Breaker’s overalls- baby gap

Valentine’s Day look

Valentine’s Day look

Hi ladies! How’s February treating you? This weather is not so Winter in LA. I’m looking forward to spring. I’m really into floral looks. I can’t wait to buy some more for spring.  My son turned 14 on February 2nd. I can’t believe it. He’s becoming a young man. Such a good boy, Love you Dave.

So who goes all out for Valentine’s day? I myself love it. I look forward to buying little valentine cards for my kids class. This year it’s Breaker’s Turn. His first Valentine school celebration. He’s having a pizza party! Of course I’m making my easy pizza for the class! Check out the recipe if you haven’t already.

Today I’m sharing a very simple romantic look that would be perfect for a valentine date.    I know red is a popular color for valentine’s day. But for some reason when I think of the day, I see pink! I went with a pop of pink. But you can totally wear this with a pop of red!


I ordered this dress online from Zara when the big sale was going on. I scored this dress for less than $25. The shoes I also got on sale for under $50 online from Nordstrom. They are Top Shop brand. My earrings were a gift from my sis. She got them at Target my favorite brand Baublebar by sugar fix. They have so many cute styles that will make any spring/summer outfit perfect! You can use any black clutch or if you have a cute pink or red purse, you can always wear black shoes and use a bag for a pop of color. Hope you ladies like the look! I’ll link everything below.

A little blog update! If you are new to my blog, I update every month. I’m going to do this until I hit my one year. It’s for myself to document the feelings I had throughout my first year of blogging. It’s not easy at times. I’m a full-time stay at home mom. I was a working mom with my first son and I can honestly say it was easier to go to work. And this is from my experience. Not speaking for anyone. I think every mom rocks! And no mom has it easier. Blogging has helped me feel alive as a women. Getting more into it, I’m truly enjoying blogging. I have my days still that I doubt myself. The hubby says I’m too hard on myself. I still need to learn to not compare myself to others and just be true to who I am. It’s a work in progress. I live for when people say they like my blog. Even if it’s just one person. It makes me so happy! I love to share with you all! So thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram. I’m going to start posting more outfit looks! I want to start including more daily easy looks. I mean let’s get real I don’t look put together almost 80% of the time, LOL! Till next post! Have a great rest of the week and lovely weekend.

XO Lisa

Dress– not the one I’m wearing but similar. Any LBD will work!

Shoes– I found them on sale in Red and black.

Earrings-Baublebar by sugar fix





Dressing the “Bust”

Dressing the “Bust”

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a great week. Today’s blog post is kind of funny! If you see by my title, LOL! You’ve heard the term ” Dressing the bump” Well this Mama has to dress the Bust! I’ve had a bigger bust since elementary school. I haven’t been the happiest with them either. I was always very self-conscious about my bigger bust. I remember in elementary this kid started a rumor that I stuffed my bra. I’m like really. Well that was fun. I think the only time I opened my arms to my bigger bust was in high school, LOL! They were perky and cute. Well fast forward to having kids and breastfeeding both my sons. I breastfed my second till he was 2 1/2! So these Bust have been through some tough times,LOL!

Today I wanted to share some tips on what I look for when buying clothes to flatter my figure. As women I think we are so hard on our bodies. I’ve gotten a lot better on loving my body and just excepting what I was given. To be honest starting my Blog was scary because I’m not a skinny young girl anymore. I’ve had 2 kids, I’m hitting close to 40, Our bodies change as we get older. I really try to keep active. If it’s running errands, doing house work or getting in a nice workout. It’s important to me at my age to do some kind of daily activity.

Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With Darkroom

One of the hardest things when I buy clothes is the fact that my Bust are larger than my body frame. So because of that, I appear larger than what I am. I tend to always go toward the baggy top style. My guy always tells me to not buy such big tops. But like I said I’m also a little self-conscious. One thing I’ve tried to do is if the top is a more baggy fit, Just grab a cute belt like I did here. It will accentuate the waist more. So this is Tip #1. I’ve also like the style of a mesh, sheer top with a very nice bra underneath. This is more daring but will also show off just a little without being too much. I’ve linked a really cute affordable sheer top below. That is my Tip #2. Now one of the hardest fashion crisis I have faced with my Big bust is shopping for a dress. Ok so shopping for a dress can’t be a nightmare when you are larger in the Bust area and smaller on the bottom. The dress is never going to fit perfect. I remember in high school, I was lucky my Aunt made my prom dresses. Because it was always a struggle to find a more elegant dress that would fit. This past year I had a wedding to attend and I was already thinking great what can I wear. I ended up finding a really cute affordable dress at Zara. The trick is to find a dress that doesn’t have a zipper in the back. I look for a dress that I can just pull over with no zipper or buttons. I usually can go with a small in a dress like that. Because it is made a bit more relaxed fit. I did link a dress down below that is pretty much the style I would look for. I’m actually going to be ordering this for a baby shower I’m attending. It’s simple but you can make it look casual or dressy! That’s key! Well ladies that is Tip #3. I hope you liked this post. I hope it helps.

We need to love what we have and flaunt it with style! Till next post! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

XO Lisa

Star top

Sheer top


I have nothing to wear!

I have nothing to wear!

Hello ladies! I hope you all lovely ladies had a nice week. I know it’s hard to get through weeks when such sad things are happening. I try to stay positive especially with my oldest. I don’t want him to hold back on life because of these awful things. The Hero stories make me cry because we do have good in our World. Sending hugs to you all!

Today I wanted to talk about something all of us have said “I have nothing to wear” ,LOL! I mean you know we’ve all said this. I know I have many times. As I get older I’ve become a smarter shopper. I had my fun in my 20’s and early 30’s buying the cute trendy stuff. Now I lean towards more practical items. But don’t get me wrong I still stay cute, LOL! I usually purchase very basic items. I buy more trendy accessories. I’ll buy the “IT” earrings or Bracelets that are in fashion. A few things I tell myself when I’m shopping is “Can I wear this with different bottoms?”  If I can match the top with jeans, skirt or shorts. I buy it! I also stick to basic colors. I add color with lipstick, earrings, belts or shoes. Another thing you can add for color is a scarf! I mean I live in Los Angeles so that’s not something I do a lot, but believe me when it’s cold I do it.


Some of the basics I like to have in my closet. Always a good pair of jeans a nice blue, a good black and a nice grey. These are my favorite colors to have. For tops I must have a few black options. A short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless. Black tops you can always do so much. If you have a last-minute date night, girls night or event. You can match a versatile black top with anything and you will look chic! This top I have on is actually almost 4 years old. And still looks cute and fashionable. So you can’t go wrong with a basic black top. A few other staple colors you should have are white, nude and a light pink. I know some don’t like pinks but it’s so feminine and cute that a very light pink nude is always nice to have.  I think if you stick to some of these basics I promise you won’t say “I have nothing to wear” as much! Because who am I kidding us ladies will always say this! I found 3 tops that I would for sure keep in my closet! Hope this was helpful for us busy moms. Being a mom isn’t easy and we are always thinking about what our kids need. Just trying to make it easier on my stay at home mamas and working mamas out there! Have a great weekend!

XO Lisa

All tops are from Zara. Because one key thing for basics is Quality! So they last longer!

Bootie season

Bootie season

Hello Ladies! It’s officially fall! I’m so happy. Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. My weekend seemed so fast. We are heading out to Disneyland today for Mickey’s Halloween party. So I will have a blog post up on Friday with my first time experience for the night event. So stay tuned!



Today I wanted to talk Fall must haves. I’ll have a few more post on different items and makeup. For today I picked out 3 different outerwear styles you can add to a simple outfit. I also picked 3 different booties that I think can make your fall outfits say, YASSS! The outerwear styles I picked are pretty different. The first one I feel everyone should have is a faux motorcycle jacket. They look so cute with just about anything. Not to mention, I feel so cool when I wear mine. Another trend I’m loving is the trench coat. You just can’t go wrong with having one. They are timeless! I also make sure I have a really cute statement sweater. I love these. They are so cozy. But also look so fashionable. I would style all 3 with a great pair of jeans. A skinny jean, flare, straight, I mean your jean choice is endless. I live in California so it doesn’t get that cold. If I’m wearing a stylish jacket or sweater I always wear a tank underneath. That ladies will make you feel so stylish and comfortable.


For the Booties! I’m a shoe girl. I love shoes. The first pair I picked are flat style booties. These are so cute. I’m already putting these on my next purchase list. This mama has to limit her shoe buying. I would say they are more on the rocker chic style. I would wear these with a dress, some cut off jean short or some flattering jeans. My second pick is ,these cute black booties with a slight heel. They are very similar to the booties I have on in the pic above(so sad they don’t have them anymore). But these are a very good alternative if you like the style. You really can’t go wrong with a black simple booties. You can wear them all fall long! For my last pick I just had to add these. I mean how sexy are these!! I can picture these red sexy booties with a hot pair of jeans, with a black body suit and some red lips, YASSS! I would also wear these with a dress. Tis the season for Booties, LOL!

Well I hope you ladies liked this post, I know some of us Mama’s don’t have much time to shop like we’d like. I want to try to make it a little easier. I hope these help! All items have been linked! Hope you lovelies have a blessed week!

XO Lisa