Blazer style

Blazer style

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. I’m doing great. I’ve been trying to get creative and think of new fun stuff for my blog. I want to keep you all entertained. I’m also sprucing up my living room, so that’s been fun. When we first moved into this house I was pregnant with Breaker, so it was perfect the way I wanted. Over the last 4 years It’s turned into a pre-school with toys everywhere. So I’m cleaning house. I’m taking spring cleaning serious! I have a DIY in the works so I can’t wait to share with you all. I’m not sure if I’ll do a before pic of my living room looking like a toys r us threw up and how it turns out. Will see!

Talking spring, I can’t believe it’s already near next week. The best part is the time change. I love having more daylight. We always take full advantage of this time change. When the hubby gets home it’s still light out and we go for a nice family walk to get some exercise. It truly is the best!

Today I wanted to share a style that still works for winter , But can easily transition your style into spring. I love me a good blazer. I used to buy so many when I worked in an office. They look cute over dresses, with a skirt, a matching set and my favorite with a pair of jeans. This look is so classy and chic. You can wear it buttoned up or un-buttoned for a more casual look.

IMG_6789Processed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomProcessed With DarkroomIMG_6809

My look I went with a houndstooth print and some boyfriend ripped jeans. Shoes are also a good transition into spring. I will get more into spring style shoes on next weeks blog post, So stay tuned. With a blazer look you don’t have to spend a lot on a Blazer. This one I have on is from Forever 21. You can find so many cute Blazers for a really good price and they don’t look or feel cheap. I’m also living for floral blazers right now. I saw one at Target I have to go snag!

Jeans I’m a big fan of comfy jeans. I can’t wear anything that is too tight or no stretch. I just don’t think sitting down in a pair of uncomfortable jeans is fun. We have so many options these days for a nice pair of jeans. I’ve been loving Zara jeans, they are always stylish, comfy and to mention great price point. I used to spend $200 plus on jeans and I just can’t see myself doing that anymore.  Zara jeans have been a really good option for the price and quality.

I hope you ladies liked this post and get some inspo from my style. Enjoy the extra daylight and have a great rest of the week! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Blazer- Similar

Jeans- Similar

My Super hero

My Super hero

Hello Ladies! Hope you all had a great week! My week was pretty nice, accomplished a lot! So you know us busy mom’s getting our weekly list done is like “Amen.”

I’m a huge super hero fan, I mean, I can’t get enough of Marvel and DC comic movies. Hence why my oldest son is a huge fan, It’s in his blood! I mean who doesn’t love a super hero. My favorite movie thus far is Wonder Woman, So good I actually got choked up watching! So today I’m going to talk about My real life super hero.

“Not all Super Heroes wear capes, Some wear scrubs”  

quote unknown.

My sister Nicole. She’s my older wiser sister. Reason she is a super hero to me, Not only is she a great mom, caring sister and a wife. She is a Nurse! My sister was a young mom and never gave up on school. She worked her way through school and no matter how hard it got she didn’t give up on her dream to become a Nurse. She was determined. I watched her go through nursing school, the long days and the all night studying. On top up raising her teenage daughter. Oh and planning a wedding in the midst of school. Oh did I see her go through it all. Through it all she finished and I think the day my family saw her walk down that aisle with her nursing class was the proudest moment for us all. The smile on her face was amazing! Nurses all around dedicate themselves everyday. I worked in healthcare for 16 years so I saw first hand the dedication of a Nurse. I’ve had my fair share of Hospital stays and the nurses are the ones I will always remember. So for this I truly believe they are real life super heroes! To all the nurses and nursing students I admire your dedication and passion!

Here is my Super hero in costume and in her under cover style, Lol!

I hope you lades had fun reading this as much as I had writing it. I have 3 super ladies in my life, Nicole is one, My Mom is my heart and my other sister is the sister everyone needs! Till next post ladies, Have a great weekend.

“Not All Angels have wings. Some have a stethoscope.” 

quote unknown

XO Lisa

Nicole’s outfit!

Jeans and Top from Zara

shoes from Aldo


Simple White tee style

Simple White tee style

Hi Ladies! Yet another week accomplished! This week was a little hard. All of us are suffering from allergies. We all get them in my house. My older son suffers from allergies all year-long. This coming season seems to be the worst one for him. They can be so draining! Will get through it, Lol! With the weather hopefully getting cooler soon, I wanted to share a favorite style of mine. I’ve always been a very simple yet chic dresser. I don’t like anything uncomfortable. Especially now,  I think as I get older comfort is key! My thing is always a cute pair of shoes or a really good handbag.

I put together this look that would be great for a last-minute dinner and drinks kind of night, A movie date or just a good old cocktail date. You can’t go wrong with a white tee and some cool jeans. Both white tee and jeans are from Zara. These are the same jeans that I talked about in my last fashion post. They are awesome, the stretch and the comfort is great! The white tee is cozy, not tight or too big. I paired this outfit with some shoes that I bought about 3 years ago. Funny story after I had my son, I’m sure all us mommy’s can relate. Obviously nothing fits. To make me feel better I went on a shoe craze since my feet were the only things that didn’t grow, LOL! So now I have some older shoes that I think still look cute. When buying shoes I always keep away from being too trendy, think timeless! These shoes were from Steve madden, I’ll link something similar down below. Handbag to be honest I haven’t shopped for new handbags in a while. With carrying a diaper bag for so long I wasn’t in the mood to shop for handbags. I usually gravitate towards my speedy or never full Louis Vuitton bags. Because even though my little one isn’t in diapers, I still pack a few things in my big bags for him. It just makes it easier. But I’m on the hunt for a cute cross body bag! Hopefully I’ll make a decision soon on which bag to get! It’s the little things, Lol! Hope you ladies liked this post! And hoping everyone has a lovely weekend!

XO Lisa

Zara white tee

Shoes(similar) and handbag